DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

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DIY diffuser charm necklace

The June theme for this Craft Challenge was jewelry and I was having a hard time coming up with something to make. Jewelry is usually a pretty easy one for me because I make so much of it. Turns out, that was my problem. I’ve made a little bit of every kind of jewelry and I don’t want to repeat any of my tutorials. So, I tweeted for a fresh perspective. Thankfully, my friend, Christine, from Dreaming in CMYK gave me this brilliant idea—A diffuser necklace. Thank you, Christine!

I’ve never been very interested in perfume, so this is nice alternative. It’s really easy to make and you will smell GREAT all day long. I got all of my materials at Michael’s for about $11. Oh, except the essential oils. I got that on Amazon. You can get them at Giant Eagle or The Vitamin Shoppe as well.

diffuser necklace materials

Things You Will Need

Essential oils
2 Small charms
1 Large charm with holes
Necklace chain (with or without beads)

For the diffuse charm, you’re going to want to find a locket with some holes to let the essential oils escape.

I chose peppermint for my essential oil. I would love to make another diffuser necklace with grapefruit or citrus essential oils too. That would smell amazing.

felt circle diffuser pad

Step 1

Measure the diffuser charm and cut out a piece of felt that will fit inside.

peppermint oil diffuser necklace

Step 2

Soak your felt piece with the essential oil and place it back in the diffuser charm.

You might have to add more oil to the felt after a few weeks to keep the smell. These oils are very aromatic though, it will probably take a while before the smell is gone completely. The good news is, it doesn’t take more than a few drops each time.

diffuser charm beaded necklace

Step 3

Attach your new diffuser charm to the necklace chain.

DIY diffuser charm necklace

Step 4

Now, attach the two smaller charms to the necklace on either side of the diffuser charm.

essential oil necklace

And now you have your very own diffuser necklace that will keep you smelling fresh and wonderful all day long. Not bad for $11 and 15 minutes, right?

I’d love to know what you think! Leave me some feedback in the comments.

Happy crafting!

The Craft Challenge Participants and Their Jewelry-Themed Crafts

Craft Challenge 2015 Introduction Eclectic Enchantments A Pop of Red Found This Painted That Tinkerbell Knits Make Something Mondays Image Map

These are The Craft Challenge participants. Click each image to check out their jewelry-themed craft tutorials! They will all be posted at some point today.

DIY I Love Yoga Bleach Pen Shirt

DIY I love yoga shirt

Did you know you can make designs on fabric with a Bleach Pen?

I saw someone post a t-shirt on Pinterest and said it was made with a Bleach Pen. I thought, why haven’t I ever thought of that?! I have one so, of course, I had to try it.

I’ll be honest, it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would, but I actually like the bleeded effect I got. It kind of it reminds me of tie-die. If you go into the craft knowing that it’s going to bleed, you can make some neat shirts!

I would like to figure out how to get straighter lines, so when I do, I will let you know. I plan to experiment this week.

DIY yoga shirt materials

Things You Will Need

Bleach pen
Ironing board
Freezer paper*

*You can find freezer paper at the grocery store in the aisle with the foil.

I love yoga shirt graphic

Step 1

Make a design you like or download mine.

Print the design on the freezer paper (not on the side with the wax) and cut it out with an X-acto knife. This is the hardest part, so take your time with it.

iron-on i love yoga design

Step 2

Iron the freezer paper onto your shirt, wax side down.

The wax, when heated, adheres to the fabric and peels off easily. No clean up necessary.

bleach pen shirt design

Step 3

Place your notebook inside of the shirt to keep the bleach from soaking through to the other side.

Beach it. (I might have gone overboard.)

washing tank top

Step 4

Take your shirt to the sink, carefully peel off the Freezer Paper and wash the shirt.

Let it dry.

DIY I love yoga shirt

When you’re finished, you should have something like the above.

Let me know what you think! Do you like the bleeded effect or would you prefer a design that looks clean with straight lines?

Happy crafting!

Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Is it almost Father’s Day already? I feel like that just happened.

I’m sure there are many of you who feel the same way. Did you get Dad something yet? Of course not. Because you had a million things to do this week and now it’s Friday night. You could go to the mall and buy him something he doesn’t really want that he probably won’t use… or you could make something yourself. Something he will appreciate more because it’s from the heart.

