DIY Leaf Pendant

DIY leaf pendant for necklaces and bracelets

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because the leaves change. Every year around this time I get really excited to see it. But every year it passes and all I have is pictures.

This year, I found a way to preserve the part I love so much. I’ve made a pendant to capture the color change.

Will the leaf remain this color, you ask? I think so, because the leaf bookmark I made a few years ago is still vibrant.

Want to make your own charm? Follow the tutorial below.


materials needed to make a leaf pendant

Materials needed for a DIY leaf pendant


glass orb

Step 1: choose the leaf and portion

Place the glass orb over top of the leaves you’re considering.

When you’ve chosen the placement, cut or rip around the orb so that your leaf shape is round.


diamond glaze for leaf gluing

Step 2: glue the leaf to the glass

Add a drop of glue to the glass orb and press your leaf down firmly.


leaf pendant

Step 3: glue the orb to the pendant tray

Glue the orb to the tray and press it down firmly.

Let it dry.


DIY leaf pendant for necklaces and bracelets

Look how cute that is! Oh, and that texture looks amazing. Now you can have the changing seasons forever. You can put it on a necklace, bracelet or hang it from your Christmas tree. What a fun way to remember autumn.

I’d love to know what you think! Leave your feedback in the comments.

Happy crafting!

DIY Vintage Necklace

DIY vintage necklace

I’m a really big fan of vintage jewelry. Most of the time I admit I would never wear it, but I really like the way it looks. The other day, I was at Michael’s (of course, it’s like my second home), and found these really cute key charms. They’re not really vintage keys, obviously, but they’re close enough in appearance. I wanted to make something with them, but the craft I planned on making this week didn’t work out like I’d hoped. I didn’t measure properly and the key was too big for the holder. Anyway, I won’t go into too much detail on that one because I plan to use the remaining keys to do it right someday.

So, I made the jewelry I thought I’d never wear and surprised myself!

This one is quick and easy! It takes longer to pick the charms you want than it does to make the necklace. Sometimes that’s a good problem to have.

vintage necklace charms

Vintage Necklace Materials

Jump rings

You can find all of this at Michaels or any other craft store.

vintage necklace macro

Step 1 and only

Attach your jump rings to your charms and slide the charms onto the necklace.

I chose the key first. Then rounded hammered charm to match the key. Then the silver bird charm to compliment the gems in the key.

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

The Craft Challenge

This blog post is part of The Craft Challenge.

DIY diffuser charm necklace

The June theme for this Craft Challenge was jewelry and I was having a hard time coming up with something to make. Jewelry is usually a pretty easy one for me because I make so much of it. Turns out, that was my problem. I’ve made a little bit of every kind of jewelry and I don’t want to repeat any of my tutorials. So, I tweeted for a fresh perspective. Thankfully, my friend, Christine, from Dreaming in CMYK gave me this brilliant idea—A diffuser necklace. Thank you, Christine!

I’ve never been very interested in perfume, so this is nice alternative. It’s really easy to make and you will smell GREAT all day long. I got all of my materials at Michael’s for about $11. Oh, except the essential oils. I got that on Amazon. You can get them at Giant Eagle or The Vitamin Shoppe as well.

diffuser necklace materials

Things You Will Need

Essential oils
2 Small charms
1 Large charm with holes
Necklace chain (with or without beads)

For the diffuse charm, you’re going to want to find a locket with some holes to let the essential oils escape.

I chose peppermint for my essential oil. I would love to make another diffuser necklace with grapefruit or citrus essential oils too. That would smell amazing.

felt circle diffuser pad

Step 1

Measure the diffuser charm and cut out a piece of felt that will fit inside.

peppermint oil diffuser necklace

Step 2

Soak your felt piece with the essential oil and place it back in the diffuser charm.

You might have to add more oil to the felt after a few weeks to keep the smell. These oils are very aromatic though, it will probably take a while before the smell is gone completely. The good news is, it doesn’t take more than a few drops each time.

diffuser charm beaded necklace

Step 3

Attach your new diffuser charm to the necklace chain.

DIY diffuser charm necklace

Step 4

Now, attach the two smaller charms to the necklace on either side of the diffuser charm.

essential oil necklace

And now you have your very own diffuser necklace that will keep you smelling fresh and wonderful all day long. Not bad for $11 and 15 minutes, right?

I’d love to know what you think! Leave me some feedback in the comments.

Happy crafting!

The Craft Challenge Participants and Their Jewelry-Themed Crafts

Craft Challenge 2015 Introduction Eclectic Enchantments A Pop of Red Found This Painted That Tinkerbell Knits Make Something Mondays Image Map

These are The Craft Challenge participants. Click each image to check out their jewelry-themed craft tutorials! They will all be posted at some point today.

DIY Beaded Charm Necklace

DIY beaded necklace

I’ve had the materials to make this necklace for weeks now and was finally able to fit it into my DIY schedule. Yay!

It’s sooo easy to make and costs less than $5 (unless you want a really fancy chain.) It also took about 15 minutes to put together, so the next time you need a necklace when going out and you don’t like any of the ones you have, consider making this one.

diy charm necklace

Things You Will Need

Chain (1)
Beads (9)
Jump rings (11)

bead charm

Step 1

Connect 3 jump rings together and attach 3 beads. You can use 1 bead per jump ring or mix it up, depending on the look you prefer.

Continue to add jump rings and beads until you run out.

beaded charm

When you’re done you should have something like the above photo. It makes a pretty cute charm.

