DIY Upcycled Halloween Candy Bowl

diy upcycled halloween candy bowl

Every year, the kids in my apartment complex get to participate in Trick or Treating. Unfortunately, we’re not home very often and Halloween is no exception. So, I always put a big bowl of candy outside the door and let the kids take what they want.

This year, I decided to upgrade my candy bowl by decorating a old dish washer pod container. Originally, I wanted to make a pumpkin out of it, but I couldn’t find orange Duck Tape anywhere. So, obviously, that didn’t work out. I had to settle with my witch hat decorated box.

If you’d like to make your own, follow the steps below.


diy duck tape candy bowl supplies

Duck Tape candy bowl supplies

  • scissors
  • witch hat outline
  • Dish washer pod container
  • Duck Tape (purple, black and green)



Step 1: download the witch hat

Right click on the image above and open the image in a new tab. Then click print.

You can choose to scale the image if you need a smaller or larger version.


black duck tape base

Step 2: layer on the black Duck Tape

Wrap the container with black Duck Tape.


Step 3: cover the witch hat with Duck Tape

place your hat on a flat surface and cover it with purple Duck Tape.

Then, peal it off and flip it over.

Begin cutting around the hat.


duck tape witch hat

Step 3: decorate the hat

Wrap a thin strip of green Duck Tape around the hat.


diy upcycled halloween candy bowl

Step 4: tape the hat to the container

Create tape rolls and use them to adhere the hat to the container.

You’re finished! Set your candy bowl out on the table out outside the door if you’re in an apartment complex and wait for the Trick or Treaters to come.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave them in the comments.

Happy crafting!

DIY Kitchen Roll Organizer From A Cereal Box

diy kitchen roll organizer

Those kitchen rolls, like plastic wrap and aluminum foil, drive me crazy because I can’t close my drawers without mangling the boxes. Recently, I finished a family-sized box of Cheerios and realized I could fit the rolls inside, so I wanted to find a way to upcycle it for kitchen storage.

Turns out, I had some plastic holds that I could use to hang it. The cupboard door seamed like a good location since it’s convenient, but out of the way. Now my drawer space is free for other things.

Want to make your own? Keep reading!


diy kitchen roll organizer materials

Kitchen organizer supplies

  • scissors
  • Duck Tape
  • family-sized cereal box
  • plastic stick-on hangers


cereal box kitchen organizer

Step 1: cut down the front of the cereal box

Following the creases, cut about 2 inches down the front of of the cereal box.

To ensure the cuts are even, fold it down and line it up with the edges. Then fold across and cut on that line.


upcycled cereal box

Step 1: cut diagonally upward from the front

Now, from the corners of the cut you just made, cut diagonally upward toward the top corner of the box.

Repeat for the other side.


cereal box upcycled crafts

Step 3: remove the back flap of the box

Cut across the top of the cereal box to remove the back flap.


Step 4: Duck Tape the box

Use the Duck Tape to decorate the box. You’ll want to cover the whole thing starting with the bottom and working your way up.


kitchen organizer duck tape

When you get to the top, just fold the Duck Tape inside.


kitchen organizer hangers

Step 5: place the stick-on hangers

Cut a small hole on the left and right corners of the backside of the cereal box.

Push the hangers through so the flat side is facing the outward.

Apply the sticky tape to the back of the hangers.


kitchen organizer plastic wrap aluminum foil

Step 6: hang the kitchen organizer

Stick your organizer wherever seems convenient. I choose the inside of my sink cupboard.


diy kitchen roll organizer

Fill it with plastic wrap, aluminum foil, plastic baggies or whatever else you want.

Hope you enjoyed this one. Happy crafting (and upcycling)!



DIY Upcycled Paper Organzier

DIY paper organizer upcycled craft

As many of you may know, my husband started a company not long ago. The downside of that is the paperwork that comes along with it. There are papers aaaaaallllllll over my house. Piles upon piles, and it drives me up the wall. I had to find a way to organize them.

The best craft projects come out of a need for something. I needed an organizational structure for all of the papers. You can make an organizer too. All you’ll need is a few supplies and 15-20 minutes.


paper organizer supplies

Paper Organizer Supplies

  • cereal box
  • duct tape
  • scissors


foundation for paper organizer diy

Step 1: frame the cereal box

Cut the edges of the cereal box at a downward angle.

