DIY Spring Wreath With Flowers

Spring Wreath DIY under $10

My fall wreath has been hanging on my door for entirely too long. I’ve been meaning to take it down for a while but, I needed something pretty to replace it with. Ideally something spring-inspired because I’m about done with all of this snow and 20 degree weather. So, if you are feeling the same way, you can take a big leap into spring as well. At least from an inspirational standpoint…

DIY wreath materialsThings You Will Need:
Ribbon 1yd
Extra fabric*
Hot glue gun*
Wreath frame
Decorative flowers

*These materials are not pictured in the image above but are necessary for the DIY project.

wrapping ribbon around wreath

wreath with ribbon

Step 1:
Glue one side of your ribbon to the wreath frame and begin to wrap in around until you run out.

FYI: If you only use 1 yard of 1″ ribbon, you won’t make it the whole way around the wreath. You could buy two yards of ribbon, or you could add some scrap fabric to the open end like I do in the following step.

added material

Step 2:
Cut and position some scrap fabric over the open area of the wreath. I hot glued my fabric (because I’m too lazy to sew it).

wreath with decorative flowers

Step 3:
Arrange the flowers so that they cover the extra piece of fabric. Start glueing on the flowers until you have something like in the above image.

5 Moves to Prevent Plantar FasciitisHang it up with, you guessed it, some more ribbon, and you’ve got yourself a fun spring-inspired wreath.It is much better having a reminder that spring is coming and winter HAS to be ending at some point.

Hope you like this one! Happy crafting!

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