DIY DecoColor Sketch Mug

DIY Sketch Mug

I’ve made a sharpie-type mug  before, but it was more like a quote mug. Some people question whether or not this sharpie on ceramic works. Note: Sharpie does not work. It doesn’t matter what kind of sharpie it is, or how long you bake it in the oven, it isn’t going to happen, as far as I’m concerned. If you have had success with this method, please share your secret.

However, DecoColor does work. You just have to let it go for a few days and let the color set. You can get these pens at just about any craft store.

Materials needed for the sketch mug

Things You Will Need:
Ceramic mug
DecoColor pens



Step 1:
Step 1 and  only step is to take a pen and start sketching. Sketch anything you want on that mug, in any color (s) you want.

sketch-mug-3 sketch-mug-2


Remember to let to color set for awhile. The timing depends on how much you’ve layered on there. I put quite a lot on, so I will let mine go for a week or so before I test it. Get a wet rag a rub a little bit of your design to make sure it is going to stay.

Happy crafting!


The Rubber Duck Project

Wow, it has been a busy weekend. The highlight of the weekend (which is sad) was that the Rubber Duck Project came to Pittsburgh, PA on Friday and will be here for the entire month.

Pittsburgh was PACKED this weekend when the duck arrived. As I walked the streets downtown, I kept my eyes open for signs and directions. But the crowds of people lead the way to the river instead. As you can see, the duck is quite large (46×49×54 ft) in comparison to its surrounding area. People took over the fence along the river and took over the bridges to see the new attraction.


What is the Rubber Duck Project?

Florentijn Hofman, a dutch artist created several duck sculptures that would entertain the world by a tour named “Spreading joy around the world” established in 2007. The goal was to recall everyone’s childhood memories by displaying the duck in 14 different cities, starting in his own, Amsterdam.

The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn’t discriminate and doesn’t have a political connotation.

How was it made?

The   duck was constructed with over  200 pieces of PVC piping. The opening at the back of the duck so that anyone can perform a body check of the rubber duck. There is also an electric fan in its body so that it can be inflated at any time, regardless of weather conditions.

 Where has the duck been on display?
There are actually several ducks, contrary to popular belief.

The sculptures have been on display in Amsterdam, Lommel (Belgium), Osaka, Sydney Harbour, Sao Paulo and Hong Kong and has finally arrived in the US for the first time for the Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts, which also kicks off the fall gallery crawl.

Here are the dimensions and location of each duck in order of date according to Wikipedia:

Taiwan Taoyuan , Taiwan, October,26 2013

Taiwan Kaohsiung , Taiwan, September 2013

Azerbaijan BakuAzerbaijan, September 2013 (12×14×16 metres (39×46×52 ft))

China BeijingChina, September 2013 (14×15×18 metres (46×49×59 ft))

United States PittsburghUnited States, 2013 (14×15×16.5 metres (46×49×54 ft))

Hong Kong Hong Kong SARChina, May 2013 (14×15×16.5 metres (46×49×54 ft))*

Australia SydneyAustralia, January 2013 (13×14×15 metres (43×46×49 ft))

Belgium HasseltBelgium, July 2012 (12×14×16 metres (39×46×52 ft))

Japan OnomichiJapan, 2012 (10×11×13 metres (33×36×43 ft))

New Zealand AucklandNew Zealand, February 2011 (12×14×16 metres (39×46×52 ft))

Japan OsakaJapan, December 2010 (10×11×13 metres (33×36×43 ft))

Brazil São PauloBrazil, 2008 (12×14×16 metres (39×46×52 ft))

France Saint-NazaireFrance, 2007 (26×20×32 metres (85×66×105 ft))

*The duck on display in Hong Kong, from 1 May to 9 June 2013, deflated on 15 May after losing air. It was re-inflated and was again on exhibition on 20 May.

