DIY Spring-Inspired Abstract Wall Art

The Craft Challenge

This blog post is part of The Craft Challenge! If you want to learn more or are interested in joining the challenge, send a message to Emily from A Pop of Red.

DIY spring-inspired abstract wall art

This month, the Craft Challenge is a Springtime craft. I was originally planning to make Duck Tape flowers, but I changed my mind.

Spring is a time to get out of the depression of the cold winter months. That means blooming flowers, bright colors and spring cleaning. Read the whole post

Spring Craft: DIY Herb Garden Painted and Labeled Planters

The Craft Challenge

This post is part of The Craft Challenge. If you’re interested in learning more about the challenge, you can read about it here.
DIY painted planters with labels

While deciding what I wanted to make for the Spring portion of The Craft Challenge, I kept coming back to flowers. But I didn’t want to use flowers because I painted them last week. What’s more Spring-y than flowers?

I’ve wanted an herb garden for a long time, and Spring is a good time to buy herbs. Read the whole post

DIY Spring Wreath With Flowers

DIY spring wreath with flowers

I asked my mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day and she said a wreath. Then, she sent me to her Pinterest board with a bunch of wreaths she recently pinned. “Something like those”, she said. All of them were flower wreaths, mostly with tulips and other spring flowers. So I went to Pat Catan’s and searched for an arrangement that might look good together. You didn’t think I was going to buy it if I could make it, did you?  Read the whole post

DIY Spring Wreath With Flowers

Spring Wreath DIY under $10

My fall wreath has been hanging on my door for entirely too long. I’ve been meaning to take it down for a while but, I needed something pretty to replace it with. Ideally something spring-inspired because I’m about done with all of this snow and 20 degree weather. So, if you are feeling the same way, you can take a big leap into spring as well. At least from an inspirational standpoint…

DIY wreath materialsThings You Will Need:
Ribbon 1yd
Extra fabric*
Hot glue gun*
Wreath frame
Decorative flowers

*These materials are not pictured in the image above but are necessary for the DIY project. Read the whole post

Flower Petal Window Art

flower petalsThis project is a really neat idea, especially since spring is right around the corner (we can only hope). I found this fun project on The Artful Parent today. All you do is lay out flower petals on contact paper and stick it to a glass window. It looks fantastic! Go check it out on that blog for more images though. It could be a great project to do with your kids, if they have the patience. Read the whole post