Then cut across so the sliced edges meet.


duct tape covering for organizer

Step 2: Cover the box in Duct Tape

Starting with the edges you just cut, Duct Tape the corners and try to get them as even as as possible.


paper and folder organizer

Then, work your way down the box, smoothing the layers as you go.


DIY paper organizer upcycled craft

Now, all you have to do is start organizing.

Happy crafting!


DIY Upcycled Charger and Cord Organizer

DIY Upcycled cord and storage organizer

In the past few years, I’ve accumulated numerous cords and chargers, as I’m sure many of you have. I used to store them in a basket, but that got messy quickly. Every time I wanted one I’d have to untangle several. That’s obviously not an effective storage solution.

I decided to upcycle a cardboard box and some toilet paper rolls to design a better option. So far, it seems to be working pretty well. I haven’t had to untangle anything, which is just wonderful.

Want to try it? You only need a few supplies to get started. If you do any amount of crafting you probably have most of them already.


charger and cord organizer materials

Materials needed for your upcycled cord storage box

  • box
  • ruler
  • toilet paper rolls
  • scissors/exacto knife
  • Duct Tape or scrapbook paper

**Add glue to that list if you’ve chose to work with scrapbook paper instead of decorative tape.

upcycling a storage box with Duck Tape

Step 1: cover your box with Duct Tape

Cover your cardboard box in Duct Tape or scrapbook paper, whichever you prefer.


Duck Tape covered toilet paper rolls

Step 2: cover the toilet paper rolls with Duct Tape

Repeat the process with your TP rolls.


DIY Upcycled cord and storage organizer

Fill your rolls with chargers and cords, set the rolls upright in the box and you’re done! Storage made easy. Now you don’t have to untangle anything! Very exciting.

If you’re more interested in organizing the cords that are always plugged in, check out the tutorial for my Device Charging Station instead:

DIY device charging station

I’d love to hear what you think!

Happy crafting!


DIY Mini Duck Tape Coin Purse

DIY mini Duck Tape coin purse

Do you know what I hate? Searching for change in my car. There are coins everywhere, but I can never seem to find the one I’m looking for when I need it. It’s the one area of my life (not money, my car) where I could certainly improve on organization.

That’s why, for this Make Something Mondays craft, I’m making a change purse.

Why did I choose to make it out of Duck Tape? Great question. A few months ago I made a garbage bag for my car out of Duck Tape and I LOVE it. The material is strong and I can wash it, which is a great perk. I want the same thing from my change purse because money is very dirty.

Interested in making one with me? Follow the tutorial below.


Materials to make a Duck Tape mini purse

Coin Purse Materials

  • scissors
  • key ring
  • Duck Tape
  • plastic baggie
  • hole punch (optional)*

You can get all of the materials for your change purse from a craft shop like Michael’s. Or online. Your call.

Step 1: Duck Tape that baggie

Pull a strip of Duck Tape from the roll without cutting it off.

Stretch it around your baggie starting at the top. Using the zip lock part of the bag helps to keep the row straight.

Then, wrap it around the back and cut off the excess.

Repeat on the bottom half.

You’ll see in the next step that I added a solid black strip of tape. That’s totally optional. I just wanted some extra contrast.


Step 2: Duck Tape the top part of the baggie

Cut off a strip of Duck Tape the width of your bag.

Tape it to the top portion and fold it inside. Make sure you don’t cover the zip lock (like I did the first time)!


Decorative Duck Tape

Step 3: Cut off another section of Duck Tape

This piece doesn’t have to be a specific length. We’re going to make a handle with it, similarly to how we made our lanyard a few months ago.



Step 4: Fold the tape toward the center

Fold one side toward the center of the sticky side, and then fold in the other edge.


Step 5: fold your handle in half and tape it together

Fold that strip in half and seal it with some more Duck Tape.


purse made from Duct Tape

Step 6: Punch a hole in it

This is where the hole punch will come in handy, but you can do this with scissors too. Please be careful if you choose that route.

Punch a hole through the bottom of the handle and the top corner of your change purse.


small Duck Tape coin purse

Step 7: Insert the key ring

Insert your key ring and you’re done!


DIY mini Duck Tape coin purse

Viola! You have a change purse. It’s like magic, isn’t it?

Alright, maybe not magic. But it’s always fun to create new things, especially when it’s functional and cheap.

Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting!




DIY Upcycled Travel-Sized Pencil Case

DIY duck tape pencil case

Upcycling is a wonderful thing! It prevents your old stuff from getting thrown away and it gives me more craft projects to work on. Everybody wins.

