ABC: Awesome Blog Content Award

Thank you to cricketmuse for awarding me the ABC: Awesome Blog Content. That is quite an honor! 🙂 I very much enjoy her book blog as well. She has some great reads on there and I love hearing her thoughts on each book. She reads like a fiend!

The Rules:

1. Add the ABC logo to your new blog post.
2. ABC about yourself using one word or phrase.
3. Nominate however many blogs you wish.
4. Let the recipient know via a link in their comments.

My ABC’s:

A. Athletic.
B. Blunt.
C. Creative.
D. Dark.
E. English.
F. Friendly.
G. Generous.
H. Happy
I. Intellectual.
J. Jovial.
K. Kempt.
L. Loving.
M. Mature.
N. Nifty.
O. Observant.
P. Pleasant.
Q. Quirky.
R. Reader.
S. Selective
T. Thankful.
U. Unusual.
V. Valuable.
W. Wanderer.
X. Xcited.
Y. Youthful.
Z. Zesty.

The winners are…


5 thoughts on “ABC: Awesome Blog Content Award

  1. Some of your answers paralleled mine when I won this. So I have to commend you on your choices of ABC answers. 😉 Congrats on the award, young lady. You are very deserving!

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