DIY Winter Gnome Wreath

Christmas gnome wreath on front door

Gnomes and wreaths might be my favorite Christmas/winter decor pieces. I’m not sure why but the gnome’s plump body and little round nose is adorable. I had to use both in at least one craft this year. Fortunately, my friend makes and sells gnomes every year around the holidays so I asked her to make me a small one for this project.

This craft is super easy which makes it perfect for the beginner, and it takes about 15 minutes to assemble.

Grab the supplies listed and follow the steps below to make your own.

Christmas gnome wreath supplies

DIY gnome wreath supplies

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embroidery hoop crafts

Step 1: Separate your embroidery hoop

Loosen the metal piece at the top and pull the middle section out.

Step 2: Cut a fabric circle the size of your large hoop

Trace the large embroidery hoop on the back of the fabric.

Cut it out.

Step 3: Secure your fabric circle inside the embroidery hoops

Place the fabric over the large hoop. Make sure it’s centered.

Then, place the small hoop inside the large hoop, securing the fabric between the pieces.

Tighten the metal piece at the top to hold them in place.

This will become your wreath!

If you have a stray pieces of fabric sticking out, use your fingernail or a small thin object to push it back inside.

gnome on red plaid fabric

Step 4: Glue the gnome against the fabric

Glue your gnome onto the fabric toward the bottom of the wreath. I like the beard to be flowing over the bottom.

Step 5: Glue the pine and berries to the wreath

Hot glue the pine and berries to the hoop starting at the bottom and working your way up.

Step 6: Twist the ribbon and glue it around the top half of the wreath

Starting under one of the pieces of pine, glue the end of the ribbon to the wreath.

Then, make a loop and glue that section to the wreath.

Repeat the process until you have made your way to the other end of the wreath and glue it under the pine.

Now, make a bow and glue it to the very top to finish your wreath.

gnome wreath DIY
gnome wreath craft ideas

Look at that! Isn’t it fun!? I love this little gnome wreath. What I love even more is how easy it is to make it.

I’d love to get your thoughts so leave them in the comments. 😀

Happy crafting!

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