As you can see from the title, this pencil case is upcycled. A week or so ago I bought a new makeup brush and it came in that plastic holder. I figured I’d be able to use it for something, so I kept it. Turns out, it makes a pretty sweet travel case for my drawing pens and pencils.

I’ve been drawing for a very long time and have accumulated quite a few tools. A few months ago I made an organizer for all of them (image below). I have a small obsession. Don’t judge.

DIY upcycled artist travel case

It’s great and I love it… when I’m at home. But when I’m traveling (I always take my sketchbook with me) I need something more compact. I can’t drag this thing all over creation.

I decided to use the makeup brush holder as a pencil case. But it needed some flare. Some Duck Tape. It’s cute, durable and quick. Perfect.

Want to make one? Keep reading!


diy pencil case materials

Pencil Case Materials

  • Scissors
  • Duck Tape
  • Makeup brush holder


Step 1: cover the flap and strip with Duck Tape

I know it’s hard to see in the first picture because the material is clear, but I lifted the flap of the brush holder and stuck the Duck Tape to the back of it.

Then, fold it over the other side.

Cut off the excess tape.

Do the same thing with the strip across the case that the flap folds under to close the case.


duck tape design

Step 2: tape the remainder of the case

Pull out a nice long strip of Duck Tape and stick it to the back of the case. Try to get it as straight as you can. I have no secrets for success here. You really just have to eyeball it.

Then, fold it around the front and under the strip.


DIY duck tape pencil case

Look at that! A travel pen/pencil case with some flare. It fits about 4 regular sized pens (the ones pictured above are pretty skinny). That’s plenty for me. I love it and I will use it every time I travel.

Let me know what you think! Leave your thoughts in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy 4th to my American followers!

DIY Duck Tape Lanyard

This post is part of The Craft Challenge. You can read more about it here.

diy duck tape lanyard
Do you ever lose your keys?

I do at least twice/wk. And it’s the only thing, most of the time.

I needed something to make my keys stand out more. Maybe a lanyard? Yeah that sounded good. Do stores even sell those anymore? I wasn’t about to shop for a lanyard I probably wouldn’t like. You guessed it… I made my own.

Materials are super cheap and it took about 5 minutes to craft the lanyard. It’s surprisingly easy, too, considering the stickiness of the Duck Tape.

You should definitely make one! Follow the steps below.

make your own lanyard materials

Lanyard Materials

  • Scissors
  • Duck Tape
  • Keys

Step 1: size the Duck Tape

Stretch out your tape and cut down to the size you want.

I chose a smaller lanyard, but you pick what will work best for you.

folded duck tape
soon-to-be lanyard

Step 2: fold it

Lay the tape on a flat surface, face up. Fold one half into the center.

Then, fold the other half inward. Make sure you overlap the edges a little bit to keep from leaving the sticky side exposed.

Cut the ends to even them out if you want.
diy lanyard

Step 3: loop it

Hold the two ends between your fingers so that the Duck Tape forms a loop.

Match up your ends and fold them over (like in the image above) to form a smaller loop.
diy lanyard from duck tape

Step 4: fasten it

Adhere the smaller loop to the rest of the lanyard with another piece of Duck Tape.


key lanyard made with duck tape
That’s it!

Attach your keys and you’re done.


make your own lanyard
I love it 👍

Let me know what you think and don’t forget to check out Emily’s and Erika’s crafts too. Their projects will be posted sometime today.

Happy crafting.

DIY Washi Tape Laptop Skin

Washi Tape Laptop Cover

I’ve been on a fancy tape kick for the past few weeks. I’ve been using decorative Duck Tape and Washi Tape on everything… pencils, boxes, my sketchbook, etc.

I’d been in the market for a skin for my laptop, but it’s about 7 years old and will probably need replaced soon, so I was contemplating whether it was worth the money. Of course, if I can find a way to make my own, I’m certainly going to. This was no exception. Guess what I used.

Yep, Washi Tape.

Why I chose Washi Tape:

  • It’s cheap (and I have a lot of it)
  • It provides a protective cover
  • It’s easy to remove and leaves no sticky residue

So, why not try to make my own computer skin with it?

Exactly, there’s no good reason not to.

If you want to spice up your laptop and have a few bucks to buy some decorative masking tape, keep reading!

