The Matboard: Social bookmarking for Creative Professionals

I recently wrote a blog post for the company that I work about the Matboard, which I was unfamiliar with at the time.  I’ve become so obsessed with this website that I just have to share it with you!


The Matboard is a social bookmarking site (much like Pinterest) that allows creative professionals to share, inspire and explore while matting  advertisements, magazine covers, photography, infographics, etc. to their personal boards. The Matboard can also be integrated with Facebook and Twitter for easy sharing or finding of friends. The site was launched about a week ago and has has been given some serious attention. I honestly think this site is better than Pinterest, but I may be biased I am a creative. When I want to find design inspiration or am looking for something specifically design related in Pinterest I end up having to search through recipes and wedding dresses before I find what I was searching for. The Matboard, however, provides me with a bevy of design inspiration that I can actually use.


The Matboard’s search view is designed in tile boards, much like Pinterest’s design. When you click on an image you will see a variety of options like in the image above. Unfortunately, My screen in smaller so I can’t show you the whole screen. You will have to check it out yourself 😉


How can creative professionals use the Matboard:

  • Searching for inspirations: There are 2,000+ items posted to the Matboard at this time.
  • Career advancements: Creative users can upload their work to a Matboard to ensure exposure.
  • Self-promotions: Contact the makers for information about self-promotion via the Matboard help page.
  • Project Moodboards: The Matboard allows users to collect imagery, colors, and typography and visually organize it on a specific Matboard to create an ideal look and feel for a project.
  • Networkings: Users are able to follow other creatives, view their profiles, and learn more about them and their careers (assuming all of that information is posted.

Amazing website!

Ophelia Overdose


Ophelia is not an artist, but a full-time international model, designer, a performer based out of Germany. Typically I showcase other artists’ work but this time I want to focus on the subject rather than just the creator.  I found Ophelia-Overdose on Deviant Art a few years ago and have continued to follow her. She is always very creative in her costumes and mood. She is an amazing model and is forever reinventing herself.

Learn more about Ophelia Overdose:


Deviant Art
Model Mayhem

Images courtesy of Ophelia Overdose

Imaginary-ophelia Dreaming-dolls bubblegum-attack ophelia-instinct storm-trooper unnamed-web ophelia_overdose_amato_haute_couture_by_ophelia_overdose-d5tu572 Raven-ophelia

DIY Smashbook

I’ve missed ONE Make Something Mondays in over a year and the one I missed, I posted the following morning because it was over Christmas. I think that is decent. So, today, I am going to take Monday off. However, I still want you to get the enjoyment of crafting on Monday.

I went in search of a craft that I would probably make and that you would probably enjoy. Until today, I had no idea what a smashbook was. I was scouring the internet for craft ideas to show you guys and I found a DIY smashbook. What the heck is that? It is like a scrapbook, but more awesome. I found this craft/DIY project at Little Birdie Secrets. The following images, text were written/taken by Little Birdie Secrets. I hope you enjoy it because I think it is an awesome idea! I would definitely make something like this.


Our featured notebook is a simple composition book (we found it at Target for $.50) covered with patterned paper and a little ribbon. Your child will never have to ask to borrow a pen or pencil again with this clever design. (We scraplifted this idea from a Close To My Heart ad.) Plus those mini pens and pencils are adorable.

Cut a piece of cardstock to fit the front, back, pen area, and spine of your composition book. Glue all pieces on using the adhesive of your choice (we like Mod Podge, but be sure to smooth out all the bubbles with a brayer or bone folder). Lightly sand the edges of the paper so it “becomes one” with the notebook cover. We zigzag stitched along the seam through the paper and cover with a sewing machine just for fun.

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around and tie a bow, plus a little extra for the pen loops. Zigzag stitch the ribbon in measured spaces to accomodate pens and pencils (be sure to use the pen or pencil as a guide so it’s the right size). Secure the rest of the ribbon to the book with a little MonoAdhesive or double-sized tape so it doesn’t slip off.

We used a Crop-A-Dile to punch two holes in the cover and place large eyelets at the top. Then we tied a little ribbon through them and attached a scrap of paper with a stylish paperclip. This would be so cute with the owners name on it instead of “notes.”

Lindsey Stirling – The Epic Violinist


Lindsey Stiring

I hate the word “epic”, but I cannot find a better term to describe Lindsey Stirling and her music. Lindsey is a YouTube sensation who successfully combines the classic violin with modern dance. Yes, she dances while she plays, and she’s unforgettable.

