DIY Paper Happy Birthday Flag Banner

paper birthday flag banner

As I mentioned last week, my mom was putting together a card shower for my Grandma’s birthday. She asked if I would make a sign for the foam board she was going to display all of the cards on. Sounds like a Make Something Mondays craft, right?

It took some time to get everything together but it turned out well. Keep reading if you’d like to make you’re own. I made a template which is available below for you to download.



Paper flag banner materials

  • my templates below
  • scrapbook paper
  • glue stick
  • scissors

I suggest using scrapbook paper with a variety of designs. It makes for a fun banner.


Step 1: Download and print the templates

Right click on the images below and save. All three files are 8.5×11″ so you will be able to print on regular printer paper.

flag banner template

The larger flag on the template above is for the scrapbook paper cut outs.

The smaller flag is for reference. When you print the templates below, they should be the size of the the small one above. Or should at least fit within the scrapbook paper template.

flag banner template 2flag banner template 3


Print all 3 templates.

There are a few extra letters, just in case you need them.


homemade paper flag from scrapbook paper

Step 2: cut out the paper flags and pair them

Use the larger flag template to cut make the flags with scrapbook paper like the pink flag in the image above.


example diy paper flag

Step 2: glue them together

Glue the lettered flags inside of the scrapbook paper flags.


paper birthday flag banner

When you’re finished, you’ll have something that looks like the banner in the image above. You can punch holes in each flag and string them together, or you can glue them to a foam board. Whatever you like.

Hope you liked this project. Happy crafting!



8 thoughts on “DIY Paper Happy Birthday Flag Banner

  1. Clever. I would copy them head to head so they could be folded over string to hang up.
    Side note: what to do with my Altoids containers? It seems so wasteful to throw them away. I’m sure you’ve done something amazing with them.

  2. Thank you so much for making these for my foam board! Sorry I didn’t get you a good picture that you could show the finished product but trust me everyone, they were perfect.

    Love you,

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