DIY computer skin materials

Washi Tape Laptop Skin Materials

  • Scissors
  • Laptop
  • Washi Tape


Washi Tape laptop skin

Step 1: your Washi Tape

All you have to do is measure out your tape and cut it off at the edges.

Layering in pretty colors and patterns makes a nice skin.

When you’re finished, it should like something like the image below.


DIY laptop skin

I love how the Apple logo shines through the tape. It looks neat, especially with the bird pattern.


Washi Tape Laptop Cover

You could do it in all one color or just stick with a similar pattern.

Let me know what you think! Is there a pattern or color you’d prefer?

Happy crafting 🙂


DIY Desk Organizer From A Cereal Box

DIY desk organizer from a cereal box

I’m not a hoarder of all things; I don’t like to have a lot of possessions, but I do tend to hoard notebooks and sketchbooks like a madwoman. I know I’ll use them, so if I find good ones on sale I’ll buy them. Before I know it, I have stacks of them all over my desk. No one hates piles of stuff more than I do. That’s when I decided I needed a desk organizer.

I thought about buying one, or ten, but thought, I can make that myself. If I can upcycle something to make it, that’s even better!

I started digging for cereal boxes and found one that would fit (size wise) most of my notebooks. Perfect.

If you want to make one, you can follow along with my tutorial below. You don’t need much and it doesn’t take long.

DIY desk organizer materials

DIY Desk Organizer Materials

  • scissors
  • weights*
  • cereal box
  • Duck Tape
  • Hot melt glue and gun

*Weights are optional.


cut cereal box

Step 1: cut the cereal box

Cut the cereal box at an angle like in the image above. This is going to serve as the base for your organizer.


Weights for organizer

Step 2 (optional): add weight

You don’t have to add weights if you don’t want to. I was worried about the notebooks being too heavy and causing the organizer to tip over.

I used small tiles, but you can use whatever you want.


Duct Taped cereal box

Desk organizer with Duct Tape

Step 3: Duck Tape

Layer the Duck Tape onto the cereal box. Start with the solid color and then add the designer tape. Keep going until the box is covered.

I added tape around the rim as well to polish it off.


DIY desk organizer from a cereal box

When you’re finished, you’re notebooks and papers will have a home and your desk will be organized! For me, that’s a huge sigh of relief.

I’m thinking about making a few more. What do you think? Do you have a favorite Duck Tape design that you might use for this?

I was considering the woodgrain or black and white flower design.


DIY Upcycled Storage Box

cardboard box paint storage

This week, I got out my acrylic paints and the plastic bucket I keep them in broke right down the side. Paint tubes spilled out all over the floor. That was my inspiration for this week’s Make Something Monday’s craft project.  There’s a little bit of good in every situation, right?

Since I try to work on a lot of upcycled crafts, I had kept some cardboard shipping boxes from Christmas to reuse. I found one that would hold all of my paint and decided to turn it into a storage box. Now, I have to make a concerted effort to not buy any more paint because, as you can see, the box is pretty full (and I probably don’t need any more paint).

I’ve been trying to throw away less and reuse more and this is a great way to do it. I’m sure you have boxes stacked by the garbage to take out on trash day. Don’t do it! Get some decorative Duct Tape and turn them into pretty storage boxes.

upcycled storage box materials

DIY Storage Box Materials

  • Scissors
  • Duct Tape
  • Cardboard box

This might be the shortest materials list I’ve ever had for a craft.

Duct Tape decorated storage box

Step 1

Begin to layer the Duct Tape around the box in even strips.

Repeat until your box is covered OR move onto step 2.

decorative storage box

Step 2 (optional)

If you want, you can add a solid strip of Duct Tape to break up the design a bit.

upcycled box paint storage

Step 3

Pile in your stuff!

cardboard box paint storage

And you’re done!

I like this idea much more than throwing the boxes away. Do you know how much money people spend on storage boxes? Neither do I, but it’s too much. In my mind, the less crap I have the better. But I still have stuff that needs to be organized so I can find it. For that stuff, I use shoe boxes, shipping boxes, old jars and tins. That stuff is especially useful for storing my craft and art supplies.

So, next time you think about throwing away a cardboard box, take it to your closet instead, get some Duct Tape next time you’re out and beautify it. The tape is so great because there are so many designs, so many places to buy it and it lasts forever. I like to get my from hobby shops like Michael’s or Pat Catan’s, but you can get it at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, or somewhere else online. I believe they have a generic version at the Dollar Store, too.

Hope you all enjoyed! Happy crafting!