DIY Watercolor Flower Painting

watercolor flower painting

My mom LOVES flowers and that is probably and understatement. The house I grew up in is like a jungle because of all of the plants.  Anyway, it was her birthday on Thursday so I went home for the weekend to spend some time with her.

I know it’s traditional to buy birthday cards, but I’m really not a fan of picking up some templated card with text that some random person wrote. I wanted to give her a birthday card that was more personal so I decided on a watercolor painting with a happy birthday at the bottom.

The process can take a while, depending on your experience level, but it’s a great starter project for getting into watercolor painting.

There are a few things you should know before you start using watercolor

Watercolor paints are transparent, so if you’re used to using oil or acrylic, this might be a little bit harder to get used to. You have to plan out where you’re white space is going to be. Painting an area white after you’ve painted it a different color is not going to work.

Limit your color palette to 2 or 3 colors. If you get too many colors on the paper, they will start to blend together and get a little muddy.

Use a variety of brushes. Don’t try to use one small brush. Vary the sizes and you’ll get better results.

watercolor flower painting materials

Things You Will Need:
Paint brushes
Paper towels
Watercolor paints
Thick paper (watercolor paper, Bristol)
Flowers to look at (optional)

watercolor prep drawing

Step 1
Draw a very light outline of flowers on your paper with a pencil. These will be your guides. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look fantastic. The best thing about watercolor is that it doesn’t have to be perfect to look nice.
light blue flowers

Step 2
Paint your lightest colors first. Make sure your brush is wet (but not soaked).

To get a lighter shade of the color you’re using, get your paint brush wet, swirl it on the paint, dip it back into the water, then lightly dab it onto the towel. When you start painting you’ll get a very light color.

To get a darker shade, just use less water. Go from the paint directly onto the paper.
watercolor painting of flowers

watercolor painting with no outlines

Step 3
Paint on the darker colors.
watercolor flower painting

Step 4
Wait for everything to dry, then draw a thin black outline around all of the flowers and leaves. The outline helps to pull the whole image together and make it look a little more defined.

When you’re finished, you can add your message at the bottom and you have the perfect, from-the-heart birthday card. Your recipient will appreciate it much more that the card you thought about buying at the store.
If you’ve never used watercolor before, don’t worry! This is a good medium to start with. The colors bleed easily when there’s a good bit of water and can be easily touched up with ink when you’re finished. I would definitely recommend playing around with it. It’s a very nice stress reliever.

Hope you enjoyed my DIY for this week! I’d love to hear your feedback.

DIY Jewelry Box From A Tin

DIY Jewelry box from a tin

Christmas is right around the corner and a lot of people give jewelry as a gift, so why not make a jewelry box to accompany your rings, necklaces or whatever you’re planning to gift?

This one is really easy to make, just a little time consuming. If you have an hour an a half and some cute scrapbook paper, you will be happy you spent the time to do this.

All you need is a tin box of some sort. I used a caffeine mint tin but you could use an Altoids tin if that’s what you have available.

DIY jewelry box materials

Things You Will Need:
Tin box
Mod Podge
Paint brush
Diamond Glaze
Scrapbook paper
Decorative elements
Scissors (or exacto knife)

jewelry box cut outs

Step 1
Trace the top/bottom of your tin box on the scrapbook paper 3 times and cut them out.

Measure the size of the sides of the tin and cut out appropriate-sized pieces of scrapbook paper.

beginning of jewelry box

top and bottom of tin

cut space for hinges

Step 2
Using the Mod Podge, start gluing the pieces into place. The 3rd piece your traced for the top/bottom of the tin will go on the inside top.

***Don’t forget to cut space in the scrapbook paper for the hinges so that it doesn’t rip the paper when you open the box again.

When all of that is glued into place, brush another layer of glue over the top of each section. This will add a protective layer that acts like a sealant.

inside layout planning

Step 3
Trace the bottom of the tin one more time but, with this one, do it on the plain side of the paper and only trace half of the tin. Then move it up about an inch and finish tracing the other half. This way, there’s extra space for the fold of the inside of the soon-to-be jewelry box.

tin box layout design

Step 4
Cut that last piece directly in half.

