DIY Soap Cloth


I think bath poofs, or whatever you want to call those, are pretty gross. I’ve used them for years but the more I think about them the less appealing they seem. I needed a new solution. I decided to make a pouch for my soap from a wash cloth. 🙂


Things You Will Need:
Wash cloth

Step 1:
Fold the wash cloth in half and place your string across the top.

Step 2:
Fold the top part of the wash cloth over the string and sew across. Flip the bottom part of the wash cloth up slightly (as you did with the top) and sew across as well. Leave some room This way, you can feed the string through this part later.

Step 3:
Fold the bottom of the washcloth up to the top. (Make sure the you are going to be sewing the inside of the wash cloth because we will be flipping it inside out later.) then, sew down both sides of the cloth.

Step 4:
Flip the wash cloth inside out and feed the string through what used to be the bottom half of the wash cloth. Pull the string so the top part scrunches and tie the string tightly.

Step 5:
Add In your soap and you are good to go!

Shower time!

Michihiro Matsuoka | Steampunk Creative

Michihiro Matsuoka is a Japanese artist. Creating devices that combine animals and machinery. Matsouka’s work has been featured in twenty-five exhibitions throughout Japan. 🙂

Materials: rasin and rasin clay
Check out Michihiro’s website



















Funny Illustrations

by Tiago Hoisel

Tiago Hoisel has a degree in graphic design and is an illustrator. He’s been working as an illustrator for almost 5 years.

Tiago Hoisel was born in Salvador, Capital of Bahia, but was raised in Ilhéus.

He began working as an illustrator in a image retouch studio in 2008 and moved to São Paulo. Now, he is one of four partners.


Visit his sites:

Chico Bento


Meeting with Girlfriends Family
Mad Scientist

Big Bad Wolf




Hugh Jackman - Wolverine


If you have ever looked up portraits, drawing, etc. on google you have probably found Zindy. I’ve always thought she was an amazing artist. That’s has quite a variety but I chose a lot of celebrities so you can see how accurate she is. Check out her site for more.

And these too!
Deviant Art


Some pretty awesome watercolor paintings!
Click the Images for links! 🙂

Butterfly Effect

DIY Doodle bookmarks


I love sharpies. They are wonderful! This one is so easy!


Things You Will Need:
Paint swatches

Step 1:
Cut your paint swatches however you would like.

Step 2:
Doodle with your sharpie.

Yes, seriously, that’s it. Sharpies make everything a bit more fun. I’m pretty standard with these but you can use different colored sharpies or possibly paint. I didn’t attempt paint but it could work. I recommend spraying them with a sealant so they don’t smudge but it’s not necessary. If you let them dry long enough they should be fine. Enjoy!

Wow, Do I Love Packaging

You all know how much I love packaging…. SOOO here we go again 🙂

Coffin Smoke Box

Coffin Smoke Box

Dino Teeth Gum

Dino Teeth Gum

DKNY Candy Apples Parfume

DKNY Candy Apples Parfume

Evian 2005 Limited Edition Bottle

Evian 2005 Limited Edition Bottle

Quick Fruit Packaging Concept

Quick Fruit Packaging Concept

Pop-Up Popcorn

Pop-Up Popcorn

Panasonic Note Box

Panasonic Note Box - Creative Packaging Design

Creative Milk Carton

Creative Milk Carton

Hanger Tea Box

Hanger Tea Box