#Inktober Drawings: Weeks 4-5

This is the last week of inktober drawings. I’m sad. I know I can keep going, but it just isn’t the same. The community that’s grown out of the inktober challenge is so wonderful and I’m going to miss it.

If you’ve been viewing, liking, commenting or sharing my work, thank you very much. 

If you’ve been participating, thank you for sharing your work and inspiring me!

Happy Halloween, all!

 halloween bat inktober drawing 

abstract leaf drawing inktober

abstract swirl drawing inktober

american beer day drawing inktober

crow in tree inktober sketch

high heels drawing inktober

hoverboard bttf inktober drawing

street lamp post inktober drawing

zentangle doodle inktober

zentangle drawing inktober

angry jack-o-lantern drawing

Halloween Craft: DIY Spell Book

The Craft Challenge

This blog post is part of The Craft Challenge.  Me and 4 other bloggers challenge ourselves to bring you a creative craft tutorial based around a different theme each month. This month, the theme is Halloween. There’s a link to their crafts at the bottom of this tutorial.

DIY Halloween spell book

How many people do you think dress up as a witch for Halloween? You always see a few of them while you’re out and about, right? That’s why I decided to make a spell book for this month’s Halloween-themed craft. 

The process is easy and cheap, but I’ll warn you that it’s time-consuming because of drying time. Toward the end, I got impatient and got out my hair dryer to make it move a little bit faster.

Want to make your own? This is what you’ll need.

halloween spell book materials

DIY Spell Book Materials

Mod Podge
Paint brush
Fake spider
Sponge brush
Paper towels
Hot melt glue
Cup of water
Paper mache book
Acrylic pant: black and metallic copper

I found my book at Michaels for about $5. You can get the rest of your materials there as well.

paint spell book

Step 1

Paint the entire book and your fake spider black.

Let it dry.

mod podge spell book

textured spell book

Step 2

Cover the front cover of the book with Mod Podge.

Then, peel one layer off of your paper towel, get it wet and place that ply over top of the Mod Podge. You want it to be wrinkled and torn to add some texture and character.

spell book in progress

Step 3

Paint the paper towel black.

Let it dry.

Repeat steps 1-3 for the spine and back cover.

spider web decoration

Step 4

Using your hot melt gun, glue on your spider and draw a web around it. If you want, you can also add the title Spells at the top of the cover.

mod podge spell book2

Step 5

Cover that whole front cover in Mod Podge, again.

spell book design

Step 6

You guessed it. Get another paper towel, wet it and cover your newly made design.

This time, though, you’ll want to make sure you trace around your design with a wet paint brush so your spider, web and title stand out.

Let it dry.

copper detail on spell book

Step 7

Last step! Using a small, dry paint brush, brush on the metallic copper paint. Get just a little bit on the brush and lightly cover the edge of your spider, web and title. You don’t want to go overboard here. The purpose of the metallic paint is to make the design stand out and make the book look enchanted.

Cover any little wrinkles from the paper towels, the edges of the book, the details in the spine and whatever else you think needs a little bit of a pop.

Let it dry.

DIY Halloween spell book

When you’re finished, you’ll have a creepy new spell book to carry around or to use as a prop for Halloween. I have a tutorial for the potion bottles, too, if you want to go all out.

Don’t forget to give me feedback! You know I love to hear your thoughts.

Check out the rest of the Halloween crafts in The Craft Challenge by clicking on the links to each blogger in the image below. Each blogger is supposed to have their posts up by the end of the day today.

Craft Challenge 2015 Introduction Eclectic Enchantments A Pop of Red Found This Painted That Tinkerbell Knits Make Something Mondays Image Map

DIY Ombre Halloween Pumpkin Decor

diy halloween ombre pumpkin decor

Did you all know that Michael’s Craft Store is having a pumpkin decorating contest right now? You have to use one of their craft pumpkins, decorate it and upload the photo to their site. If they pick your pumpkin, you can win a $250 Michael’s gift card and $500 in craft supplies. Yep, I’m aaaaalllll over that.

This is my entry and I figured if I’m going to make it, I should share how I did it, right?

If you want to make one, keep reading!

halloween pumpkin decor materials

Ombre Halloween Pumpkin Decor materials

Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Craft pumpkin

light paint pumpkin

Step 1

Make a medium sized circle with cream colored paint.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, we’re just going to use it to make a gradient in the next step.

Move on to step 2 before your paint dries!

purple pumpkin

Step 2

Add a light purple paint in a circular shape above the yellow and blend them together the best you can.

Again, this doesn’t have to be perfect. We’re going to paint over a lot of this soon. We just have to get a good ombre going.