Dad’s like that kind of stuff. They like to make things and work with their hands. I know I’m stereotyping, but my dad is very much like that. He would appreciate anything, but probably something more personal. Honestly, I’d be surprised if he remember Father’s Day was coming up. (No offense, Dad, but it took you about a week to notice I chopped 8 inches off my hair.) Anyway, I digress.

You know you want to get him something he’ll use, but you waited until the last minute, so you think you have to go buy something. False. You can make any of these gifts pretty quickly. Give them a try and let me know how it goes.

These are all DIYs from my blog over the years, so I know they’re going to work out. No mishaps, no surprises. Click each image for the tutorial!

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them 🙂

Gifts He Will Actually Use

Manly beard oil

I know that not all men have beards. But this is a great gift for the ones who do. My boyfriend will vouch for it. He loves this stuff.

DIY manly beard oil

Device Charging Station

Does your dad have a ton of devices? Make this for him so that he can charge everything in one place. There won’t be cords everywhere either. This is a good one for the neat freaks, too.

phone charging station

Sketchbook Pen Holder

Maybe he’s an artist. If so, he might enjoy a handmade pen holder that fits nicely around his sketchbook. The hardest part about this craft is going to be getting his sketchbook away long enough to measure it without him noticing.

DIY sketchbook pencil holder

Dad’s Stache Jar

I made this for my dad last year for Father’s Day. He wouldn’t tell me if he needed anything so I bought gift cards to his favorite stores (or most useful stores) and decorated a jar for him. I think he enjoyed it.

Father's Day Dad's Stache Jar

Peppermint Flavored Lip Balm

I know it might seem ridiculous to buy a man lip balm, but some of them are addicts, seriously. If your dad is one of them, he might enjoy this one. I made this stuff a year ago and I won’t EVER go back to Chapstick, or any other store-bought version of it. This stuff is awesome and costs about $.08 a tube. You can’t beat that.

DIY peppermint lip balm


Some things are meant for entertainment purposes only.

Shadow Box Memories

If you know of a specific memory your dad cherishes, make a shadow box as a reminder for him. Maybe it was a baseball game or night at the movies. Get some small objects that are reminiscent of that memory and put them in the shadow box. He will love it!

DIY Shadow Box Memories

Redneck Wine/Beer Glasses

If you dad likes his alcohol, make him some fancy glasses to drink it out of. You pour beer out of the bottle anyway, right? These are super easy to make and won’t cost you more than $5. Two mason jars, two candlestick holders and some super glue (waterproof). He might laugh at you, but he will use them.

DIY Redneck Wine Glasses

Candy-Infused Vodka

Back to that alcohol… Did you know that you can infuse vodka with any kind of candy and it will taste awesome? Try it. It does’t have to be candy canes like I did in this one. It could be Lemonheads, Root Beer Barrels or whatever he likes.

DIY candy cane vodka

Maybe He Likes Food More

If he likes food more than things, he might like a few of these.

Butterfinger Rice Krispies

These are the BEST Rice Krispies treats I have ever had. I can’t remember who gave me the recipes, but I made too many of them one day. So, I took the leftovers to work and they were devoured in a few minutes. I got great feedback!

Butterfinger Rice Krispies treats

Cinnamon Loaf French Toast

Is he a breakfast eater? This french toast is awesome. I used to make it all the time (then I got too lazy to make breakfast).

DIY Cinnamon Loaf French Toast

Candied Pecans

I made these for my dad last year for Christmas and he finished them pretty quickly. Then, he asked me to make more. They’re yummy, I promise.

Candied pecans

The Gift Is Only Half The Battle

Don’t forget the gift box/bag! You might not have one of those sitting around, but you might have some scrapbook paper.

Box From Scrapbook Paper

DIY paper gift box

Gift Bags From Scrapbook Paper

DIY Paper gift bags

Gift Card Holder From Scrapbook Paper

If you got him a gift card, don’t forget about the neat holders you can make with scrapbook paper! It only takes a few minutes to put it together.

DIY Gift Card Holder

DIY Beaded Charm Necklace

DIY beaded necklace

I’ve had the materials to make this necklace for weeks now and was finally able to fit it into my DIY schedule. Yay!

