DIY Herb Garden Markers

parsley plant marker

My mother always had a green thumb and it’s definitely not something she passed down to me. If it’s green and been in my house for more than a month, it’s probably dead. I’m so bad at gardening, but I’m not giving up yet.

This weekend, I planted a new indoor herb garden. I had a living rosemary and mint plant and added parsley, a different kind of mint and basil. Cross your fingers that I can keep the new ones alive. Read the whole post

DIY Spring Wreath With Flowers

DIY spring wreath with flowers

I asked my mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day and she said a wreath. Then, she sent me to her Pinterest board with a bunch of wreaths she recently pinned. “Something like those”, she said. All of them were flower wreaths, mostly with tulips and other spring flowers. So I went to Pat Catan’s and searched for an arrangement that might look good together. You didn’t think I was going to buy it if I could make it, did you?  Read the whole post

Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make Yourself

It’s almost Mother’s Day already. Can you believe it? You have about two weeks left to find or make Mom something good to celebrate how awesome she is. And she IS awesome. Now, I’m not a mom, but I’ve done my share of babysitting, and it can be hard work if you have a rowdy child. Think about how much time and effort, not to mention patience, that she put into raising you for 18 years. Read the whole post

What is Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful mothers out there!

I was thinking about it today, and realized that I really don’t know anything about Mother’s Day. I know that it is a day to honor and celebrate mothers, motherhood, and the influence of mothers in today’s society. Of course, I researched it a little bit.

Mother’s day was first celebrated in the United States in 1908. The first memorial was held by Anna Jarvis, for her mother, in Grafton, WV. Read the whole post

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2013

Mother’s Day is going to be here in a little less than two weeks. Time has been flying!

Have you thought about what you are going to get for her? I’ve been  thinking of some ideas and I’m  think I’ve found some fun gifts. I always turn to Etsy for this kind of thing. It is the perfect store to find unique gifts with a personal touch. Even if I don’t find something I want to buy, I usually find some inspiration. Read the whole post