DIY Glass Keychain

DIY keychains

If you have the choice to buy something that customized or templatized and both are the same price, which one are you going to pick? Right, customized, because we all would all rather have something unique. That’s part of the reason I like DIY projects so much!

These diy glass keychains are perfect for customization! They’re quick and easy to make, you can use any design you want and they make great gifts.

I used scrapbook paper for each of my keychains, but you could print out your own designs like I did for the DIY bookmarks I made a few years ago or even use material from a bridesmaids dress for a more sentimental gift. There are a lot of options.

DIY keychain materials

DIY keychain materials

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designs for customized keychain

Step 1: cut a scrapbook paper circle

Cut out a 1″ circle the size of the glass orb in your scrapbook paper.

glass orb with glueglass orb

Step 2: glue the scrapbook paper to the glass orb

Put a small dot of Diamond Glaze on the back of the glass orb and press the design side of the scrapbook paper against the glue.

Let it dry for a few minutes.

jewelry bezel for glass keychain

Step 3: press the glass orb into the bezel

Put a drop of Diamond Glaze on the back of the glass orb and press it into the bezel.

Let it dry.

homemade glass keychains

Step 4: attach the bezel to the keychain

Attach the jump ring and keychain top to the bezel.

DIY glass keychain

When you’re finished, you’ll have a uniquely designed DIY keychain that you can keep for yourself or give as a gift. You could even order the materials for the keychains and make them on a weekend with friends while drinking some wine (or soda, or whatever you like).

DIY customized keychains

Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting! 🙂

28 thoughts on “DIY Glass Keychain

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  2. where did you get the glass orbs? i am having trouble finding them on amazon. is there a store you can buy them from, like michaels?
    could all these supplies be found at michaels?

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  14. Hi! I was wondering if you’ve tried Judikins Diamond Glaze on ink jet printed paper (regular, and/or photographic printed paper). My concern is if it smudges, bleeds or smears the images that I want to use for the keychains. Thank you!

    • Hi, I imagine it would work if you printed and let the ink dry before applying the Diamond Glaze. I’ve used photo paper before and it works fine. However, it’s extra shiny so I prefer to print on regular printer paper. I hope that’s helpful!

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