DIY Painted Glass Mug

glass mugThis is such a fun mug! I was browsing at Michael’s and found this glass mason jar with a handle and thought it would look really cute with a stenciled design on it. I also found a colored lid with a hole for a straw. I could already see it in my mind.

DIY painted glass mug materials

Things You Will Need:
Mason jar
Paint brush
Glass paint

*Get reusable stencils. They stick to whatever you’re painting on and come clean with hot water. You can reuse them as many times as you want.

paint stencil

Step 1
Stick your stencil onto your mug. Press your finger down across the glass to make sure the stencil is flat.

painted glass mug

Step 2
Paint the glass paint over top of the stencil. Depending on the brand you chose,  you might need a few layers of paint.

Do this the whole way around the mug.


stenciled glass

Step 3
Follow the directions on the paint you chose. Mine tells me to let the paint dry for 4 days and then bake the glass in the oven at 325 degrees for 30 mins. Yours might be different.

DIY painted glass-mugI don’t know if I can wait 4 days! I’m pretty excited 🙂

Let me know what you think! Would you make one? What kind of design would you use on it?



Week at the Beach

I promise that I haven’t abandoned you. I’ve spent a week at the beach where I decided to disconnect as much as possible. I don’t get to do that very often. Half way through the week something went wrong with the wifi at the beach house too, so that made it twice as easy to put my phone and computer away. I don’t have any great pix to show you for that reason, but I did take a few.

Do you recognize this tote bag? You should! I made this as a DIY project a while ago. It makes a great beach bag!

This is my boyfriend’s little sister. Yes, he’s my age and she is 4. She’s adorable too!

A little bit of beach yoga 🙂

DIY Cinnamon Loaf French Toast

I’m at the beach this week with my boyfriend and his family on vacation (yay!). Every year when we go, we make this awesome cinnamon loaf french toast for breakfast. There’s always a lot of people who go so it is an easy breakfast that will feed a houseful of people. The kids love it too!

Things You Will Need:
2% milk
Griddle pan
Cinnamon French toast (Macy’s bakery: Arcade)

Step 1:
Mix the vanilla, eggs, cinnamon, and milk into a bowl and stir it well.
Extra vanilla and cinnamon goes a long way.

* We never measure this, but I’m sure you’ve made French toast before and can gauge it.

Step 2:
Lay out the bacon and cook on 375
to your your liking.

Step 3:
Slice your bead into 3/4″ pieces. Dip them in the cinnamon egg mixture, and transfer them to your griddle pan.
Cook to your liking.



DIY Washi Tape Candy Jar


DIY Washi Tape Candy Jar


Everyone needs to spice up their decorations once in a while, but that can get expensive. Some people like to spend the money to do that, but I am not one of them. As you’ve probably noticed from my Make Something Monday’s crafts, I’m a little bit frugal. So, for this week’s DIY project, I decided to go with a fun and frugal craft. It’s super easy to make and took about 15 minutes to make, not including drying time. AAANNNNDDD it costed about $4. It is amazing how Washi Tape can transform and decorate.

I know, I’m calling it a candy jar and putting cashews in it… but I’m trying to keep junk food out of my house, so bear with me and pretend that it’s candy in there.

DIY Washi Tape candy jar materials

Things You Will Need
Washi Tape
Waterproof glue
Candle stick holder

You can find all of the materials to make your own DIY Washi Tape candy jar at any craft store. You might even be able to find it at Walmart.

Washi Tape


Washi Tape jar decoration

Step 1
Stretch out your Washi Tape and evenly wrap it around the top of your jar.

I decided to add one more layer around the top and one around the bottom as well.

waterproof glass glue

Step 2
Circle the glue around the top of the candle stick holder and press it into the center of the bottom of the jar. The candle stick holder will act as a base for the jar.

Make sure you let the glue dry for a while. My glue suggests that it dry for at least 24 hours. Make sure the room is well ventilated too… This stuff is strong!

DIY Washi Tape Candy Jar


Pile in your candy (or cashews) and enjoy!

If you wanted to get really fancy, you could make a few jars with similar colors but different patterns, and sit them on a glass candle square. The candy and Washi Tape could add a whole new level of decoration via color palette.

Let me know what you think!

The Coolest Summer Camp EVER

Maker camp

I’ve possibly stumbled upon the coolest summer camp ever, Maker Camp! Too bad I’m too old to go. BUT if I had kids, I would totally sign them up for this.

This camp is completely FREE and is organized by Google and Make. I know you all know who Google is, but if you don’t know who Make is, then I’m ashamed of you because it is one of the greatest DIY sites out there.

Maker Camp actually started yesterday, but you don’t have to sign up in advance to go to each of the events. All you need is a Google+ profile. If you have Gmail, you are automatically set up a Google+ profile so that should be covered.


