Spray Paint? Seriously!?

David Walker is a great artist. He start painting about three years ago (yes, you read that right). For the first  two years he only painted with black, white and pink paint because those colors were cheaper and allowed him to focus more on the subject than the colors.  One day he found a box of random colored paints in his studio and decided to try to use as many colors as he could. What a beautiful experiment!

Now to the brushless part. Walker doesn’t doesn’t like to use brushes. He uses spray paint because he wants his work to raise questions about graffiti and traditional painting.

Via My Modern Metropolis



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Graffiti Fever

I really enjoy looking at street art, and judging from your feedback on my previous posts, so do you. Therefore, I will share my findings of street art with you on a semi-regular basis. If you find anything good in the meantime, I would LOVE to hear about it!

If you are interested in reading a short article you should take a look at THIS one on how street art is dying in the UK. 🙁