What Do You Know About Coffee?

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I’m not sure if you’ve ever visited The Oatmeal but you should put it on your to-do list. It is always interesting. This is one of the many fun things to find on the site.
My blog is a creative outlet for me. It pertains to art, design, tutorials and creativity… How does coffee fit into creativity you ask? It doesn’t. But this is a creative way to explain something and everyone needs that. If only employee manuals were designed this way!













So You Think Painting Fruit is for Old People?

I would say this is a modern version of the still life fruit paintings. Artist, Dennis Wojtkiewicz has made it quite interesting to look at.  Light and translucence make these paintings glow. Nature’s perfect patterning allows each painting to take on a meditative quality.

The detail in this is amazing. I’ve never been so amused by fruit 🙂

Title: Egon Schiele

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Which came first

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I LOOOOVE this concept!

This idea is by artist Kyle Bean who graduated from Brighton Uni in 2009. All of the work is pretty amazing but I wanted to feature this one. Please check out Kyle’s site.

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

Art on Fire!

via Mail Online

Theses sculptures are made up of thousands of tiny colored matches. The artist, David Mach, creates the sculptures to resemble famous faces and legendary artworks. When he opens up his exhibition he lights the work on fire. Talk about an attention getter!

Visit David’s site!

The Devil: David Mach's head of the devil made with different coloured matches was set on fire in a recent performance

The devil on fire: David mach set his sculpture alight

The devil on fire: David Mach set his sculpture alight, a method which he discovered by accident in 1982

David Mach's take on Charlie Chaplin uses white, black and red matches mixed with wood

David Mach’s take on Charlie Chaplin uses white, black and red matches mixed with wood

Blue-Oop-a-Doop: 1930's cartoon character Betty Boop looks uncharacteristically blue after getting the 'match treatment'

Blue-Oop-a-Doop: 1930’s cartoon character Betty Boop looks uncharacteristically blue after getting the ‘match treatment’

Warhol-ian: The face of Marylin Monroe has been created in different colour combinations in a display which looks inspired by the legendary portrait series by Andy Warhol

Warhol-ian: The face of Marylin Monroe in different colour combinations in a display which looks inspired by the legendary portrait series by Andy Warhol

Pablo Picasso, made in 2010, has not yet been set on fire - although that may have amused the late artist
Mahatma Ghandi, portrayed in red
Red and Blue: Sculptures of Pablo Picasso, and Mahatma Ghandi, made in 2010, have not yet been set on fire by David Mach and his team

David on David: This sculpture made from yellow matches is a take on Michelangelo's famous David statue

David on David: This sculpture made from yellow matches is a take on Michelangelo’s famous David statue

A video of the action. The good part starts at 1 minute and 48 seconds if you can’t wait!

Video via YouTube

DIY Magnets

This is such an easy DIY project! This one is very similar to my Easy DIY Bookmarks.  They can be so cute 🙂

You can find all of the materials at any craft store. If you want to budget a bit more, check your local Dollar Tree, Dollar Store for the glass accents. If you do this make sure you really look at the glass and make sure it isn’t scratched or broken.



Things You Will Need:
Diamond Glaze
Scrapbook paper
Clear glass accents



Step 1:

Place your glass accent on your choice of scrapbook paper. Using your pencil, trace around the bottom of the glass.



Step 2:

Cut out the circle your made on the scrapbook paper. Flip the glass accent over so the flat part is facing up. Add a bit of Diamond Glaze to it.



Step 3:

Press the scrapbook circle to the back. Make sure the glaze gets pushed to the edges of the glass accent.



Step 4:

Add another dot on top of the glued scrapbook paper.



Step 5:

Place the magnet on the glue dot and lightly press it into the glue. Let the magnet dry. This will take a few hours. To be safe, I would let it sit while you are at work, over night, or at school.



After they dry, you can add your magnets to the refrigerator (or wherever)!



I made these for my dish washer! I really needed these.



Happy crafting 🙂










App for Freelancers

Via Mashable

I wish I had this app when I graduated! I freelanced for a while and I did well but this would’ve made my life so much easier! So, graphic designers, take note! Download the app.

My advice to you:
* Get business cards
*MAKE your own website- these first two categories are essential to your success. Identity means so much for a business.
*Go to networking events such as AIGA get togethers.
*Talk about your work. No one knows you are doing it if you don’t talk about it
*Know what you’re doing. Or, at least, act like you do. No one wants a designer that doesn’t know how to do their job.
*Keep in touch with your professors. They can always help you out and answer your questions.
*Seriously, google it if you have questions, because you need the answers and you can’ t just keep asking the people you work with or for.

Freelancers, specifically designers currently or fresh out of school, often find it challenging to price themselves and their services to potential clients in an informed way. A new iOS app called MyPrice aims to solve this predicament.

The new app lets you calculate the amount you can reasonably charge for your professional services while factoring in your educational background, experience, the nature of your project, client and location.