Before the paint dries, move on to the next step.

purple ombre halloween pumpkin

Step 3

Now, add some dark purple to the top and blend downward.

Let it dry.

halloween pumpkin

Step 4

make a hill in black paint. it should be uneven.

Let it dry.

diy halloween ombre pumpkin decor

Step 5

Paint some tombstones, a tree and some birds (or bats).

When you’re finished, poke a hole in your pumpkin stem and hang it on your door.

I love my new Halloween pumpkin! I kind of wish I had purchased a larger pumpkin so I might go back and get a bigger one.

Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting!

DIY Halloween Potion Bottles

DIY halloween potion bottles

Every year around Halloween I’ve thought about making my own potion bottles for a Make Something Monday craft, but somehow I always get side tracked and end up working on something else. Not this year though!

This year, I planned these bottles into my craft timeline with one small change. The original plan was to design my own labels, but I found these on itsybitsyfun.com and fell in love with them. They’re perfect!

halloween potion bottle materials

Halloween Potion Bottle Materials

Paint brush
Mod Podge
Glue gun (not pictures)
Labels (which you can download here)

I got my bottles at Pat Catan’s but you can probably get them at any craft or hobby store, especially around this time of year.

halloween bottles and labels

Step 1

Clean off your bottles and print and cut out your labels.

Note: The original labels from itsybitsyfun.com are pretty big. My bottles were smaller so I had to shrink the labels to fit on my bottles.

potion bottle labels

Step 2

Using your brush and Mod Podge, adhere the labels to the bottles.

I put a layer on the back of the label and then another layer over the top to protect the paper.

tweed rope

Step 3

Hot glue your rope to the bottles and your finished!

DIY halloween potion bottles

Pretty fun, right? Now, you can spice up your Halloween party! Fill the bottles up with some beer, cider, wine, or whatever you’d like, and serve.

Happy crafting!

#inktober Drawings: Weeks 1-2

It’s that time of year again… #inktober!!!!!

You can’t tell I’m excited, can you?

If you’ve never heard of inktober, you should read about it, but I’ll give you a quick overview. Every year, for the month of October, artist, and non-artists, practice their ink skills by creating one ink drawing a day for each day in October. You can share it with the rest of us, or not, but we would love to see it! Watching skills progress throughout the month is one of the best parts of the challenge.

This is my second year participating and I’d love it if you joined me and the rest of the inktober community. The best place to follow along is Instagram, but I look at TwitterFlickr and Pinterest sometimes too.

Here are my drawings since the first of the month. I will post a new set of drawings every Sunday.

If you have any ideas for drawings, please share them in the comments! If I use your idea, I’ll tag you (if you leave contact info or a link to your blog) so you can see it.

ink bottle drawing inktober

I always start the first day of inktober with the word in my drawing. This year, I decided on a literal representation with an ink bottle and pen.

zentangle spider web inktober

Zentangle spider web.

zentangle flower drawing inktober

Zentangle flowers.

dandelion  drawing inktober

Dandelions in a field.

pumpkin drawing inktober

Small pumpkins.

tree moon drawing inktober

Trees and moon.

zentangle star drawing inktober

Zentangle star.

zombie drawing inktober

A little bit of zombie action.

sad scarecrow drawing inktober

A scarecrow. I really wasn’t feeling it that day and it reflects in the work. But it’s still inktober!

haunted tree drawing inktober

Haunted tree,forrest.

More drawings to come next week! If you’re participating in inktober, I’d love to follow you. Tell me where you’re posting!

DIY Halloween Glitter Globe

DIY Halloween glitter globe

I’ve always wanted to make a snow globe, but snow wouldn’t be appropriate for Halloween, so I decided to make a glitter globe instead. I like Halloween more than Christmas anyway.

I got everything I needed at Michael’s (all Halloween decorations are 50% right now!) and it was under $10. I already had the super glue so I’m not factoring that into the price.

If you want to make one, read through my tutorial.

halloween glitter globe materials

Halloween Glitter Globe Materials

Mini skulls
Super glue (make sure it’s waterproof)
Large Mason Jar
Halloween Figurine

halloween skeleton figurine

skulls halloween decor

Step 1

Super glue your figurine and skulls to the bottom of your lid.

As you can see in the second image, I ended up moving the figurine on top of a bottle cap to prop it up a little bit.

water filled Mason Jar

Step 2

Fill up your Mason Jar with distilled water and add just a few drops of glycerin into the jar. Shake it around a little bit.

Pour in your glitter.

DIY Halloween globe

Step 3

Screw the lid on tightly and you’ve got yourself a Halloween glitter globe.

DIY Halloween glitter globe

I’d love to hear what you think so leave your feedback in the comments.

Happy crafting!