Artist Makes Creepy Self-Portraits Using His Own Frozen Blood

This article is pretty weird but quite unique so I had to share it.

Many years ago British artist Marc Quinn started an art project where he created cast self-portraits using his own frozen blood. On one hand, it’s incredibly creepy and unsettling. But on the other, how many artists’ can turn to their creations during a medical emergency?

Starting as far back as 1991, Marc has been creating these self-portraits every five years or so, with each one requiring about four and a half liters of blood extracted over a five-month period. And while it might sound like a macabre medium to work with, crafting in blood is far cheaper than making a copy of your masterpiece with an inkjet printer.

Via gizmodo

11 thoughts on “Artist Makes Creepy Self-Portraits Using His Own Frozen Blood

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    I love Art. I love all things gruesome. I love blood!! This post is all those things! I had to share it with you!! Hope you like it!

  2. Your truly amaze me with the stuff you come up with to post, Megan. Unusual is an understatement. Creepy on the other hand, pretty much sums Mr. Quinn’s media choice up. He is a good artist, though, I must admit.

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