DIY Decor: Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Jars

DIY Bathroom Storage Jars

I’ve needed some storage jars in my bathroom for quite some time. The original packaging of beauty products is too bulky, so they get thrown under the sink.

Mason Jars to the rescue! Actually, I did this with a few jars and they weren’t all branded. I upcycled a few old jam and pickle jars too.

It was an easy decor craft and only took about 20 mins in total.


DIY bathroom storage jar materials

Materials needed for DIY storage jars

  • jars
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • adhesive fabric paper
  • scrapbooking flowers
  • hot melt glue (not pictured)


polka dot fabric tape

Step  1: cut out fabric strip detail

Cut a piece of your adhesive fabric paper into a strip long enough to wrap around your jar of choice.

Adhere it to the jar.


polka dot fabic mason jar lid cover

Step  2: cut topper for lids

Measure the top of the lid (I traced mine onto the back of the paper) and cut out a circle the size of the top of your lid.

Adhere it to the lid.


mason jar lid decor

Step  3: glue on the flower

Glue your scrapbooking flower on to the jar lid.


DIY storage jar idea

Now, you should have a beautifully polka-dotted (if that’s the pattern you chose) jar that will look fantastic in your bathroom.

Repeat the process until you have all the storage you need.

Let me know what you think!

The Craft Challenge

This blog post is part of The Craft Challenge.

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DIY Upcycled Grocery Bag Storage Container

DIY upcycled grocery bag storage container

Like many Americans, I drink too much coffee. I used to buy it all from Trader Joe’s so I had a lot of cardboard containers left over. I try to avoid throwing them away so I upcycle them. Grocery bag storage seemed like a great way to recycle.

This was my grocery bag situation:

grocery bags

I know, it’s rough. I’m ashamed of myself. That junk needed concealed somehow.

Enter: the Trader Joe’s coffee container.

materials used to make DIY upcycled grocery bag storage

Materials needed for homemade grocery bag storage

  • pen
  • scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • paint brush
  • old container
  • scrapbook paper


scrapbook paper sized for grocery bag storage container

Step 1: measure and cut

Measure your container and cut your scrapbook paper to comfortably wrap around it.


grocery bag storage idea

Step 2: glue the paper to the container

Using your Mod Podge, glue your appropriately-sized paper around the container.

Tip: Don’t use too much glue or the paper will warp.


diy paper pabels

Step 3: create your label

Use a piece of excess scrapbook paper to make a label. Fold it in half and cut a shape similar to the one in the image above.

I freehanded mine, but you can use one of these printable label templates if you prefer.


homemade storage label

Step 4: label it

Write out your label for the storage container.


grocery bag label

Step 5: glue on the label

Glue your label to the container.

Tip: If you used a pen or marker to write on your label, give it a few minutes to dry or the ink might smear.


DIY upcycled grocery bag storage container

When you’re finished, you’ll have a much nicer storage option than I did when I started. Now that it’s not such an eyesore, I feel better about leaving the bags out in the open. It’s amazing how many grocery bags can fit in that little thing.

You can even cut a little slit in the lid (like a bank) if you want to have easy access. I’m going to stick with lid removal.

I’d love to hear what you think. What do you like about it? What would you change? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Happy crafting!



DIY Scrapbook Paper Envelope

DIY scrapbook paper envelop

Envelopes are so boring aren’t they? White and lifeless.

Sometimes you just want a fun one. Maybe to go with a wedding or birthday gift. Or maybe just for fun. I’m certainly not going to waste them on bills. (Does anyone even send their bills by snail mail anymore?) Sometimes I want to send a card with an envelope that’s just as exciting.


My boyfriend and I were at a wedding out of state this weekend and I wanted a pretty envelope to go with the card. I hate store cards and accessories. They’re all the same.

So, I made my own.

I found some elegant scrapbook paper and started folding.

If you want to make one yourself, follow the tutorial below.

**I apologize for the crappy lighting in the photos. Hotel lighting does not do us any favors.**

scrapbook paper envelope materials

Materials needed for the DIY paper envelope

  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Scrapbook paper (12×12)


scrapbook paper folded in half

Step 1: fold the paper in half

Fold your scrapbook paper evenly in half.


scrapbook paper edges folded inward

Step 2: fold down the edges

Unfold the paper.

Fold the top and the bottom edges toward the center. My newest folds are about an inch.


folded scrabook paper

Step 3: fold down the sides

Unfold the paper.

Fold the right and left edges of the paper inward about half an inch.

The image only shows one side folded. Make sure you fold both sides.


folds and cuts to make a paper envelope

Step 4: begin cutting


This is going to come in a few steps.

  1. Cut off the top fold of the left half of the paper.
  2. Cut off the small rectangle created by the folds at the bottom corner of the left half of the paper.
  3. Cut off the bottom fold of the right half of the paper.
  4. Cut off the half an inch fold on the right side of the paper.
  5. Round your edges with the scissors if you’d like to.

When you’re finished, your paper should look something like the image above. Notice the pieces you didn’t cut off have formed tabs.


glue tabs to paper to make envelope

Step 5: glue the tabs

fold the left side over top of the left side and glue your tabs down.


DIY scrapbook paper envelop

Now you should have a beautiful envelope to send to friends, family or whoever you think might enjoy it.

Again, I apologize for the horrible lighting.

Happy crafting!

DIY Rope Vanity Organizer from Oatmeal Container

DIY roped dresser organizer

We eat a good bit of oatmeal in my house and I try to reuse the containers whenever possible. If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that I write tutorials for upcycled crafts a good bit. This is going to be one of them.

Oatmeal containers are perfect for open-top storage, like these roped organizers. They’re short enough that many items can be stored inside and you have easy access. Perfect for lotion bottles, perfume, deodorant, etc, which my vanity happens to be overflowing with at the moment. What a great time to repurpose those containers.

They’re super cute and cost almost nothing. You buy the oatmeal for $2-$3 at the grocery store and stop at the hobby shop on your way home for some craft rope (or jute). That won’t cost more than $6, and you won’t even use the whole thing.

materials needed for DIY dresser organizer

Oatmeal storage container materials

  • Jute
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Oatmeal container
  • Scissors/utility knife
  • Rubber band (optional)



Oatmeal container cut in half

Step 1: cut the container in half

A rubber band will be handy for this step, but it’s not necessary if you think you can eyeball it.

Wrap the rubber band around the container and situate it in the center the whole way around. Use the rubber band as a guide and make a cut right below it around the container to ensure the top is even.

It doesn’t have to be perfect because no one is going to see it.


half of the oatmeal container

Step 2: glue the lid on

Glue the lid to the container. You don’t want anything falling out of it when you start organizing!


glue rope to oatmeal container


Step 3: wrap the container with jute

Glue the end of your rope to the bottom of the container and glue every inch or two as your wrap it around.

Continue this process until you get to the top. When you’ve gone as far as you can go, cut the rope at an angle and glue it down.


rope coiled organizer

When you’re finished, you should have something that looks the this.


DIY roped dresser organizer

Now you can load it full of your dresser or vanity items and never have to organize them again. That’s pretty exciting for me!

As always, I’d love to hear what you think.

Happy crafting!