Place 1 section into the bottom of tin and fold the side closest to the middle upward.

Do the same thing with the other half so that the folded up pieces meet in the middle to create a barrier.

Glue the pieces to the bottom of the tin and in the center.

inside jewelry box tin

Step 5
Follow that same process with the designed side of the scrapbook paper but, don’t cut this one in half. Make sure this one folds over top of your center.

When you’re happy with the way it looks, glue it down.

Then, add another layer of glue over top of the inside pieces just like you did with the outside and inside top for a protective layer.

bedazzled tin box

Step 6
Bedazzle your jewelry box.

glazed top jewelry box

Step 7
When you’re happy with your box, add a single layer of Diamond Glaze over the top of the tin.

Let it dry (it will take several hours.). If there are any bubbles forming, you can use something small and sharp like a needle or pin to pop them.

DIY Jewelry box from a tin

upcycled tin jewelry box

When you’re finished, you’ll have an wonderfully unique jewelry box that your recipient will LOVE!

If you want to give it some extra oomph, you could glue a bead to each of the 4 corners of the bottom of the box to make some feet. I didn’t do it with this one because of the grunge style of the design, but if I had been going to a more feminine design, I definitely would’ve gone with legs.

Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting!

DIY Manly Beard Oil

DIY manly beard oil

I wouldn’t say my boyfriend is a burly man, but he has a beard and occasionally complains that it’s itchy. Recently, he was talking about buying beard oil and I said, don’t buy it. I bet I can make that. So, I did some research into the ingredients, we went to pick out a good combination of essential oils, and I tried to create something I knew he would love.

It worked out well and he seems to be enjoying his newly moisturized skin and beard.

This beard oil is super easy to make. The ingredients are little pricey up front, but they’ll last for a long time.

ingredients for manly beard oil

Things You Will Need:
Jojoba oil
Shot glass
Glass bottles
Sweet almond oil
Rosemary essentail oil
Sweet orange essential oil
Bergamot and fruit mix essential oil (found this mixture at Pat Catan’s a while ago).

I found most of my ingredients at Market District (Giant Eagle) but you can buy it all on Amazon, at GNC or The Vitamin Shoppe.

Jojoba and sweet almond oil mixture

Step 1
Fill your shot glass about half way with half sweet almond oil and half jojoba oil. Stir it well.

essential oils for beard oil

Step 2
Add in your essential oils. Stir well.

10 drops of the bergamot mixture
10 drops of the rosemary
15 of the sweet orange.

I know, it sounds like a lot, but it turned out really well. It wasn’t overpowering and my boyfriend loves the smell.

beard oil mini funnel

Step 3
Use your mini funnel to pour the oil into your glass bottle.

DIY manly beard oil

When you’re finished, cork or cap your bottle and enjoy! Make sure you shake the bottle up before each use to make sure the oils haven’t separated.

Since the bf was the test subject for this DIY project and he liked the oil so much, I’ve decided to make more and gift it to some other beardly friends. We’ll see how that goes.

Here are the glass bottles I’m planning on buying if you also want to look into them. It’s hard to find those kind of supplies locally.

Happy crafting!

DIY Coconut Peppermint Soap Bars

coconut peppermint soap bars

Before I get into this, I want to apologize. I was doing so well keeping up with a few posts a week and then I fell off the face of the earth after my last tutorial. With the holidays, I really didn’t want to do anything, as I imagine you didn’t. Soooo I’m coming back with a good tutorial for you this week: DIY coconut peppermint soap bars. Two of my favorite smells. Now, I’m not big into soap in bar form. I prefer body wash. But I do enjoy these because they don’t make my skin feel as dry as the typical bars. Possibly because it doesn’t have a ton of additives in it.

I’ve always wanted to make my own soap but was on the fence about it because of using lye. So, when I found ready-melt soap, I was ecstatic!

These soap bars are made with real oatmeal, peppermint oil, and coconut oil. The only thing I’m unsure about is the coloring I used. But it was designed for soap, so I gave it a shot. These would be a great gift Christmas gifts for your girlfriends or family members.

