DIY Scrapbook Paper Pumpkins

diy scrapbook paper pumpkins

Happy fall! I’m not quite ready to let go of heat and sunshine, but I do looooove fall! I can’t wait to see the leaves changing and fall crafts are my favorite.

First up on the fall crafts list are these cute scrapbook paper pumpkins. I used to make these little 3D pumpkins, as you might have, in elementary school, but when you make them with scrapbook paper, it makes a world of difference. Construction paper doesn’t do it justice.

I feel like people always use orange paper to make pumpkins and it kind of makes me sad. This is your craft. If you like pink, or florescent green, or black, choose that color of scrapbook paper. Make it fun. It doesn’t have to be orange because pumpkins are orange. I choose patterns that were orange for my large pumpkin and some orange, yellow and gray for the small pumpkin.

This project is great because it’s quick, affordable and people of all ages can join in. You can make in these in 30 minutes or less. If you have kids around, they can help you choose and cut out the patterns.

Ok, grab the supplies and follow the steps below to upgrade your elementary school pumpkin crafting!

scrapbook paper pumpkin supplies

Scrapbook pumpkin supplies

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Step 1: download (or create) your stencil

Download and print the Pumpkin stencil. This is the download I used for mine and it was perfect!

Cut it out.

Step 2: trace the pumpkin onto the scrapbook paper

Trace the pumpkin pattern onto your scrapbook paper and cut it out to make your stencil. You need 3 minimum, 5 maximum.

If you’re using scrapbook paper that has a pattern on 1 side, you can fold your scrapbook paper in half, trace it and glue your pieces together. That was my method.

Step 3: fold and glue your patterns together

1 pattern should stay flat. This will be the base/center of your pumpkin.

Fold the rest of the patterns in half.

One by one, glue them to the center of your base.

scrapbook paper pumpkin stem

Step 4: roll the stem

For your stem, you’ll need a shorter piece of scrapbook paper. Decide how long you want the step to be and cut your paper to that length.

Grab a pencil and begin to roll your paper around it to create the stem. Cut it when you think it’s long enough and glue it in place.

scrapbook paper pumpkin

Step 5: glue the stem to the pumpkin

Glue around the bottom edges of your stem and place it on the top center of your pumpkin.

fall craft paper pumpkins

That’s it. Look how cute those pumpkins are!

fall paper crafts

What patterns of scrapbook paper would you pick? What colors do you think look best? I’d love to get your feedback so leave it in the comments below.

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