DIY Glass Jewelry Designs

If you have been following me for a bit, these pieces of jewelry will look very similar to my bookmark designs. They are made in a similar fashion and are fun and easy to create. Hopefully you enjoy it.


Things You Will Need:

Glass Tiles
Diamond Glaze
Chains, pendants, earring hooks, etc. (your choice how many of these things you use.)

*everything on this list, besides the linked objects, were bought at Michael’s. All of these things can be found at any craft/hobby store.




Step 1:

Lay your glass tile down with the back facing up. The back is more flat. squeeze a small amount of  Diamond Glaze onto the back of the tile.



Step 2:

Press your pre-cut pattern onto the dot of glue. Make sure the glue reaches the edges of the tile before it dries.



Step 3:

Put a small amount of the Diamond Glaze onto your pendant backing of choice.



Step 4:

Press the tile onto to the pendant backing and let it sit to dry. You should have something similar to the above picture.



Step 5:

Add some earring hooks in and you are finished!


You can make compass earrings


Or a new necklace


You can make just about anything you want.


I will be adding these to Etsy at some point this week and you will be able to purchase them if you are interested. If you would like something that is not above, let me know and we will work something out. Thanks for reading.


Happy designing!

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