Tom Bagshaw


Tom Bagshaw is an amazing artist. Currently he works as a commercial illustrator under the moniker Mostlywanted and is represented by The Central Illustration Agency.

His works consist of  digital painting through which he displays creations of fantasy, beauty and mysticism while still depicting a high level of realism.

I love it <3

Check him out:
Official Site
Tom’s Blog

Hera by Tom Bagshaw

Hera by Tom Bagshaw


Hito Dama by Tom Bagshaw

Hito Dama by Tom Bagshaw


Mans Ruin by Tom Bagshaw

Mans Ruin by Tom Bagshaw


Pandora by Tom Bagshaw

Pandora by Tom Bagshaw


Porcelain by Tom Bagshaw

Porcelain by Tom Bagshaw


Regrets by Tom Bagshaw

Regrets by Tom Bagshaw


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Copyright © Tom Bagshaw

Winter Wonderland?

winter wonderlandAlright, I wouldn’t call it a winter wonderland… Let’s face it, anything that has the word winter, snow can not be considered a wonderland, in my opinion. Snow looks pretty from the window but from outside it is a different story.

I had time to paint last night for the first time in quite a while. This was what happened. Maybe sometime this weekend I’ll get a frame so I can get it up on Etsy!


M.C. Escher LEGO Recreations

I love M.C. Escher. A lot. When I saw this I had to repost it. Ohh my, the geekery is coming out!

Artists Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu were inspired by M.C. Escher who is most famous for his “impossible structures”. They wondered if it was possible to recreate the drawings in LEGO form.

Andrew and Daniel took 16 shots, zoomed in on specific parts of the models, and glued them together as a mosaic panorama.


Source: Andrew Lipson’s website

Pretty cool stuff: Official M.C. Escher site


Also, if anyone finds an email address for these guys would you please send it to me? I would like to let them know that I posted it but I can’t find an email anywhere. Thanks!







Ascending and Descending


Copyright © A. Lipson 2003

M. C. Escher works (C) Cordon Art, Baarn, the Netherlands.


DIY Candy Cane Vodka

Okay, I’m not usually festive. I’m kind of a scrooge when it comes to holidays so, I’ve decided to work on that. This is my first step… Candy Cane Vodka! Yummy! It is very easy to make and I assume that it will taste amazing. I’ve never made this before but I have made cherry and watermelon Jolly Rancher vodka and that was pretty good.

What can you use this for you ask? I recommend pouring a small amount of it in your hot chocolate on a cold day. That would be pretty good. Maybe it would taste good in your coffee (I am definitely not suggesting that you to indulge in an alcoholic beverage before work), and maybe sprite. If you come up with any other ideas let me know and I would be happy to add them!

Things You Will Need:
Mason jar
Candy canes
Unflavored vodka

Step 1:

Break up a few candy canes (I think I used 7) and drop them into the bottom of your mason jar. The more candy canes you use the more flavorful your vodka will be.

Step 2:

Pour in the vodka.

Step 3:

Let the jar sit for a a few minutes and shake it up.

Put it in the refrigerator. Shake it periodically. When the candy canes dissolve it is ready to drink!

Happy Monday!


Who Says Hair Makes You Beautiful?!

I have had long hair for as long as I can remember. In the past two years I’ve MAYBE had it cut 3 times. It was easier to braid it and be done with it.

My hair was about 24 inches long… until today.

When I was a senior in college my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Watching her go through that was very difficult for me. This was someone that I talk to every day, someone who used to braid my hair for me… and now she was losing hers. She has since recovered (YAY Mom!) and is doing very well.

I decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love. So today, I told one open-minded person that I was going. If I told more people they probably would’ve talked me out of it and I didn’t want that.

I went to the hair salon and got 11 inches chopped off.

I don’t particularly like it but I don’t hate it either. It will grow on me. I know that I made a good decision and that is what makes me happy.

If you have long hair i highly recommend you donate it. Here are my top 10 reasons:

1. Someone else would be more than thankful for it

2. There is no better feeling in the world than helping someone else

3. When women lose their hair it is a serious shock to their system. Our culture puts so much emphasis on “hair is beauty” that women feel very insecure without it.