Maker Camp starts on July 7 and runs through August 15. Log in at 11am (Pacific time) 5 days a week to attend.

The camp is for teens ages 13-18 who enjoy creating. They might be a young inventor, DIYer, or someone who just likes to tinker with things.

Maker Camp is completely virtual. It is based on Google+. There’s a set schedule that you can look over to determine whether you want to attend on certain days or whether you want to participate in the entire camp.

This is what they have lined up for each week:

  • Week 1: Makers in Motion
  • Week 2: Art & Design
  • Week 3: Fun & Games
  • Week 4: Science & Technology
  • Week 5: DIY Music
  • Week 6: Make: Believe

Virtual Field Trips

This is the best part! Every Friday, you can log on to G+ and go on a virtual field trip to discover other makers and inventors. How does this work? Well, for those of you who aren’t familiar with G+, there is a feature called Hangouts. This feature is almost like Skype or iChat. It lets you chat with friends through video. The virtual field trips will all be done through Google Hangouts so that teens can see and listen to what is going on during the tours.

The first one, coming up this Friday, will be to see Google’s new service Street View Treks. How awesome is that!? My inner child is geeking out right now.


Do me a favor and embrace your child’s inner artist. Set them up with a G+ account, or if you are uncomfortable with the idea of them having their own, let them use yours. This is a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn about the things they love. When I was little, stuff like this wasn’t possible. They don’t even have to leave the room for this!

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

jewelry organizer

I have a lot of jewelry but there are only a few pieces that I wear on a regular basis. Until today, that jewelry was stuffed into a jewelry box. That’s not always a bad thing but I constantly found myself untangling necklaces and digging for the second earring. So I decided to make my own hanging jewelry organizer so that I could easily find the things I was looking for. It costed about $25 to make and seems to work well. If you like the idea and want to make your own, keep reading 🙂


Things You Will Need:
Mod Podge
Black paint
Jewelry hooks
Frame hangers
Scrapbook paper
Paint sponge/brush
Short votive holders
Shadow Box (without glass)

*You can ignore the bling. I thought I would use it but decided that I didn’t want to make the box look tacky.

black paintStep 1
Paint one side of the box. Let it Dry.

black jewelry box

Step 2
Paint the other side of the box. Let it dry.

decorative paperStep 3
Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the back of the scrapbook paper and lay it evenly into the box. Make sure you smooth it over with your fingers to get out bumps or creases that might have formed.

You can paint another thin layer over top for extra protection if you would like.

jewelry hooks

Step 4
Screw in the hooks that will be holding your necklaces and bracelets. You can use your fingers for this.

If the back of the hook comes through the wood on the other side of the frame, you can clip off the excess.

frame hangerStep 5
Use a screwdriver to attach the frame hangers. I put one in the center but you could always just attached one to each side if you don’t want them to be visible.

hanging jewelry box

Step 6
Place a few short votive holders on the bottom of the shadow box for your smaller earrings and rings.

ring holders

jewelry organizerVoila! Your very own hanging jewelry box organizer. Can’t complain about  spending $25 and less than 2 hours on this. The part that took the longest was waiting for the paint and glue to dry.

This would make a great birthday or Christmas gift for your favorite ladies! In fact, I might just do that.

4th of July Party Ideas

Happy early 4th of July everyone! I know there are a few of you who planned parties this year but didn’t really plan them. That’s okay, I do it too.

I’ve found a bunch of 4th-of-July-inspired decorations and patriotic food ideas and wanted to share them with. I know I would want this if I were planning a party!

If you have more ideas, leave them in the comments!


4th of July printable

A printable that you can download at Today’s Creative Blog

This is a really cute decoration for any last minute party. It is relevant, adorable and, best of all, printable. Quick and easy. Just the way we like it. This blog actually has a lot of this kind of stuff on it. You should dig around if you have some time.

4th of July inspired tablescape

Place setting Via Uncommon Designs Online

This is a unique place setting idea. Using blue and red handkerchiefs for napkins and some burlap for the napkin ring. Adorable!

You all know how I LOVE mason jars. They’re pretty much the only object that you can use for anything. Seriously, I think us crafters have found a way to work them into anything and everything, and the 4th of July is no exception. This one will take a little bit of time but is SOOOO cute!



flag fruit pizza

find this one via Red Tricycle

I don’t know how much easier it gets than sugar cookie dough/ready-made pie crust, cream cheese, powdered sugar, frozen whipped topping, and patriotic colored fruits. I bet this one will go quickly!

Who can argue with cupcakes? I don’t think there are too many people who don’t like them. I don’t even like cake but I’ll eat cupcakes. Add a little flare and you’ve provided patriotic decorations and snacks.

This is honestly one of the easiest recipes on the planet. I make this stuff and take it to parties every time I go and it get’s devoured. It’s light, not to sweet, and feeds a lot of people. Oh, and it’s festive! What more can you ask for?