Easy DIY Bookmarks!

I love to read and I do it frequently. You can only imagine how many bookmarks I have gone through in my life. The paper ones tear, the metal ones discolor the pages, the wooden ones break… I had to come up with a better idea because these are just not working out for me.  So, I’ve seen people make magnets using this same technique and I decided I could use it to make bookmarks.  It is super easy and only takes a few minutes (excluding the time you are waiting for the glue to dry.)

diy glas tile bookmarks

diy bookmark supplies

DIY bookmark supplies:

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diy bookmark instructions

Step 1: cut a circle in your scrapbook paper

First, you are going to need a pattern or design.

I made mine with Photoshop but you can search the internet to find some cute ones to print out. I’ve also seen people use scrapbook paper, which always looks cute!

Cut out the design. Make your edges are neatly trimmed and that it does not extend the edges of your glass tile.

bookmarks made with scrapbook paper

Step 2: glue the design to your glass tile

Flip your glass tile over so that the round side is face down.

Add a small dot of Diamond Glaze on the back side of the glass tile and press your fingers from the center outward to ensure the glue makes its way to the edges.

Then, add a thick amount of Diamond Glaze on the back of the design like in the picture above. Make sure you cover the entire surface so that the design does not lift. This is our sealer.

Wait for the glue on the back of the tile to dry. This will take around 30 minutes.

At this point you glue should be dry. When you flip over the tile it should look something like this.

Step 3:

Get some hot melt glue and and adhere the paper clip to the back of the glass tile.

At this point, I am regretting not adding the paper clip in the last step because the hot melt glue is looking pretty messy. Note to self.

paper clip bookmarks

The finished product looks cute and functions the way I want it to.

glass tile bookmarks

I really enjoyed making these and the results make me happy as well. The one on the far left is my favorite!

I am sure you will see plenty more of my crafts using this technique. If you decide to make any of these I would love to see them! Please tag me on Instagram or twitter if you post them. You can also use #makesomethingmondays to get my attention!

DIY Mini Duck Tape Coin Purse

DIY mini Duck Tape coin purse

Do you know what I hate? Searching for change in my car. There are coins everywhere, but I can never seem to find the one I’m looking for when I need it. It’s the one area of my life (not money, my car) where I could certainly improve on organization.

That’s why, for this Make Something Mondays craft, I’m making a change purse.

Why did I choose to make it out of Duck Tape? Great question. A few months ago I made a garbage bag for my car out of Duck Tape and I LOVE it. The material is strong and I can wash it, which is a great perk. I want the same thing from my change purse because money is very dirty.

Interested in making one with me? Follow the tutorial below.


Materials to make a Duck Tape mini purse

Coin Purse Materials

  • scissors
  • key ring
  • Duck Tape
  • plastic baggie
  • hole punch (optional)*

You can get all of the materials for your change purse from a craft shop like Michael’s. Or online. Your call.

Step 1: Duck Tape that baggie

Pull a strip of Duck Tape from the roll without cutting it off.

Stretch it around your baggie starting at the top. Using the zip lock part of the bag helps to keep the row straight.

Then, wrap it around the back and cut off the excess.

Repeat on the bottom half.

You’ll see in the next step that I added a solid black strip of tape. That’s totally optional. I just wanted some extra contrast.


Step 2: Duck Tape the top part of the baggie

Cut off a strip of Duck Tape the width of your bag.

Tape it to the top portion and fold it inside. Make sure you don’t cover the zip lock (like I did the first time)!


Decorative Duck Tape

Step 3: Cut off another section of Duck Tape

This piece doesn’t have to be a specific length. We’re going to make a handle with it, similarly to how we made our lanyard a few months ago.



Step 4: Fold the tape toward the center

Fold one side toward the center of the sticky side, and then fold in the other edge.


Step 5: fold your handle in half and tape it together

Fold that strip in half and seal it with some more Duck Tape.


purse made from Duct Tape

Step 6: Punch a hole in it

This is where the hole punch will come in handy, but you can do this with scissors too. Please be careful if you choose that route.

Punch a hole through the bottom of the handle and the top corner of your change purse.


small Duck Tape coin purse

Step 7: Insert the key ring

Insert your key ring and you’re done!


DIY mini Duck Tape coin purse

Viola! You have a change purse. It’s like magic, isn’t it?

Alright, maybe not magic. But it’s always fun to create new things, especially when it’s functional and cheap.

Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting!




DIY Wine Glass Charms

DIY charms for wine glasses

A year or so ago, a friend bought me some wine glass charms. My first thought was I bet I could make that. So, this week, I dug them out of the kitchen drawer and took a good look at them. Yep. I can do that.