4. It constantly gets pulled

5. It gets caught in the car door

6. you can’t do anything with it but pull it up. Even then it probably falls out of the ponytail

7. It is heavy

8. It takes FOREVER to dry

9. You spend a lot of $$ on shampoo and conditioner

10. You can’t curl it because the weight pulls out the curls

BONUS: It grows back!

Shower? Anyone?

I did some research and found some awesomely geeky shower curtains. I love geeky, creative products! click the images for links

Psycho Shower Curtain

Psycho! Shower Curtain

Psycho! Shower Curtain.



Michael Jackson Shower Curtain

Michael Jackson Shower Curtain

Michael Jackson Shower Curtain




Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Periodic Table Shower Curtain



Space Invaders Shower Curtain

Space Invaders Shower Curtain

Space Invaders Shower Curtain



iPhone Shower Curtain

Iphone Shower Curtain

iphone Shower Curtain



Pac-Man Shower Curtain

Pac-Man Shower Curtain

Pac-Man Shower Curtain



404 Shower Curtain

404 Shower Curtain

Internet Explorer Error 404 Shower Curtain

Hua Tunan

Information via Visual News
Hua Tunan is a Chinese artist who bring a modern twist to the culture of his homeland. Hua has been education in classical Chinese and illustration which is the inspiration behind his graffiti style. He uses tradition Chinese methods such as ink painting, drum rythms, and symbols and modernizes them in his work. Hua Tunan is a core member of the EDGE Creative Collective.
His work is like a beautiful explosion on a canvas. It is gorgeous!
Check out more of Hua Tunan’s works:

DIY Lip Scrub


They say invention comes from need. I would say that is accurate.

This week, my lips were really dry (I assume this was because of the weather changes) so I thought about buying lip scrub. Why would I buy it if I can make it?

Those of you who spend any amount of time around me know that I am a chapstick addict. I have a tube in my pocket at all times… seriously. But lip scrub is something that was i recently introduced to. It worked pretty well. You apply the lip scrub to exfoliate your lips and then apply chapstick to moisturize them. This is my version.




Things You Will Need:
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice
Brown Sugar
Small Container

You will probably have all of these ingredients in your pantry/kitchen already. In case you don’t, substitutions can be made.
brown sugar = white sugar
honey = agave nectar or molasses
lemon juice = any flavorful liquid
olive oil = vegetable oil, coconut oil (for more flavor) or almond oil

*I didn’t measure anything. I just measured mentally by what looked “right”.




Step 1:

Pour a small amount of brown sugar into a bowl. I used a ramekin. It seemed to work well.



Step 2:

Add olive oil to the bowl. You should have a consistency similar to the above image.



Step 3:

Pour in some lemon juice. A small amount will do. I added about half a cap full.



Step 4:

This part is important. Squeeze in the honey. Honey is the moisturizer of the mix so there should be a decent amount. BUT this will make the mixture pretty gooey.

When I included the honey it started to look like this. So, I added some more brown sugar and everything was fine.

Play with the ingredients until you are happy with it.




Add your lip scrub to a small container (or several) and you are finished! The mixture is pretty yummy 🙂







196 Days to Walk Across America

courtesy of Javier and his anonymous photographer

I Don’t actually know Javier; he was actually a co-worker of my boyfriend and I’ve heard stories about him. Now Javier is beginning a journey across America and I am going to keep up with him and share his story because he deserves that.

Javier believes in promoting love, tolerance, and awareness of his fellow men and women. In order to show this, he is going to take 196 days to walk across America. Why 196 days? Because there are 196 countries in the world and he is going to wear a shirt displaying a flag from one of those countries each day.

He began his walk in Virginia Beach yesterday and walked 18 miles. In order to make it to his destination (California) on time he will have to walk somewhere between 15-20 miles per day.

So, if you live in the southern states of the USA and you see him walking along, stop and say hello. He plans on camping most days but I’m sure he would appreciate a small meal, a lawn to set up camp, or just a friendly gesture. After all, kind gestures to one another is what he is trying to promote on this walk.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Javier or following his journey you can visit his blog.