DIY beaded necklace

Step 2

Add a chain.

hanging fashion necklace

Let me know what you think!!

At the end of the month, the Craft Challenge post is going to be a DIY jewelry challenge. If you want to see something specific let me know, because I have no ideas yet.

Happy crafting!

DIY Glitter Pendant

DIY Glitter Pendant via Make Something MondaysI have so much glitter nail polish left over from my teenage years. I keep thinking, what am I going to do with all of this? Slowly, but surely, I am figuring it out! This week for my Make Something Mondays, I am using my glitter nail polish to make a DIY glitter pendant necklace. It is quick and easy and I think you will like it.

materials needed to make diy glitter pendantThings You Will Need:
Glass domes
Silver pendant
Diamond Glaze*
Glitter nail polish
Solid color nail polish

*I forgot to show the diamond glaze in the image above! You could use super glue if you don’t have any.

Follow the links about to the glass dome and pendant trays to get yours at the same Etsy shop I got mine.

clear coatStep 1:

Start off with a light clear coat on the back side of the glass dome. Make sure it is completely dry before moving on to the next step.

glitter nail polish used to make diy glitter necklace

glitter glassStep 2:

Brush a layer or two of glitter polish over the clear coat. Let it dry.

merlot red color used to make diy glitter pendant

merlot glitter pendantStep 3:

Pick a solid color to paint over the glittery layer. Make sure it is dry before moving on.

diy glitter pendantStep 4:

Add a small drop of Diamond Glaze to the pendant tray and quickly put the glass orb inside. Push down on the orb so that the glue spreads out from the center. Again, let it dry.

merlot red glitter necklace

DIY Glitter Pendant via Make Something MondaysAdd a chain and you’ve got yourself a fun glitter pendant!

Happy crafting 🙂

DIY Tile Jewelry

One of my coworkers told me about this event called Zero Landfill a while back. Click on the name and check out the site. This event is AWESOME! This group arranges for business in the creative industries to drop off their “scraps” in one location on a specific date. Otherwise, these scraps would go into the garbage and get thrown into a landfill. The group arranges the scraps in a building and advertise for anyone to come and look through them and take whatever they think they could use. I got so much stuff at this place. I have boxes of tiles, fabric, design magazines, etc. These tiles that I’m using are from Zero Landfill. 🙂



Things You Will Need:
Circle clasps
Diamond Glaze


This is the tile book I found in the scraps from an interior decorating company. These tiles are now “out of season” according the the market. Not for me!




Step 1:

Place your clasp on the back of the tile in a secure location. Add on the diamond glaze and let it dry for a few hours.



Step 2:

When your glaze is dry go ahead and add your pendants to the earrings and chain and you’ve got some pretty cute jewelry! It looks pretty elegant, I think. I will be adding these (and more) to my Etsy Shop in the next few days also!



DIY Washer Pendant

Another fun, yet cheap, idea! Go get some washers from a hardware store (about 3 cents), some scrapbook paper and string or wire and make yourself a cute necklace pendant. Doesn’t take long and costs very little.



Things You Will Need:

Mod Podge
Paint brush
Diamond glaze
Scissors/exacto knife



Step 1:

Measure and cut some of your scrapbook paper to match the size of the washer you have chosen. You will need some for the front and back. Don’t mind the rough edges just yet because those will be glued down and you won’t be able to tell a difference.



Step 2:

Apply some Mod Podge to one side of your washer.





Step 3:

Press the scrapbook paper on to the washer. Make sure the glue gets pushed all the way to the ends.  Run your finger around the inside and outside of the washer to make sure all of the edges of the scrapbook paper are glued down.




Step 4:

Coat the scrapbook paper with a few layers of Mod Podge just to make sure it is securely fastened.

*Repeat steps 1-4 for the opposite side.



Step 5: (optional)

Once both sides are dry lay your soon-to-be pendant on a flat surface and apply an even layer of diamond glaze to the upward side. Make sure you get to the edges and inside. This will make your pendant look like it is covered in glass. It will be very shiny once it dries. Wait several hours before touching it again. This stuff takes quite a while to dry.

*repeat for opposite side once finished.




Slip some string through it and you have a lovely new pendant! This picture really doesn’t do it justice unfortunately.  When I have some better lighting I will take another one.

I plan to make a few more of these so I will be sure to post them on here when I finish. Thanks!



DIY Glass Jewelry Designs

If you have been following me for a bit, these pieces of jewelry will look very similar to my bookmark designs. They are made in a similar fashion and are fun and easy to create. Hopefully you enjoy it.


Things You Will Need:

Glass Tiles
Diamond Glaze
Chains, pendants, earring hooks, etc. (your choice how many of these things you use.)

*everything on this list, besides the linked objects, were bought at Michael’s. All of these things can be found at any craft/hobby store.




Step 1:

Lay your glass tile down with the back facing up. The back is more flat. squeeze a small amount of  Diamond Glaze onto the back of the tile.



Step 2:

Press your pre-cut pattern onto the dot of glue. Make sure the glue reaches the edges of the tile before it dries.



Step 3:

Put a small amount of the Diamond Glaze onto your pendant backing of choice.



Step 4:

Press the tile onto to the pendant backing and let it sit to dry. You should have something similar to the above picture.



Step 5:

Add some earring hooks in and you are finished!


You can make compass earrings


Or a new necklace


You can make just about anything you want.


I will be adding these to Etsy at some point this week and you will be able to purchase them if you are interested. If you would like something that is not above, let me know and we will work something out. Thanks for reading.


Happy designing!