DIY Beaded Hoop Wire-Wrapped Earrings

DIY Beaded Hoop EarringsFor today’s Make Something Mondays I put together a tutorial for beaded hoop wire-wrapped earrings. These are fairly easy to make and they don’t take more than half an hour all together. The wire and beading is affordable, so they also make fun gifts!

DIY Beaded Hoop Earrings materialsThings You Will Need:
Clip pliers
Jump rings
Earring hooks
flat-nosed pliers
Round-nosed pliers

*I am not entirely sure what size wire I used for these earrings. I know it was a larger gauge though. As long as you get a sturdy wire, this will work fine.

DIY Beaded Hoop Earrings Step 1Step 1:
Cut the wire to about the site of your tool.

DIY Beaded Hoop Earrings Step 2Step 2:
Slide the beads onto the wire in the order you want them.

DIY Beaded Hoop Earrings Step 3Step 3:
Use your round-nosed pliers to add a loop to each end of the wire. Loop outward.

DIY Beaded Hoop Earrings baseStep 4:
Work a hoop into the wire so you have something that looks like the image above.

DIY Beaded Hoop EarringsStep 5:
Use a jump ring to fasten the two loops at the top of your soon-to-be earring together.

DIY Beaded Hoop EarringsStep 6:
Attach another jump ring to the jump ring you just fastened. Then, link the last jump ring with an earring hook to finish it off.

DIY Wire Hoop EarringsI decided to make a slightly smaller set of earrings as well. Those are the ones on the very end that you can hardly see (for good reason). Those didn’t turn out so well. Oh well, practice, practice, practice!

Happy crafting… or beading?

I have done some other beaded earring tutorials in the past so, if you liked this one you might like those tutorials as well. Click the images for links to the tutorials.

Wire-wrapped earrings via Make Something Mondays

DIY Wire Wrapped Earrings

DIY Heart-Shapped Wire Earrings

DIY Heart-Shapped Wire Earrings

Amanda Salinas: Wannabe Photographer?

The sky above the clouds

Amanda Salinas has carried a camera around with her sense she was 15 years old. She realized a film camera really did limit her and she wanted to learn more. A few years ago she got her hands on a new EOS 60D Canon and she started seeing the world in a way she’s always hoped to see it. She currently lives in Oregon with her husband.

Amanda calls herself a wannabe photographer. I think not. She is a photographer. I’ve followed her blog for quite some time now, and am always intrigued by every photograph she posts. She takes some great landscape and nature photography as well, so I’ve decided to focus on that area for this post. All of her photos are great though, so you should check out her site for more!

 Photography: waterfall in the woods beautiful sunlight on the field Zen Garden Waterfall in the Green Farm landscape photography A windmill in the flowers field of flowers beautiful night sky crashing waves seagull above the waves lighthouse
Bridge over the water

Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado

Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado

Who didn’t play in the dirt as a child? I know I did, a little too much. But Sarah Rosado, an illustrator and photographer from New York, was inspired by the activity. She decided to make a series of images from dirt that creates the illusion of a 3D object while also allowing the viewer to determine what they really are. She calls the series Dirty Little Secrets because of that. People see all art differently, and Sarah has embraced that with her work.

Dirty Little Secrets has been featured in several publications such as Complex Magazine, Garden Design, Bored Panda, and Design Taxi.

Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado Ants and toast by Sarah Rosado Art by Sarah Rosado Dirty tree by Sarah Rosado Dirty taxi by Sarah Rosado Dirty Little Secrets by Sarah Rosado

A Year Ago Today: DIY Shirt Design

DIY Gym Shirt

Pardon the construction. I’m improving.

Do you ever have those days where you just want to reminisce? I don’t have those very often. But today, for some reason, I was curious about what I had posted a year ago today, on Sept 17, 2012. I was somewhat surprised. I had made my DIY Shirt Design. It really doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that I made it. After I finished making the shirt, I began wearing it to the gym. I can’t tell you how many people liked that shirt. It was just okay to me because I regretted not using stencils. My handwriting and lack of layout planning did not do the idea justice. Regardless, people liked it.

Maybe I will do this more often.