DIY Upcycled Artist Organizer

DIY upcycled artist travel case

I don’t know about you, but I try to recycle or upcycle as much as possible. I keep 6-pack carriers, pasta jars and disposable tupperware because I know I can use them for other things, like storage.

A few months ago I made a travel case for my sketchbook, and I love it, but I can’t carry a ton of pens in it. Sometimes, I like to work on colorful drawings that require a variety of pens or pencils, so I decided to make an organizer from an old 6-pack carrier. I don’t plan take it outside of my house, but it will be nice to have all of my tools in one place and not strewn across the table as I work.

It should only take about an hour to make. All of the instructions are below if you want to construct your own.


artist travel case materials

Upcycled Artist Organizer Materials

Duct tape
Mod Podge
6-pack carrier
Sponge brush
Scrapbook paper


artist case edges

Step 1

Duct tape the edges of your carrier to keep the it from folding flat.


artist case cut outs

Step 2

Measure (or trace) the sides of the box and cut out scrapbook paper pieces to match those dimensions.


artist case siding

Step 3

Brush some Mod Podge onto the carrier and firmly press the paper down. Repeat this process for the rest of the carrier.

Then, brush thin layer over the scrapbook paper to seal it. Don’t forget the edges!


sketchbook slot

Step 4 (optional)

Cut out the top left segment so that a sketchbook can fit in your new organizer.


upcycled travel 6 pack

When you’re done, drop in your drawing tools and enjoy!


DIY upcycled artist travel case

Hope you enjoyed my artist organizer.

Happy crafting!

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  1. I SERIOUSLY NEED TO DO THIS!! And yes, I needed to capitalize that whole sentence! I use little boxes but I have a lot more stuff that need somewhere to go. Keeping this sucker close. 🙂

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