It was actually pretty simple. You can choose to use tools or not, but they make the process a bit easier. Your call. You can get the charms and wire at any craft store. Be sure to pick up some wine on your way home. You know you’ll want to test your charms!

Note: Pick beads with a large hole through the center. There are some beads that are meant for very thin wire or string. You want beads that will slide freely on whichever wire you choose.

materials for DIY wine glass charms

Things You Will Need:
Wire rings
Pliers (optional)

charm loop

Step 1

Put a small loop at the end of your wire. You can use pliers for this or find a small object to wrap it around.

wire wrap

Step 2
Wrap your wire around a larger, round object to make it about an inch in diameter.

Add your charms and/or beads.

Then, twist the end of the wire without the loop upwards (or sideways, whatever works best for you) so that the extension fits inside the loop and holds the two ends together.

Flower wine glass charm

You should have something like this when you’re finished. I really loved making these and might have gone overboard…

So many charms

I made some with thin wire and some with thick wire. I prefer the thin wire because it makes the charm look more dainty. There are a few of each in the image above so that you can see the difference. Which one do you like?

If you’re interested in a cute wine glass to go with your new charms, trying making some glittery glasses or redneck wine glasses!

Happy crafting!

DIY Redneck Wine Glasses

DIY Redneck Wine Glasses | Make Something MondaysI am sure you’ve seen these redneck wine glasses around. At first, I thought, who would want something like that? Little did I know, A LOT of people wanted them, so they are buying the glasses online from ebay and Amazon. No thank you… I can make this myself.

Call it peer pressure if you would like, but I am trying to keep an open mine here. Just like my site quote states, “Keep you head open, something might fall it”. It is true. These redneck wine glasses are pretty fun.

redneck wine glasses materialsThings You Will Need:
Mason Jar
Candle Stick Holder
Waterproof, Glass Adhesive

*There are plenty of glues out there that will work for this. 9001 was kind of a multipurpose glue. You can pick whichever glue you want. Just make sure it is waterproof.

redneck wine glasses step 1Step 1:

Add a layer of glue to the top of the candlestick holder. If you are using the same glue I used, let it sit there for 30 seconds or so. You want the glue to get tacky first.

close-up redneck glass

Step 2:

Try to center your mason jar on top of the candle stick. Hint: If you take the lid off and look down into the jar when you are adhering the glass together, it is helpful.

Let it sit for 24 hours before using it. I have heard that it is dishwasher safe but I haven’t tried it yet. If you don’t hear anything more from more, it hasn’t blown up and it is safe.

DIY Redneck Wine Glasses | Make Something Mondays

Happy Crafting!

DIY Frosted Glasses

There are a few ways to make these. I chose etching because I am going to use them on drinking glasses. The alternative would be to use frosted pearl spray paint. The spray paint is much faster but it also has lead in it so, if you plan on using your glassware to drink or eat from then I suggest you take my route as well.

Etched glasses supplies

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Step 1: wrap your glass with rubber bands

Stretch a few rubber bands around your glass.  I stretched mine unevenly for a neat effect.

Step 2: apply the etching cream

PUT YOUR GLOVES ON and dip your paintbrush in the acid and apply several layers to your glassware. Let it sit for a while. Somewhere between 20 minutes and half an hour seemed to work for me.

Step 3: rinse the glass

Rise your glass thoroughly and dry. The etching will slowly start to appear as the glass dries.

There you have it. Frosted glasses. A great addition to your kitchen!

Happy etching!

DIY Crayon Wall Art

I know that many people have made tutorials for this but it looked so neat that I had to make one of my own. It is one of the easiest crafts I have made. All together I would say it took no more than an hour and  cost less than $20. I suppose that depends on the size of your canvas though.

I enjoy the turnout.  🙂




Things You Will Need:



hair dryer


Hot melt glue




Step 1:

Stack your crayons into piles by color. Take out the black, grey and browns for optimal results.




Step 2:

Arrange the piles of colors in a straight line. Preferably in the order you want to glue them to the canvas.




Step 3:

Using the hot melt glue, adhere each crayon along the top of the canvas.

When you finish, lay down your newspaper.  Make sure you have a lot; this can get messy.




Step 4:

Turn on your hair dryer and keep in placed it the center of the crayons if you do not want a splatter effect.  If you do want the splatter effect occasionally  heat the crayons from the top so that the air can hit the melting wax.

The wax begins to melt quickly so be aware of how you are holding your hair dryer, otherwise your wax will be all over the place before you know it.




Continue heating the crayons until you have something that looks like this.







After about 20 mins you should have something that looks like this. Continue heating for more color.

Happy splattering!