DIY coconut peppermint soap

Things You Will Need
Soap mold
Coconut oil
Soap coloring
Glass measuring cup
Peppermint essential oil
Oatmeal ready-melt soap block

You can find all of these materials at your local craft store except the essential oil and coconut oil. You can get a bottle of peppermint oil on Amazon but honestly, I would buy the intro kit. It’s cheaper and you get more. You can get the coconut oil at your local grocery store.

soap cubes in measuring cup

Step 1
Chop up your soap into little pieces. I started with about a cup of the cubes but decided to double it later on. Glad I did, because I wouldn’t have had enough to fill the molds if I hadn’t.

melted soap

Step 2
Microwave the soap cubes in 15 second intervals, stirring in between each session.

When all of your soap is melted, add in a tablespoon of coconut oil and between 5-10 drops of peppermint oil. Stir well.

pink melted soap

You’ll also want to add in coloring at this point. I used red coloring but it turned out more pink. I think because the oatmeal base is a brownish milky color. So add in whatever color you like a few drops at a time. Stir it up. Add more if you’d like.

soap in soap molds

Step 3
When you have a color you like, stir it one more time and pour it into the mold. As you can see, I went overboard on the coconut oil. Don’t worry though, I recommended that you use way less than I did.

Let your mixture sit for about 3 hours.

DIY Soap Bars

Step 4
When you have solid soap bars, go ahead and pop them out of the mold.

If you have trouble getting them out, let them sit in the freezer for a few minutes and try again.

coconut peppermint soap bars

Go ahead and wrap them up or store them in a container. They’re ready to use. They don’t suds as much as soap you would buy in the store, but it’s definitely refreshing!

Hope you liked this one! I will be testing out some other soap recipes in the upcoming weeks and will let you know if I come up with anything good.

This was actually my first time making soap, so I’d love to hear about your experiences with the process.

Happy soap making!

DIY Dyed Pantyhose

DIY dyed red stockings

Did you know that you can dye your pantyhose any color you want? I heard that the other day and thought how hard can it be? Honestly, it’s cake.

I thought you ladies could really use this tutorial for your Halloween costumes. Want to be a devil? Then you’re going to need some red pantyhose. A witch? You might want some green or purple ones. Why bother spending $30 on them at the Halloween or Party stores when you can dye the ones you already have?

My point exactly.

dyed panty hose materials

Things You Will Need
Water flavoring
Large plastic spoon

dying options

These are the two flavors I used to make my red pantyhose. I was shooting for more of a deep red than a bright red, so I added some grape flavoring as well.

dyed water for stockingsStep 1
Pour enough water into your pot to fill it about half way full.  Make sure the water is warm but not to the point that it will boil. So, put the burner on a medium setting.

panty hose in water

red panty hose

Step 2
When the water is warm you can drop your pantyhose into the pot.

Important note: make sure you continue to stir the pantyhose. You want the color to distribute evenly and if you stop stirring it, the color will get splotchy.

I left mine in for about 15 minutes. Choose your length of time based on the color of the fabric. Just remember that since it’s wet, it will be a little bit darker than it will be when it dries.

straining panty hose

Step 3
When you’re satisfied with the color of the pantyhose, go ahead and pour the contents of the pot into a strainer.

Don’t ask me how they turned out red when the water was blue… no idea.

rinsing dyed stockings

Step 4
Rinse your pantyhose until the water runs clear.

Then wring them out and rinse again. Make sure there is absolutely no excess color in the water.

hanging-stockingsStep 4
Go wring them out really well. Then hang them up to dry. Make sure they aren’t bunched up. You want everything to dry evenly.

DIY dyed red stockings

When they dry, you should have some awesomely colorful pantyhose! I was really considering making a few pairs of these or even trying to get some multi-colored pairs. As you can tell, I’m a big fan of how they turned out.

The greatest thing is, you don’t have to use the brands I used. If you have Kool-aid or Mio or something else sitting around, it should work on your pantyhose, as long as it colors your water.

What do you think? Want to give it a shot? What color would you choose?

