DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Unfortunately, I think we can all agree that Christmas 2020 will be different. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t be with family or friends in some form or another. I’ve prepared some Christmas gift ideas to help you show your love and support! If you can’t share it in person, you can always mail it and unbox in a video chat.

Keep in mind that small businesses are suffering right now, so buying small or local is always helpful and very much appreciated. Etsy is a great place to look if you can’t find what you’re looking for nearby.

If you want to make your own gifts, I have some ideas listed toward the bottom! There’s a tutorial for each DIY project to make life easier.


Gifts to Buy

Leather Wallets by SoGoodSoWood on Etsy

The simplicity of these beautiful distressed leather wallets is what makes them so appealing! They come in 6 colors and you can choose the layout and interior of the wallet as well. Don’t forget personalization! If wallets aren’t up your alley, take a look around the shop. They specialize in leather goods so you’ll find a variety of gift ideas like purses, dog collars, flasks, and much more.

Pink & Navy Blue Triptych Wall Art by SEMELART

Why don’t people ever gift art for Christmas? If you know someone’s style well enough, it’s a fantastic idea! These modern pink and blue wall art designs are printable so you can frame them yourself and wrap them up. It’s a nice budget-friendly idea ($13.95) that will keep their room bright and inviting for years to come.

Netflix Binge Watching Blanket from JZCreatives

I bought this blanket for a friend for Christmas this year and I couldn’t stop touching it! I ended up buying another one. It’s so soft and lightweight making it a nice option for hot or cold weather Netflix blinging.


Your loved ones might not be traveling much right now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love a tumbler that keeps their hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. This one is great because it’s a sustainable option that can be used over and over. It’s super cute too with that bamboo lid!



Grow Positive Thoughts Tshirt from SNHDesignByUs

Who doesn’t need some positivity right now? This adorable shirt reminds us all to have a positive mind. It’s made with a cotton and polyester blend (aka super soft) and comes in a bunch of colors.


Sock Gnome Holiday Decor by Locust Street Market

These little gnomes are the most adorable things ever made from socks. I’m in love! My friend owns this Etsy shop and I’ve bought two of these from her already this season. I know they are made well and look just as adorable as in the pictures. (Keep an eye out for a craft I’ll be making later this month with one of her gnome ornaments.) They would make great gifts too! I plan to keep mine out year-round… don’t judge.


DIY Ideas

DIY Headphone Organizer

Clothespin headphone organizer

Serious question: How many people do you know who don’t use headphones? I can’t think of too many. So make a DIY headphone organizer to help them transport their headphones without getting knots in the wires.


DIY Glass Orb Keychain

DIY customized keychains

Want something a little more visually exciting? Make your recipient a  DIY keychain. Choose your favorite scrapbook paper and get to work. You could even use a monogram to make it a bit more personal. 


DIY Orange Cream Lip Balm


Tis the season for chapped lips. Most people are going to appreciate any opportunity to add some moisture. Follow the steps in this tutorial to make your own orange cream lip balm. The best part, you can make many tubes at once so you can give these to multiple people. Tutorials are also available for grapefruit and peppermint lip balm.


DIY Beard Balm

diy manly beard balm

Know a man with a beard? Of course, you do! I bet the skin underneath is pretty itchy in this cold weather. Be a doll and make him some homemade beard balm. It’s made with moisturizing ingredients that are sure to soothe that skin. By the way, I made this a few years ago and am happy to say it is husband approved.


DIY Beard Oil

DIY manly beard oil

While you’re at it, make some beard oil for him too. No one ever complained about smelling good and moisturizing, right? This one is also husband approved. (He would definitely tell me if he didn’t like it.)


DIY Photo Coasters

wedding gift photo coasters

These are the best. Find some memorable photos and make these adorable coasters to gift. Whoever you give them to will love them. You could even substitute festive scrapbook paper for the photos!


DIY Wooden Ring Box

diy ring box

I made this ring box for a friend last Christmas and she loved it! You can get the supplies (including the box) at any craft store and put the whole thing together in a few hours. Set up Netflix, grab a drink and make a night of it.


