Photography By Cynthia Mackowick

fog in the field

Part of what Cynthia likes to capture in her photography is what she and her father started doing when she was a wee little one.  They would travel around the countryside in southwest MN looking for abandoned houses and farmsteads.  To this day, the excitement of seeing these abandoned or neglected properties is beyond any words that could be written.  He would remind Cynthia that there are stories behind these places and sometimes, they would even make up their own.

In her words

I am fortunate to have found someone who can share the excitement of back-roading and photography with me; we tied the knot last November.  Dan always has a way to make me smile.  We share our home with two adorable, stubborn, and mischievous Dachshunds – Tindra and Audrey.  They become very excited, and somehow know, when they get to go on a photography outing with us.  We are proud to be owned by a Dachshund or two 🙂

Photography allows me to view the world differently as there is beauty all around us.  With creativity, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes this allows us to turn any ordinary item into a piece of art.  I encourage you to open your eyes and see the beauty around you in everything and everyone.  

To read the stories behind the photographs and photographer visit Cynthia’s blog or website. run-down bedroom fog on the path old truck by the barn door North Dakota ghosts old TV barn in the field Young amish boys winter landscape peacock old closet a state of decay window

#onething Creative Challenge

You’re busy. You have so much to do every day and I can totally relate. But when do you find time to do something just for you? Creativity is a massive energy booster and it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished more than just your daily schedule, so I am urging you to take the #onething creative challenge.

#onething creative challenge

The challenge: create one new thing every day for one year. The idea came out of the re:Design community in Google+ and has flourished ever since. It is a personal challenge to be true to your passion whether it be drawing, painting, cooking, writing, or anything else. Create something. Create anything. If you can’t do it every day, commit to once a week. Whatever works best for you.

Whenever you create something, post a picture of it on Google+, and tag it #onething. You will have a bevy of supports and a endless stream of creative projects to observe for inspiration, or just for fun.

Are you in? I am. You can follow me here.

These are just a few examples that I pulled from the stream:

rain drops on flowers #onething

By John Prothero

Create Light Painting #onething

By Katherine Tattersfield

banana graffiti #onething

By Matthew Price

turning trees into glass #onething

By Paul Biedermann

cabbin in the woods #onething

By Drew Myler


Creative Ways to Play With Your Food

Food photographer

For one month, Red (better known as Hong Yi) played with her food. She made creative designs with every-day foods like radishes, eggs, and cherry tomatoes. She met her goal of creating a little bit of everything such as landscapes, animals, and pieces reflecting pop culture. This projects seems to be pretty popular so, if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out on Facebook and read an interview on designboom. Yi also has an Instagram account @redhongyi that you can follow her on.

What do you think? Would you have the patience to do this?

tomato balloons chicken eggs cucumber farm onion owl

Going Home

When I was growing up, I lived in a very small town and I couldn’t wait to get out of it. 18 couldn’t come soon enough. But after I left I noticed something that I never had before. My hometown is beautiful. I suppose it took some miles between us to notice little things like that.

My family always liked to take “the scenic route” everywhere and I never understood why. I do now. Because cities aren’t scenic, they are man made and unfriendly, whereas the country is natural and inviting.

Did I mention I get the best sleep of my life there? I think it’s bc it is so dark (I can actually see stars). Glorious!

Amanda Salinas: Wannabe Photographer?

The sky above the clouds

Amanda Salinas has carried a camera around with her sense she was 15 years old. She realized a film camera really did limit her and she wanted to learn more. A few years ago she got her hands on a new EOS 60D Canon and she started seeing the world in a way she’s always hoped to see it. She currently lives in Oregon with her husband.

Amanda calls herself a wannabe photographer. I think not. She is a photographer. I’ve followed her blog for quite some time now, and am always intrigued by every photograph she posts. She takes some great landscape and nature photography as well, so I’ve decided to focus on that area for this post. All of her photos are great though, so you should check out her site for more!

 Photography: waterfall in the woods beautiful sunlight on the field Zen Garden Waterfall in the Green Farm landscape photography A windmill in the flowers field of flowers beautiful night sky crashing waves seagull above the waves lighthouse
Bridge over the water

I Went For A Walk | Nature Photography

Fallen leaf|Make Something Mondays

I went for a walk yesterday and snapped a few pictures along the way. It has been a while since I’ve gone for a loooooong walk just enjoyed the scenery. So I thought you could enjoy it with me. Hope you like it!

leaves on the ground |Make Something Mondays flower|Make Something Mondays fense|Make Something Mondays barbed wire|Make Something Mondays |Make Something Mondays sunshine|Make Something Mondays weeds|Make Something Mondays pink flower|Make Something Mondays white flowers|Make Something Mondays purple flowers|Make Something Mondays

A New Perspective: Photography of David J. Lew

water plant- by David J. Lew- Earthquake Boy

David J. Lew is a photographer. He was born in San Juan, Argentina, but currently resides in Tel Aviv.

David’s love for visual arts paired with his introversion naturally lead him to photography. Landscapes, nature and architecture are among his favorite subjects. He enjoys  photographing people, mostly when he doesn’t have to socially interact with the subject. Photography, as an outlet, allows David to express himself and the way he see the world.

I’ve always enjoyed his photography for the radiant, crisp appearance as well as the subject matter. It is always something different, yet a new perspective in the way one sees the world. Look at the ant photo below, it is amazing. Who looks at ants this way? I never did. The way they are interacting with each other and the shadows casted by the sun shows them in a whole new light (no pun intended). There is always something beautiful, yet something playful about the shot.

If you like David’s photography, I highly recommend you check out his blog Earthquakeboy. There are a ton a great images to get lost in.

ants- by David J. Lew- Earthquake Boy

dogs- by David J. Lew- Earthquake Boy

reflection- by David J. Lew- Earthquake Boy

stone passage- by David J. Lew- Earthquake Boy

sparrow- by David J. Lew- Earthquake Boy

hanging lanterns- by David J. Lew- Earthquake Boy

3 city towers- by David J. Lew- Earthquake Boy

lizard- by David J. Lew- Earthquake Boy

sunset- by David J. Lew- Earthquake Boy


Photo credit: David J. Lew