DIY Autumn-Inspired Mason Jar Vase

autumn-inspired mason jar vase

Since it is Autumn and the leaves are finally changing, I thought I would work on some fall-inspired crafts. For the first one, I decided to replace my fall/spring-inspired vases from last year with these lovely mason jars. I wanted something decorative for fall, but didn’t want to go the Halloween route. Just something subtle. Creamy brown colors, burlap and mason jars seems like the way to go.

autumn flower vase materials

Things You Will Need
Mason Jars
Acrylic paint
Burlap flower
Sponge brush

*You will also need double-sided tape or some hot glue to adhere the burlap, ribbon, and flower.

painted mason jar craft

mason jar vase

Step 1
Pour some paint into the bottom of one of the mason jars. Swirl it around until the entire jar is covered with paint.

Repeat this step with the other two jars.

Fall burlap vasesStep 2
Wrap some burlap around each vase.

ribbon burlap jar

Step 3
Wrap some ribbon around each vase in the middle of the burlap.

burlap flower decoration

Step 4
Adhere your decorative element to the larger mason jar.

autumn-inspired mason jar vase

Pop in your flowers for the finishing touches. you should have something like the above photo which is a great decorative element for the autumn season! I love them!

Let me know what you think!

DIY Dandelion Silhouette Painting

DIY dandelion silhouette painting


I’ve been seeing dandelion art all over the place, particularly on Pinterest, and I’ve been inspired by it. So I decided to make my own version. But I wanted something a bit brighter and with more than a solid background. So I decided to paint dandelions as a silhouette on top of a sunset background. You can use whatever colors you’d like for yours though. I like the variety in color.

Don’t be discourage if you’ve never painted before. I promise that this one is easy and I’m walking you through all of it. If I don’t have pictures of what I did, I’ve provided links to tutorials that will help you through it.

wall art materials

Things You Will Need:
Acrylic paint

**If you want to use a black marker (pick a sharpie or other good brand to ensure consistent color) instead of black paint for the dandelion, you can do that. That was my original plan since you have better control of a marker, but my Sharpie died. So sad.

sunset background


Step 1
Pick your colors, wet your paint brush and layer them. Then blend the paints so that it creates a sunset effect.

I blended mine from pink, orange, yellow, back to orange, blue and to purple.

Hint: Add your lighter colors first. I started in the middle with yellow and added some white to the right side of the canvas. Then added my darker colors to the left side and blended over the right.

dandelion stemStep 2
Paint or draw the stem of the dandelion and add a ball at the top like in the image above.

dandelion stem 2

Step 3
Add some prongs out to the side and add a small circle to the end of each one.


Step 4
Repeat Step 3 but at a smaller scale. Make the prongs a little bit shorter and the circles at the end a little bit smaller.

dandelion silhouette painting

Step 5
Repeat Step 3 and 4 to make as many dandelions as you’d like. I chose to paint 3 at different sizes.

DIY dandelion silhouette painting

Let it dry and hang your art on the wall to brighten up your room of choice. Lovely!

Happy painting!


DIY Glitter Design Candle Jar

DIY Glitter Candle Jar

Those of you who read my blog regularly (or even semi-regularly) know that I love glitter. I also like making candles. I actually just bought 10 lbs. of soy wax to make candles for the holidays and this glitter mess right here is my first victim.

It was really easy to make. The design only takes a few minutes (outside of drying time). If you want to make your own candle, you can go through this tutorial first. It walks you through how to make a soy candle.

DIY glitter jar candle materials

Things You Will Need:
Glass jar
Mod Podge
Rubber bands

** I highly recommend using a plain glass jar with no designs or impressions on it. I used an old pickle jar. It was a good size for experimentation, too!

rubber  band design

Step 1
Wrap your rubber bands around the jar. I used a few different sizes so that it would add some variety the design.

glitter and Mod Podge

Step 2
Get your glitter and glue ready. Prepare a mound of glitter that you can spread.

Go ahead and add a thin layer of Mod Podge to your jar. Make sure it’s thin or you will get some clumping.

glittery mason jar

Step 3
While the glue is still wet, roll your jar in the glitter. Make sure you get all of it!