DIY Cookie Jar

diy cookie mason jar gift

Don’t have time to make cookies for everyone? Layer the ingredients into a large jar and tie on directions with a bow. There you have it. A real cookie jar.


DIY Succulent Planters

diy triangle planter

These succulent planters are the perfect affordable gift because they’re bright and happy. We all need some greenery anyway. Paint some snowflakes for the holidays or match their room colors!


DIY Gift Card Envelope

DIY Gift Card Holder

If you really, really don’t have time to buy something or make something, you’re a procrastinator and should be ashamed of yourself. Just kidding! Buy a gift card and spice it up with scrapbook paper. It offers a homemade element that people will enjoy. You can get the printables at the post in the link above.

Oh, and print out the holiday gift tags below so you don’t have to buy them.

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags


I hope that you found something you’d love to give in this list! At the very least, I hope it gave you some ideas for Christmas gifts. What are you giving this year? Leave your feedback in the comments!

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

free printable gift tags

How many gifts do you think you give every year for Christmas or around the holidays?

According to Investopedia, industry experts expect the average American to spend $920 per person on holiday gifts in 2019. That’s a lot of gift-giving!

Of course, everyone wants their presentation to be beautiful, right? So you’ll want some festive wrapping paper/gift bags and gift tags to make it sparkle! I’m here to help with that.

Instead of giving you a tutorial this week, I’m giving you free printable gift tags for the holidays! This are fun designs that you can print on any printer in color.

Get instructions for downloading the gift tags below.

Step 1: Open the gift tags in a new tab

Right click on the image above. and click Open image in new tab

Step 2: print the gift tags

Click File in the upper left corner and select Print from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: choose your print settings

For Layout, choose Portrait
For Size, choose Letter (8.5×11″)
For Scale, choose 100%

gift tag printing instructions

Double check your print settings to make sure it looks ok. You might need to adjust the scale a bit depending on how big you want the gift tags to be.

I’d love to see how you use these! I can always appreciate some homemade wrapping paper or gift bags. Be sure to share them with me on Instagram or Twitter. I can’t wait to see your creativity.

Happy wrapping! 🙂

DIY Christmas Ornaments from Paper

diy christmas ornaments

Decorating your home around Christmas can get expensive. In fact, the average American spends $61 on holiday Decor. If you think about it, you buy a tree, tinsel, ornaments, wreaths, wall decor and even doormats. It all adds up.

But, you don’t have to buy your festive decorations from a store. You can make your own! (C’mon, you knew I was going to say that.) Use your crafting skills and plan time with friends and family and make decorations that everyone will enjoy.

These Christmas ornaments were made from scrapbook paper. You could use any kind of paper though. Newspaper, printer paper, coloring pages. They will all be beautiful.

Follow the steps below to make your own.

paper christmas ornament supplies

Christmas ornaments supplies

My content contains affiliate links to products I use and love. If you take action (purchase, subscribe) after clicking the links, I get some crafting money which helps me continue to write awesome tutorials for you! This costs you nothing but enables you to support my work. 

holiday scrapbook paper

Step 1: cut even strips of scrapbook paper

First, cut strips of scrapbook paper like in the image above. Make sure they are all the width so your ornaments don’t look bulky.

scrapbook paper ornaments

Step 2: choose the height of your Christmas ornament

Cut a strip of paper the hight you want your ornament to be (the middle piece above).

Then, cut two more strips that are slightly taller.

homemade christmas ornaments

Step 3: add the first ornament layers

Align the two larger pieces of paper with the top and bottom of the smaller piece. Glue them in place.

When using the hot glue, be sure to glue the sides of the paper so you can later fit the hole punch over the layers.

festive christmas paper ornaments

Step 4: Repeat the previous step

Using two slightly longer pieces of scrapbook paper, align the top and bottom again, and glue in place.

handmade christmas ornaments

Step 5: punch a hole in the top of the ornament

Create a hole with your hole punch.

hang christmas ornaments

Step 6: Add a hanger

String a piece of twine through the hole you just made and tie it to create a hanger for your ornament.

hanging christmas ornaments

You can also make a string of ornaments by punching a hole in the top and bottom of each ornament and stringing them together.

