DIY Mini Duck Tape Coin Purse

DIY mini Duck Tape coin purse

Do you know what I hate? Searching for change in my car. There are coins everywhere, but I can never seem to find the one I’m looking for when I need it. It’s the one area of my life (not money, my car) where I could certainly improve on organization.

That’s why, for this Make Something Mondays craft, I’m making a change purse.

Why did I choose to make it out of Duck Tape? Great question. A few months ago I made a garbage bag for my car out of Duck Tape and I LOVE it. The material is strong and I can wash it, which is a great perk. I want the same thing from my change purse because money is very dirty.

Interested in making one with me? Follow the tutorial below.


Materials to make a Duck Tape mini purse

Coin Purse Materials

  • scissors
  • key ring
  • Duck Tape
  • plastic baggie
  • hole punch (optional)*

You can get all of the materials for your change purse from a craft shop like Michael’s. Or online. Your call.

Step 1: Duck Tape that baggie

Pull a strip of Duck Tape from the roll without cutting it off.

Stretch it around your baggie starting at the top. Using the zip lock part of the bag helps to keep the row straight.

Then, wrap it around the back and cut off the excess.

Repeat on the bottom half.

You’ll see in the next step that I added a solid black strip of tape. That’s totally optional. I just wanted some extra contrast.


Step 2: Duck Tape the top part of the baggie

Cut off a strip of Duck Tape the width of your bag.

Tape it to the top portion and fold it inside. Make sure you don’t cover the zip lock (like I did the first time)!


Decorative Duck Tape

Step 3: Cut off another section of Duck Tape

This piece doesn’t have to be a specific length. We’re going to make a handle with it, similarly to how we made our lanyard a few months ago.



Step 4: Fold the tape toward the center

Fold one side toward the center of the sticky side, and then fold in the other edge.


Step 5: fold your handle in half and tape it together

Fold that strip in half and seal it with some more Duck Tape.


purse made from Duct Tape

Step 6: Punch a hole in it

This is where the hole punch will come in handy, but you can do this with scissors too. Please be careful if you choose that route.

Punch a hole through the bottom of the handle and the top corner of your change purse.


small Duck Tape coin purse

Step 7: Insert the key ring

Insert your key ring and you’re done!


DIY mini Duck Tape coin purse

Viola! You have a change purse. It’s like magic, isn’t it?

Alright, maybe not magic. But it’s always fun to create new things, especially when it’s functional and cheap.

Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting!




5 thoughts on “DIY Mini Duck Tape Coin Purse

  1. Neat! $general here I come (I noticed they got all different colors in last month)
    I will be careful of the zip-lock too, whilst I get cheese gummed up in those all the time 😉

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