DIY Skeleton Decor with Flowers

skeleton decor with flowers

I’ve been seeing these skeletons with flowers all over Pinterest and I had to make one! Mine won’t just be Halloween decor though. It’s going to stay up all year around.

A friend described it as macabre. I don’t disagree with that but still, I find it so beautiful! Maybe it has more to do with the vibrant flowers against the neutral skeleton body than it does with the topic in general.

If you want to make your own, follow the steps below! Read the whole post

DIY Circle Trellis for Indoor Plants

indoor plant circle trellis

I had a few Pothos plants in my home office that were getting too big. They were beginning to take over my desk and even starting to attach themselves to my wall for extra support! That gave me the idea to make a trellis to keep them contained.

I had considered buying one for a split second, but that’s not really my style. I had some old embroidery hops from a floral wreath craft project and decided that the circles would make a decorative trellis that could also be used as wall art. Read the whole post

DIY Beeswax Wraps in the Oven

beeswax wrap storage

Everyone is developing more sustainable living habits and I love it! One of my favs is using beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap. They’re compostable and biodegradable, washable, they reduce waste and save you money! How can anyone argue with that?

You can get them just about anywhere now, but decided to try making my own (as you might expect). They were made in the oven and took about 15 minutes. I can’t compare them to commercially-made beeswax wraps but I’ve been using these for a couple of weeks and they work pretty well! Read the whole post

DIY Painted Tin Can Planter

upcycled planter craft

I have so many soup and vegetable cans right now. (You might have noticed that my last craft project also used tin cans.) I like to try to upcycle them before giving them up to the recycling center.

With spring around the corner (don’t rain on my parade, I know I have a few months left of snow and cold weather), I have seed starters that will need a more permanent home soon. These types of cans make perfect planters for growing herbs. Read the whole post

DIY Tin Can Snowman Treat Pail

diy tin can snowmen container

Over the holidays, I made these upcycled snowman containers and filled them with homemade chocolate peanut butter cheesecake truffles to share with friends and family. (I’ll share the recipe for those later.)

The snowmen were a hit! Not only because they’re cute, but also because you can carry them like a pail. If you’re looking for a way to breathe new life into your soup and vegetable cans, this is your sign. Save them all year and turn them into functional gifts. Read the whole post

DIY Adults Crafts

adult craft projects

I’ve been writing this craft blog for 10 years and I’ve loved it! Writing is only half the fun though. Coming up with new and exciting craft projects to share and creating new things is even more enjoyable. That’s why I wanted to share this post with all of my favorite crafts from the last decade! I hope it inspires you make new things and maybe even spend time with friends while you do it.

Ok let’s get started! Read the whole post

DIY Winter Gnome Wreath

Christmas gnome wreath on front door

Gnomes and wreaths might be my favorite Christmas/winter decor pieces. I’m not sure why but the gnome’s plump body and little round nose is adorable. I had to use both in at least one craft this year. Fortunately, my friend makes and sells gnomes every year around the holidays so I asked her to make me a small one for this project.

This craft is super easy which makes it perfect for the beginner, and it takes about 15 minutes to assemble. Read the whole post

DIY Fall Vase with Pinecones

diy fall vase with pinecones

Like many of you, fall is my favorite season. I live in Pennsylvania, and fall is the most beautiful time of year here. The oranges, yellows and reds of the leaves are gorgeous!

I always want to bring those colors inside so I made a fall vase with flowers of those same colors, pinecones, and orange fillers. It looks great against our blue walls too since orange and blue are complimentary colors.

Grab the supplies below to make your own fall vase. Read the whole post

DIY Oui Jar Planters

oui jar planter craft

Oui is my favorite brand of yogurt, not just for the yogurt but for the reusable jars. I like making succulent planters out of them. A little spray paint goes a long way in transforming them from clear glass to rustic planters.

The textured spray paint, like stone, is the best for these. It has a natural earthy feel that brings the outdoors in.

You could also use these for home decor, centerpieces or gifts for holidays and birthdays. Read the whole post

Upcycling Projects for Everyday Throwaways

Today, June 24th is National Upcycling Day! and you know I love upcycling, so it’s a happy day!

What is National Upcycling Day

National Upcycling Day celebrates the idea of reusing, repurposing old items instead of throwing them away.

The word “upcycling” has been around since the 90’s but didn’t get much traction until 2002 when there was a push to throw away less. Since then, there have been a ton of YouTubers, crafters, bloggers, and every-day people working to reuse their stuff so we can all live sustainable lives and save our planet. Read the whole post