That’s it! Easy Christmas decorations on a budget! I’d love to get your thoughts. Leave them in the comments. 🙂

You might also like to try making this ornament with your old Christmas cards.

DIY Ribbon Hanging Picture Frames

diy ribbon hanging wood frames

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed the streets and malls getting busier. You can tell that Christmas is coming up. Unlike most people, you couldn’t pay me to step foot in a mall or shopping center right now.

I have a system. Around Black Friday, I swear off shopping malls and hobby shops. I plan out a month or so of craft projects and DIY gifts, wait for a great coupon and get everything I need in one trip. I do most of my non DIY-Christmas shopping online. It’s a stable process.

Homemade gifts are the best, especially ones that evoke emotion, which makes picture frames perfect. Think about who you want to gift these to. What room might they hang them in (consider the colors)? What are the best memories you have with that person?

Go to Michael’s or another Hobby Shop and get the supplies below to make your own.


diy ribbon hanging frames supplies

Ribbon hanging frames supplies

  • ribbon
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • paint brush
  • acrylic paint
  • Xacto knife
  • wood frames
  • scrapbook paper
  • hot glue and gun


wood frame traced on scrapbook paper

Step 1: trace the wood frame

Flip the scrapbook paper over, backside facing up. Trace the front of the frame on the back.

Tip: pay attention to which frame you trace on which piece of scrapbook paper. Often, the frames are unique, even though they look similar. 


painted wood frames

Step 2: paint the frames

Paint the frames a color that coordinates with the scrapbook paper you plan to decorate it with. I chose blue, green and yellow scrapbook paper, so I painted the frames those colors.

Let it dry.


scrapbook paper frame cutouts

Step 3: cut out the scrapbook paper framing

While your frames dry, cut out the traced frame.

Tip: Use scissors for the outside and an Xacto knife for the inside.


scrapbook paper decorated frame

Step 4: glue on the scrapbook paper

Brush the Mod Podge onto the frame and adhere the scrapbook paper cut out.

Let it dry.

Tip: Sometimes the edges lift a bit. Use a small paint brush to ensure the are are securely fastened to the frame. 


ribbon hanging frames

Step 5: add the ribbon

Arrange the frames in a vertical line, so the top of the lower frame is lined up with the bottom of another.

Glue the end of the ribbon to the top corner of the lowest frame. Then, glue it up the edge of the frames.

When you get to the to top, leave some slack. This will be how the recipient will hang the frames.

Then, glue the ribbon down the opposite side of the frames like in the image above.


When you’re finished, pop your favorite memories into the photo slots. Your recipient will be so excited to hang up your frames!

I’d love to hear your feedback! Leave them in the comments.

Happy crafting!




DIY Christmas Ornament Door Decor

diy framed christmas ornament decor

This month’s theme for The Craft Challenge is Christmas. I’ve had this one planned for a month or so and was excited to get started on it. Shadow boxes are so neat, but I never could think of something to put in them. So, why not Christmas ornaments?


DIY Door Decor supplies

Door decor materials

  • Ribbon
  • Shadow box
  • Christmas ornaments

Note: I started with a cheap frame from the Dollar Store, but decided to switch to a much more stable shadow box from Michael’s. 


ribbon for Christmas ornaments

Step 1: cut the ribbon

Cut a few strings of ribbon, preferably multiple colors, to different lengths.


Christmas ornaments

Step 2: string the Christmas ornaments

Use the ribbon you just cut to string the Christmas ornaments.


hanging ball ornaments

Step 3: tie the ornaments to the shadow box

Pull apart the shadow box and tie the ornaments around the inner frame.

Tie them at different lengths to add some additional visual appeal.

When you put the box back together, be sure to move the tied ribbon as close together as possible so that they’re centered.


hanging christmas ornament craft

If they’re different lengths and you get diverse styles, you’ll end up with something like the above image.


diy framed christmas ornament decor

When you’re finished, hang it on your door and enjoy the holidays!


The Craft Challenge

this blog post is part of The Craft Challenge. Be sure to check out Emily’s Christmas themed craft over at A Pop of Red.