With a few taps and swipes, designers can now figure out an ideal ballpark figure and best charging arrangement for their clients by including ideal hourly rates for varying initiatives, as well as the option to charge on a per-project basis. As a cloud-based software, MyPrice allows users to save the templates of their past projects for future reference.

3 Year Old Artist Controversy

I have no idea where this video originated so if you know please inform me. I’d love to give the kid (and/or his parents) some credit. I found it here and that link says to go here but I have a feeling there’s another one…

Also, there has been some skepticism going around about this video. A lot of people think it is fake. If you google 3 year old genius finger painter you will find comments such as:

I think it’s definitely possible but speeding up of footage makes it very easy to hide cuts. I’m undecided.

The thing that I find odd is that none of the other paintings shown have backgrounds, but this one does. Just strikes me as unusual.“<~~ Actually, they all have backgrounds… Not sure what this person is talking about.

when you can see all of the kid his hand is resting on the paper, not really doing anything… it’s only when they pull away to the painting hand that you can actually see the picture. There’s so much deliberate effort to not show the child in the frame actually painting, only the closeups of the hand and the pan outs of the child. I’m definitely voting faked.” <~~ But the hand, regardless, is a child’s hand. It is pudgy like a little kid’s hand would be.

Seriously makes me wonder if the paper was completely free of markings!

Then there are videos like this claiming that its “busted” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G92y4bWd5n4

Thoughts anyone?


I don’t know if you guys have ever been to the website http://pintester.com/ but I recently discovered it and might be spending too much time there. This girl’s blog is all about her attempt to make things she finds on Pinterest. In her posts and shows you how she did it and whether or not it works. She is honestly hilarious, a bit vulgar at times though. So, if you are not into the swearing then maybe skip this one but I think she is pretty amusing. See below…
Funny post #1 (summarized)
Strawberries & Cream Mug Cake | Pintester

I think of myself as a tolerant person. I only groan a little when I hear a dad joke. I hang out with people who are prettier than me. And I occasionally let people with Romney bumper stickers get in front of me on the freeway. I can even tolerate the odd disgusting food item, provided it has some redeeming qualities.

Strawberries & cream mug cake has no redeeming qualities.

The rest of this story really should be told in pictures. Words cannot explain. I leave you with this.

In conclusion, if you like recipes that turn out like marginally edible sponges, you might like this. Otherwise, run. Run far away.

Funny post #2 (summarized)
Ombre Nails

And, since I was headed to a Durham Bulls game later on in the evening (I love baseball. And baseball pants.), I decided to paint them Bulls team colors. Except I didn’t have Barf Orange in my collection. But Mango is close enough, right?

I did a base layer of mango, because it seemed like that was the thing to do. This nail polish is from Forever 21. I bought it because it’s the only thing from there I can wear that doesn’t make me look fat.

Also, it is scented. I think the scent is supposed to be mango, but it’s more like dear-God-turn-it-off, my-head-hurts-already-from-Diet-Coke-withdrawals, this-is-what-death-smells-like. Just in case you were wondering.

Looks nice, though.

Probably if I had not been in testing mode, I would have stopped here, with a nice happy orange base that turned out pretty well, actually. But I was determined to test this ombre thing and my head was already kind of swimmy from the fumes anyway, so I figured why the hell not.

I smeared some Vaseline on my cuticles to make clean-up easier, and also because I use Vaseline whenever possible in pin tests so that I can make off-color jokes about giant tubs of Vaseline, hurrhurrhurr.

The first nail actually went pretty well.

I was pleasantly surprised that it sort of resembled the tutorial.

Subsequent nails were less successful. Apparently, to make this work properly, you have to re-paint your sponge each time. This, in case you couldn’t guess, is a huge pain in the ass. But I tried it both ways, and you definitely need to reload the sponge for proper results. Also, it would probably be better if you used a new sponge for each subsequent nail.

I did the best I could, considering the effort I was willing to expend. And that is an honest assessment of most of the stuff I do on this blog. Some things just aren’t worth that much effort, manicures being one of them.

You get the point. She tries other stuff too not just nail tuts and baking. Check her out though, seriously. She makes my day a bit more cheerful, somehow. Haha!

DIY Heating Pad

One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a homemade heating pad. A friend gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago and I use it SO much. It is perfect for sore muscles or to sleep with when it’s too cold in your house. All you have to do is microwave it for 1-2 mins and you will be nice and warm for at least half an hour.

The one I received lasted about 3 years before I had to replace it. You don’t have to use socks for this either. You can use whatever, but I went with a sock for practicality. If you want bigger ones try using a kid’s T-shirt or a onsie. I love mine 🙂


Things You Will Need:
Tube sock


Step 1:

Cut the bottom part of your sock off so you are just left with the tube part.


Step 2:

Flip the sock inside out and sew one end tightly.



Step 3:

Flip your sock right side out and pour rice into the sock. This was the easiest way for me. Quick and efficient 🙂



Step 4:

Flip the edges of your sock in and sew this part together at the very top. It should look something like the above photos.



Step 5:

Microwave for 1-2 minutes and you’ve got yourself and homemade heating pad! It is wonderful, promise!


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