Let it dry.

rubber band glitter design

Step 4
When the glue is dry, carefully take off the rubber bands.

You can see that I made my glue too thick in some places along the edges. If this happens to yours, use your finger nail to carefully peel those pieces off.

If you want to avoid getting glitter everywhere, clean off your brush and put another layer of Mod Podge over top of the glitter. It will seal the design and you won’t have to worry about additional clean up.

DIY Glitter Candle Jar

Now you should have a beautiful glitter candle holder!

You can give it as a gift or keep it for yourself. This one is for  experimentation for me, but there will be more to come!

Let me know what you think!

DIY Gift Bag from Scrapbook Paper

DIY Paper gift bags

So many friends and family members are getting married or having birthdays and I keep trying to think of new ways to decorate their gift bags and boxes. Of course, it’s easier to go to the store and buy a gift bag, but I’d rather make one myself. I gave a gift recently that was tall and skinny and was trying to think if the best way to present it. I decided to make my own bag out of scrapbook paper. The black and white bag in the picture above is the one I chose. The brown one is cute, but the design didn’t suit her as well.

You don’t need much to make it and it takes about 2 minutes to complete.

diy gift bag materials

Things You Will Need
Hole puncher
Scrapbook paper

paper gift bag directions

Step 1
Find the center of your paper and fold both ends into that center point.
Tape both ends together.

fold over paper

Step 2
Fold the bottom of the paper up about two inches.

folded bottom of paper bag

Step 3
Open the folded part up and fold down the sides like in the image above.

Taped bottom

Step 4
Fold the top and bottom to the center and tape them together.

Top of gift bag

gift bag with bow

Step 5
Fold the top of the paper down about an inch.
Punch a hole on each side of the paper and tie a ribbon through for some extra flare! You can always tie a gift tag in the ribbon as well.

DIY Paper gift bags

The thicker the paper you choose, the more durable the gift bag will be. So if you’re giving a gift that is a bit heavier or needs extra support, go with a card stock paper rather than your typical scrapbook paper.

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s DIY project!

Happy crafting (and gift giving)!

DIY Matchbox Party Favors

matchbox party favors

You remember Jennifer, from Station Teen, right? A week or so ago, she asked me what I was making for my next craft for Make Something Mondays. We started talking about crafts and she gave me this great idea: decorate matchboxes with scrapbook paper and embellishments. Since she owns her own stationary and greeting card business, she offered to send me the materials I needed to make them along with a few samples so that I could make my own with a tutorial. She’s fantastic isn’t she?

Making one of these matchboxes takes about 1 minute. This project was a fun get-your-mind-off-of-everything-else craft. It would make a great favor for a wedding or party. So cute!

DIY matchbox materials

Things You Will Need:
Glue stick
Scrapbook paper cut to 2 1/4 wide x 3 1/4 high*

*Make sure you measure the matchbox first, you might have to trim your paper a bit more.

gluing paper to matchbox


Step 1
Run your glue stick around the whole matchbox cover except the striking area for the matches.

scrapbook paper cover

Step 2
Wrap your paper the whole way around the matchbox and press down firmly to make sure the paper sticks.

DIY Matchbox Party Favor

Step 3
Adhere your embellishment, and you’re done!

matchbox party favors


I had only planned on making a 2 or 3 but, as you can see, I made a few more than anticipated. They’re so easy to make and it’s really fun to match the embellishments to the paper.

party favor variety

Here are a few that Jennifer sent me. I can see these as favors for a baby shower, even.

DIY Soy Candle

Or you could make my DIY Candle craft and tie one of these matchboxes to the jar with a matching ribbon. That would make a really cute gift!

Don’t forget to check out Jennifer’s store, too. She has the best greeting cards. Check out the one she sent me (below). The paper is pretty thick and the stationary picks are great. (I promise I wouldn’t be talking her up if I didn’t think her stuff was amazing.)

Thank You card from Station Teen

I’d love to hear what you think! Do you have any other creative ideas on ways to use the matchboxes?

Happy crafting!