DIY Leaf Pendant

DIY leaf pendant for necklaces and bracelets

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because the leaves change. Every year around this time I get really excited to see it. But every year it passes and all I have is pictures.

This year, I found a way to preserve the part I love so much. I’ve made a pendant to capture the color change.

Will the leaf remain this color, you ask? I think so, because the leaf bookmark I made a few years ago is still vibrant.

Want to make your own charm? Follow the tutorial below.


materials needed to make a leaf pendant

Materials needed for a DIY leaf pendant


glass orb

Step 1: choose the leaf and portion

Place the glass orb over top of the leaves you’re considering.

When you’ve chosen the placement, cut or rip around the orb so that your leaf shape is round.


diamond glaze for leaf gluing

Step 2: glue the leaf to the glass

Add a drop of glue to the glass orb and press your leaf down firmly.


leaf pendant

Step 3: glue the orb to the pendant tray

Glue the orb to the tray and press it down firmly.

Let it dry.


DIY leaf pendant for necklaces and bracelets

Look how cute that is! Oh, and that texture looks amazing. Now you can have the changing seasons forever. You can put it on a necklace, bracelet or hang it from your Christmas tree. What a fun way to remember autumn.

I’d love to know what you think! Leave your feedback in the comments.

Happy crafting!

Happy Holidays Coloring Page

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday with family and/or friends.

I took a crafting break today so there won’t be a Make Something Mondays project. Spending time with family took precedent.

But I did want to post something today. I’m sure you’re still in the holiday spirit, so here’s a Christmas tree coloring page! Holidays can be really stressful, especially for the people who host parties, so I wanted to give you a creative way to relax.

Studies have shown that coloring helps adults to destress and keeps their blood pressure low. I had given the coloring page to some friends to test out and the responses were positive. Thank you to all of my test subjects!

Click the image below to open it in a new window. Then you can download or print directly from your browser.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Free Christmas tree coloring page

DIY Light Up Christmas Tree

DIY light up Christmas tree

I never put up a Christmas tree.

Yes, I grew up in a Christian family, and yes, we celebrated Christmas.

However, when I moved out on my own I never saw a need for a tree. Call me a pessimist if you’d like (it’s okay, most people do), but I never had an interest in buying a tree (real or fake), setting it up, decorating it, and a month later taking down the decorations, disassembling the tree and storing it away for another year. It really sounds tedious. Not to mention all of the time and space it takes up.

So every year, I celebrate Christmas with my family, and every year at least one person tells me they can’t believe I don’t put up a Christmas tree, as if it’s sinful or something (no offense, family). As a result, I made a DIY version. My own light up Christmas tree that is cheap ($10, thank you Dollar Store), easy to assemble and disassemble and doesn’t take up space in my house. I’m enjoying it.

Want to make one? Keep reading.

Light up Christmas tree materials

DIY Christmas Tree Materials

Christmas lights
Command hooks

I know, short list, right? I was excited about that so I thought you might be too.

Command hooks

Step 1

Prepare your hooks.

Christmas tree shape with Command hooks

Step 2

Arrange them on the wall in the shape of a long triangle. Each set of hooks should be placed farther out than the last.

I started with 7 hooks, but ended up adding in a few more. It totaled 11.

Tip: It would’ve helped if I had thought about tilting my hooks outward instead of upward, but I didn’t think about that until they were already on the wall. You might want to try it because I imagine it would make this process easier.

Christmas lights

Step 3

String your lights through the hooks.

DIY light up Christmas tree

When you’re finished, it should look something like this. The picture really doesn’t do it justice though. It looks really pretty on my wall, but I just can’t capture it. Guess I need to work on my photography skills.

Christmas tree lights

Thanks for reading and happy holiday crafting!

DIY Chalkboard Holiday Sign

DIY Chalkboard Holiday Sign

It’s that time of year again. I’m sure you’ve already heard the Christmas music and everyone in your neighborhood has probably decked out their homes with lights and decorations by now. If you can’t tell, I’m just getting around to the little bit of holiday decorating I do every year.