It’s sooo easy to make and costs less than $5 (unless you want a really fancy chain.) It also took about 15 minutes to put together, so the next time you need a necklace when going out and you don’t like any of the ones you have, consider making this one.

diy charm necklace

Things You Will Need

Chain (1)
Beads (9)
Jump rings (11)

bead charm

Step 1

Connect 3 jump rings together and attach 3 beads. You can use 1 bead per jump ring or mix it up, depending on the look you prefer.

Continue to add jump rings and beads until you run out.

beaded charm

When you’re done you should have something like the above photo. It makes a pretty cute charm.

DIY beaded necklace

Step 2

Add a chain.

hanging fashion necklace

Let me know what you think!!

At the end of the month, the Craft Challenge post is going to be a DIY jewelry challenge. If you want to see something specific let me know, because I have no ideas yet.

Happy crafting!

DIY Promotional Bottle Cap Magnets

DIY Bottle Cap Magnets

I apologize for the late posting! My glue didn’t dry as fast as I thought it would so I wasn’t able to post pictures before I left for work. Then, when I got home, my memory card decided to break 🙁 So, I took pictures of the magnets with my phone and have none from the actual process. But I still have the step-by-step-tutorial below. I tried to be as descriptive as possible and added links to the supplies.

I’ve wanted to make bottle cap magnets for a long time, but I always forget to keep my bottle caps. Today, when I was at the craft store, I found caps and got really excited. It just so happens that my boyfriend is starting a brewery that will be opening later this year and I thought these would be perfect for them to give away at beerfests.

Things You Will Need:

Super Glue

Bottle caps
Dimensional Magic glue

1″ Hole punch or scissors
Photos/scrapbook paper/personal design

Step 1

Glue your magnet to the back of your bottle cap with the Super Glue.

Step 2

Cut out your design into a circle that will fit inside of your bottle cap.

Step 3

Glue your design into the bottle cap with the design face up.

Let it dry.

Step 4

Squeeze in a layer of the 3D glaze.

Let it dry.

noble stein magnet

bottle cap Noble Stein magnet

When you’re finished you will have some lovely personalized bottle cap magnets! Perfect for your own photography, business promotion or just to add a little style to your fridge. They would make a nice gift, too!

Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting! I’m off to buy a new memory card.

DIY Gift Box From Scrapbook Paper

DIY paper gift box

I was trying to think of a good craft to make for Make Something Mondays earlier in the week and I thought of this paper box. When I was a freelance graphic designer and was regularly looking for new clients, I would make these boxes and fill them with tidbits about myself along with my résumé. It usually worked and I would at least have a call with my prospective clients.

I like these boxes because they are easy (and affordable) to make, and people always react positively to them. They make great gift boxes for candy or other small things and can made with any kind of paper or card stock.

I’ve made these boxes two different ways, and will show you both.

DIY paper box materialsThings You Will Need
Glue stick

Paper Box Option 1

paper layout

Step 1
My paper is 12×12 inches, so I marked every 3 inches and drew lines to show the area. So the bottom of the box will be 3×3 inches and the walls of the box will be a little bit shorter than 2 inches.

paper cutsStep 2
Make cuts down the sides of the soon-to-be walls like in the image above.

paper box bottom

Step 3
Use your glue stick to adhere the cut pieces to the inside of the walls so that you end up with a shape like this.

Decorative box bottom

Step 4 (optional)
Cut out a 3×3 square and glue it into the bottom of the box for a nice decorative element.

**for the lid, you want to make sure that it’s 1/2″ larger than the base. Since my base was 12×12 inches, I would make sure the lid was 12.5×12.5 inches.

Paper Box Option 2

fold in half

fold paper diagonally

Step 1
Fold the paper diagonally that one point meets the point directly across from it.

Repeat on the opposite side so that you have folds that criss cross in the center.

fold paper in half

paper folds

Step 2
Fold the paper in half.

Repeat on the opposite side so that you have fold similar to the above images.

fold side to center

Step 3
Fold one edge of the paper into the center.

Repeat on the other three sides.

fold edges inward

fold in side of paper

Step 4
Fold two of your points inward like in the image above and glue them. This will start one side of your box top.

Repeat on the other side.

paper box lid

You should have a box top that looks like this.

DIY paper box

DIY paper gift box

Add some ribbon around the box and tie a bow at the top for a fun accent!

Happy crafting!