Lindsey has become a huge success over the past few years. She has played on YouTube, America’s Got Talent, at video game convention E3, at arts festivals, and has visited global locations like London, Italy, and Kenya. She made a great video on her Kenya experience. Did I mention that Lindsey composes, choreographs, and directs all of her own music and videos?

AND if you consider yourself an avid gammer you will most likely enjoy her. Gammers are some of Lindsey’s most avid fans. Check out her personal take on video franchise themes The Legend of Zelda and Skyrim.

Lindsey Stirling on social media:
Facebook Google+
Twitter YouTube


Photo © 2013 Lindsey Stirling Violin.

Video via Lindseystomp


10 Paintings To Remember

Each of these paintings are a staple in art history, and these artists had a great impact on western art.  It is amazing to see how different modern art looks now.

PABLO PICASSO (1881-1973)
CLAUDE MONET (1840-1926)



Blue Nude by Pablo Picasso



Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci


Christ In The Storm On The Sea Of Galilee by Rembrandt Van Rijn


La-Promenade by Claude Oscar Monet


The Sistine Chapel by MICHELANGELO





Anamorphic Scultptures by artist Jonty Hurwitz

I found Jonty Hurwitz via IGNANT and had to share it! How amazing are these sculptures?!

These anamorphic sculptures were created by Jonty Hurwitz, a London-based artist. The sculptures only reveal what they really are in a reflective element, such as the reflective cylinder. While studying for his engineering degree, Hurwitz discovered that science could be used as an art and each of this forms comes from that realization. These anamorphic sculptures are his study of how we perceive space and are the stroke of over 1 billion calculations and algorithms.

See more of Jonty Hurwitz work:
Jonty Hurwitz Portfolio



DIY Cardboard Flower Wreath

DIY recycled cardboard wreath

I was excited to make a recycled cardboard wreath! My candy-cane wreath is getting old so it is time for a new one. I never really cared much for wreaths until I made that one, but now I kind of enjoy seeing something colorful on my door when I come home. I am easily amused.

So, for this craft you will need a bunch of cardboard rolls. I think I used 12? I’ve been planning to make this wreath for a few weeks now, so I have been saving.

materials for a DIY cardboard wreath

Things You Will Need:
Hot glue gun
Paint brushes
cardboard rolls
Maybe some paper towels

cutting cardboard rolls

Step 1:

Cut your toilet paper rolls so the cuts are about 1/2″ wide. You should get about 5 pieces per roll.


Step 2:

Paint the inside of the cardboard roll. Let it dry.


Step 3:

Paint the outside of the cardboard roll. Let it dry.


Step 4:

Glue the cardboard petals together to look like a flower. Similar to the above photo.


Step 5:

Glue the flowers together and possibly add on a few extra petals to make everything look a bit more even.


Step 6:

Add some ribbon for show!

DIY recycled cardboard wreath

This wreath is great for summer 🙂 I know it isn’t quite summer yet but I’m hopeful.

Singles’ Awareness Day

Single’s awareness day usually falls on Valentine’s day or the day before when everyone is planning. People really seem to hate that day but really, there is nothing wrong with being single. You don’t have to have make plans with anyone if you don’t want to!

So tell me what you did for Single’s Awareness day or Valentine’s Day!

We made awesome beefy stuffed shells!


Yes, made them. I’m not about to go out to eat in the madness. And we ate Sarris pretzels and drank cherry wine. It was a great relaxing night.


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Valentine’s Day: A day created by Hallmark-like companies. I won’t get all scroogy on you though. I’ve decided to be useful and compile some links to gifts you can get for him for Valentine’s Day. These are not gifts for her because she is easy to buy for. Jewelry, chocolate, anything with hearts, make her dinner, buy her flowers, clean the house, etc and it will make her happy. There are so many options. But there aren’t so many obvious options for him.

He is important on Valentine’s Day too. It is about LOVE or some junk like that. I would say he fits into that category for you, right? If not, maybe it is time to reevaluate… but I’m not a therapist. To each his own.

I promise these aren’t the cheesy make-him-dinner type of gifts. I put some thought into this!

Click images for links to the gifts.

Gifts to buy for Valentine’s Day:


Saddle Leather Tablet Case from Pottery Barn


45mm cronograph model Ralph Lauren watch


Live Edge Cutting Board With Knife


More affordable (but still awesome) gifts:


Stuffed Hamburger Press


leather monogram headphone case


An inventive way to give kisses


DIY gifts:


Hooked on you: gummy worms in a jar


These are man flowers. Alcohol bouquet


Do-it-yourself BBQ rub.