This adorable chalkboard sign is just the beginning. I like to DIY my holiday decorations, if you hadn’t already guessed. Typically, I make my decorations and then give them away because I don’t want to store them away for a year. Anyway… back on track.

The holiday sign is easy to make, but I’ll warn your that it’s time consuming. Not like sit there all day time consuming. More like work on it on and off time consuming. The drying time is the worst part, but it gives you time to clean, cook dinner, get some work done or whatever you need to do throughout the day.

Let’s get started.

chalkboard holiday sign materials

Chalkboard Sign Materials

Hot glue
Chalk paint
Wooden sign
Sponge brush
Chalk marker
Satin acrylic paint


red chalk paint for holiday sign

Step 1

Cover the surface of your soon-to-be holiday sign with chalk paint. You can choose whatever color you want, but I thought red would go well for Christmas.

You’ll want to let the paint dry for about 2 hours before applying another coat. (I’m just telling you that because it’s what my chalk paint bottle told me to do. You know I don’t have the patience to wait that long. I might have waited an hour). I applied 3 coats.


Gold-trimmed holiday sign

Step 2

After your chalk paint dries, use your Satin acrylic paint to cover the edges. I chose a metallic copper to go with the red and, of course, with the holiday theme.


sign hanger adhesive

Step 3

I don’t have a staple gun so I substituted hot glue to adhere the rope to the back of my sign.

It will stay. I shook it around testing it for a good 5 minutes to test it. It’s not going anywhere.


Happy Holiday handwritten sign

Step 4

Now, using your chalk marker, draw on your “Happy Holidays” lettering and add some cute snowflakes.

If you need some snowflake inspiration, go check out Pinterest. People pin tons of snowflake drawings and doodles on there. You’re bound to find a few you’ll like.

I know you’re wondering if the chalk paint will rub off when you start to clean that marker off. You see that top snowflake? I messed up on that 4 times and erased (with water because that’s what the brand directed) and the chalk paint was fine. If you’re worried about that, you can always get some clear acrylic paint to cover it with.

DIY Chalkboard Holiday Sign

Hang it on your door and you’re finished.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think! Thanks for reading and happy crafting!


Christmas Craft Challenge: DIY stocking Stuffer Gift Bags

The Craft Challenge

This post is part of The Craft Challenge. You can read more about it here.


DIY Christmas Stocking Stuffer Gift Bags

This month the theme for the craft challenge is Thanksgiving/Christmas crafts. For this theme I chose to make Christmas stocking stuffer gift bags. You know, for the little things that suck to wrap, like chapstick, money, food, hand sanitizer, etc. That sort of stuff would be perfect to wrap up in a cute little gift bag like this.

You will only need a few materials and probably won’t spend more than half an hour on these (unless you have a ton of people to gift to). The best part is that the paint dries quickly so when you’re done, you’re actually finished.

stocking stuffer gift bag materials

DIY Christmas Gift Bag Materials

Gift bags
Paper towels
Paint brushes
Self-adhesive ornament stencil
Satin multi-purpose paint (or fabric paint)

You might also want to grab some newspaper to keep from getting paint all over the place.

Tip: buy Satin acrylic paint. It works on fabric, which you need to make this craft, but it also works on wood, ceramic, glass, metal, some plastics, canvas, paper and terra cotta. It’s about a $1 a bottle and will work on multiple surfaces.

Stencil gift bag

diy ornament gift bag

Step 1

Adhere the stencil to your gift bag and paint it whatever color(s) you want.

Make sure not to glob on the paint. You want to cover the surface but you don’t want blobs of paint.

painted gift bag

Step 2

Slowly peel off the stencil and set your bag off to the side. This one is done!

Christmas gift bags

DIY Christmas Gift Bags

Step 3

Repeat, repeat, repeat until you have the desired number of gift bags.

DIY Christmas Stocking Stuffer Gift Bags

Now, stuff them with all of your goodies and get them to the stockings!

…Or maybe keep them hidden for a few more weeks, just to be safe.

Either way, someone will be happy to receive your home-made gift. You might even want to add names to each one, just to give it a special touch.

Here are a few ideas for things to add to your new gift bags:

I’ll stop there.

Hope you liked my gift bags.

Happy crafting!