DIY Scrapbook Paper Pumpkins

diy scrapbook paper pumpkins

Happy fall! I’m not quite ready to let go of heat and sunshine, but I do looooove fall! I can’t wait to see the leaves changing and fall crafts are my favorite.

First up on the fall crafts list are these cute scrapbook paper pumpkins. I used to make these little 3D pumpkins, as you might have, in elementary school, but when you make them with scrapbook paper, it makes a world of difference. Construction paper doesn’t do it justice. Read the whole post

DIY Floral Embroidery Hoop Wreath

flower wreath from embroidery hoops

You know those cute floral wreaths that people hang on their front doors? They are so cute! I wanted to make my own version, but didn’t want to buy the wreath forms you get at the hobby shops.

I decided that using embroidery hoops was the best option. It works quite well and I saved a lot of money going that route. These are super cheap, like $2-$5 at Michaels or Amazon vs the wreath forms which can be $20-$30. Read the whole post

DIY Fall Vase with Pinecones

diy fall vase with pinecones

Like many of you, fall is my favorite season. I live in Pennsylvania, and fall is the most beautiful time of year here. The oranges, yellows and reds of the leaves are gorgeous!

I always want to bring those colors inside so I made a fall vase with flowers of those same colors, pinecones, and orange fillers. It looks great against our blue walls too since orange and blue are complimentary colors.

Grab the supplies below to make your own fall vase. Read the whole post

DIY Oui Jar Planters

oui jar planter craft

Oui is my favorite brand of yogurt, not just for the yogurt but for the reusable jars. I like making succulent planters out of them. A little spray paint goes a long way in transforming them from clear glass to rustic planters.

The textured spray paint, like stone, is the best for these. It has a natural earthy feel that brings the outdoors in.

You could also use these for home decor, centerpieces or gifts for holidays and birthdays. Read the whole post

Upcycling Projects for Everyday Throwaways

Today, June 24th is National Upcycling Day! and you know I love upcycling, so it’s a happy day!

What is National Upcycling Day

National Upcycling Day celebrates the idea of reusing, repurposing old items instead of throwing them away.

The word “upcycling” has been around since the 90’s but didn’t get much traction until 2002 when there was a push to throw away less. Since then, there have been a ton of YouTubers, crafters, bloggers, and every-day people working to reuse their stuff so we can all live sustainable lives and save our planet. Read the whole post

DIY Custom Painted Enamel Mug

DIY painted enamel mug

Do you remember jawbreakers? You know… the big ones with the “paint” splatter design? I used to love those! Apparently, my husband did too because he enlisted my help to customize an enamel mug with a similar design. I was more than happy to assist!

I was quite excited about this project and wanted it to look just like the candy designs. However, once we got started, we realized we wanted less puddles and more lines, so we changed direction a bit. Read the whole post

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Unfortunately, I think we can all agree that Christmas 2020 will be different. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t be with family or friends in some form or another. I’ve prepared some Christmas gift ideas to help you show your love and support! If you can’t share it in person, you can always mail it and unbox in a video chat.

Keep in mind that small businesses are suffering right now, so buying small or local is always helpful and very much appreciated. Read the whole post

DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

These hanging mason jar lanterns might be my favorite candle craft so far. It’s such a simple design and is easy to put together.

If you dig back through my decor projects, you’ll find quite a few relating to candles and/or mason jars. You could say I have a minor obsession. Obviously, if I can combine the two, that makes the experience so much better.

I chose to use LED candles, but you could use real ones if you wanted. Read the whole post

DIY Pumpkin Candles

diy pumpkin candle

Pumpkin candles are the easiest, cutest fall crafts! All you really need is a mini pumpkin, a knife, candle wax, and a wick.

Their small size makes them a nice addition to a mantel, table centerpiece, or a windowsill.

Oh, and there’s another perk to making these… the pumpkin seeds! You can roast them and eat them later and they’re just wonderful. I’ll be sharing a how-to on that topic later.

Okay, let’s get started!

Pumpkin Candle supplies

My content contains affiliate links to products I use and love. Read the whole post

DIY Halloween Luminaries

Halloween crafts are my favorite ones! Mostly because I love the color black (don’t judge) and candles for their luminescence. So many of them include at least one of those things. Today, I’m combining them and making these cute DIY Halloween Luminaries!

This is a great craft to do on your own or with kids. You might want to cut everything out in advance if you’re doing this with the little ones though. It works well because assembling doesn’t take long so it will keep their attention. Read the whole post