DIY Glass Orb Keychain

DIY customized keychains

If you have the choice to buy something that customized or templetized and both are the same price, which one are you going to pick? Right, customized, because we all would all rather have something unique. That’s part of the reason I like DIY projects so much.

These DIY keychains are perfect for customization! They’re quick and easy to make, you can use any design you want and they make great gifts.

I used scrapbook paper for each of my keychains, but you could print out your own designs like I did for the DIY bookmarks a made a few years ago or even use material from a bridesmaids dress for a more sentimental gift. There are a lot of options.

DIY keychain materials

Keychain supplies

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designs for customized keychain

Step 1: choose your scrapbook paper and make a circle

Cut out a 1″ circle the size of the glass orb in your scrapbook paper.

glass orb with glueglass orb

Step 2: glue to scrapbook paper to the glass orb

Put a small dot of Diamond Glaze on the back of the glass orb and press the designed side of the circle against the glue.

Let it dry for a few minutes.

jewelry bezel

Step 3: press the orb into the bezel

Put a drop of Diamond Glaze on the back of the glass orb and press it into the bezel.

Let it dry.

keychain jump rings

Step 4: attach the the bezel to the keychain

Attach the jump ring and keychain top to the bezel.

DIY glass orb keychain

When you’re finished, you’ll have a uniquely designed keychain that you can keep for yourself or give as a gift. You could even order the materials for the keychains and make them on a weekend with friends while drinking some wine (or soda, or whatever you like).

DIY customized keychains

Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting! 🙂

DIY Fridge Pen Holder From A Tin Can

DIY pen holder from a tin can

Do you know what I realized today? Every single time I need a pen I’m in the kitchen, which happens to be a room away from the nearest pen. I could walk to the next room and get one when I need it but why would I want to do that when I can just keep pens in the kitchen? I’m not lazy, I swear, it is just more practical this way.

So I started looking through the drawers to see where I could keep pens. Everything is too cluttered. I don’t want to add to that messiness. Then I looked over and saw a tin can I cleaned out yesterday that didn’t make it to my craft room yet. Yes! That’s where I’m going to put pens. I’m going to decorate it and put some magnets on it, and stick it to the fridge. (I love tin can crafts! Really, I love any up cycled craft.)

If you have the same issue, I highly recommend the fridge pen holder. It keeps the pens out of my drawers and off the counter, yet is still accessible. Sorry, I know I sound like a TV commercial or something, but I really do enjoy the convenience of it.

tin can pen holder materials

Things You Will Need:
Tin can
Paint brush
Mod Podge
Magnetic strips
Scrapbook paper
Hot glue or super glue

Measure the tin can

Step 1
Measure the tin can and cut your scrapbook paper to the appropriate size.

Decorated tin can

Step 2
Using your Mod Podge, glue the paper onto your can.

Press down tightly to make sure you don’t get any bubbles.

magnets on tin can

Step 3
Depending on how many pens you wants the tin to hold, either use hot glue or super glue to adhere your magnets.

I had originally planned on using hot glue, but after thinking about my excitement level, I decided to go with super glue.

Let it dry (especially if you’re using the super glue).

DIY pen holder from a tin can

Now, go get a cute tablet and stick it to the fridge next to your newly finished DIY pen holder!

Happy crafting!

Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!! The above drawing is the Valentine I gave to my boyfriend of almost 7 years. He actually said this about a week ago and I thought it would make a cute card.

This is what we did yesterday and it was wonderful.

I made these chocolate covered pretzels for him because they’re his favorite.

Then we went to a new brewery that opened up nearby for pizza and beer.

That’s my kind of Valentine’s Day!

What did you do? Anything fun?

DIY Candy Jar for Valentine’s Day

DIY Candy Jar for Valentine's Day

If you couldn’t tell yet, I love pink. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I have more of a reason to make everything pink. My first victim? A very fun and easy to make DIY candy jar! This is one of those crafts that you never would’ve guessed was under $5. You can get all of your supplies at the Dollar Store except the Deco Pens (but you could also use Sharpies). You might not be able to find the knobs there either, but any craft store will have them just a bit more than $1.

DIY candy jar materials

Things You Will Need:
Super glue
Glass bowl
Acrylic pain
Wooden knob
Terra cotta pots
Terra cotta base
Ribbon (optional)
Deco markers (optional)
Newspaper or paper towels

pink terra cotta pots

Step 1
Paint everything pink! I put two layers of acrylic paint on the pots, the base and the knob.

Hugs & Kisses detail on candy jar

Step 2
If you plan to decorate your candy jar with your Deco pens, now is the time.

Then, you can go ahead and super glue the bottom of your pots together, glue the knob to the bottom of the base, and glue the glass bowl into the top pot.

You will want to let all of these dry over night.

DIY Valentines Day Candy Jar

Add some ribbon if you’d like to spice it up a little bit. I used the heart-themed ribbon to break up all of the solid pink.

Pour your candy of choice into the jar. If you like the craft but are on a diet, fill the jar with pistachios or almonds instead.

DIY Candy Jar for Valentine's Day

This would be a fun craft to make with you friends or kids (sans super glue). Girls night, anyone? Get your friends together for a craft and movie night. When you’re finished, you can sit and eat all of the chocolate!

The candy jar might even be a nice Valentine’s Day gift. People keep coming up with more and more creative ways to give candy. I think this option will turn some heads 😉

I apologize for the rough pictures. The candy jar, when fully constructed, was slightly too large to fit in my new light box. I was sad. Oh well…

Let me know what you think! Happy crafting!

Want another gifting idea for Valentine’s Day candy? Try this quick and easy toilet paper roll craft.

DIY Headphone Organizer from Clothespins

Clothespin headphone organizer

Headphones are like a necessity, aren’t they? We use them when we’re exercising, working and relaxing. I always have a pair with me, and they’re usually getting tangled up in the contents of my purse. I needed a way to keep them separate from everything else, so I decided to use what I had sitting around to make headphone organizers.

I had some left-over clothespins from the Missing Sock Station I made a few years ago and thought that I might be able to use them for the DIY project.

If you’re like me, and you carry around your headphones, you’ll appreciate this easy craft. Anyone can make these.

materials for DIY headphone organizer

Things You Will Need:
Wood glue
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes

Pink clothespins

Step 1
Take apart the clothespins and paint them whatever color you like. I’m a big fan of pink, obviously.

Let it dry.

Pink clothespins with polka dots

Step 2
Paint on any decorative elements you want. I chose polka dots because they’re easy and cute.

Let the paint dry.

clothespins for headphone organization

Step 3
Put the clothespins back together and glue them facing opposite directions. They should be positioned like they are in the image above.

Pink headphone organizer made from clothespins

  1. Clip the bottom clothespin around the ear buds.
  2. Wrap the cord around the clothespin.
  3. Clip the top clothespin around the headphone jack.

Now you can transport your headphones without getting them tangled up or losing them in your purse or gym bag.

My boyfriend saw them when I was done making them and asked me to make him a pair. Apparently the guys like the organization as well!

Hope you liked it! Happy crafting 😀