DIY Wood Snowman and Scarecrow Reversible Holiday Decor


Some people go all out decorating for the holidays, and it always looks amazing. But I always wonder where the heck the store their decorations in the off season? I have an apartment, so storing decorations is not a viable option.

However, this type of decoration is more my style because it’s a two in one kind of deal… snowman on one side and scarecrow on the other. That means I can use it for more than a month at a time. Score!

My mom requested this one though, so she is the lucky winner of this reversible decor piece. It’s better that way. I get to make fun things and she gets to display find storage for it. Everyone is happy. Thanks Mom!

This was a fun project but I had some small hiccups along the way. I’ll walk you through the fixes, just in case you run into the same problems.

Also, be aware that this craft project takes a good bit of time to complete due to drying time for the paint.

Grab the supplies below and follow the tutorial to make your own.

reversible scarecrow snowman supplies

Reversible holiday decor supplies

  • newspaper
  • wood glue
  • cup of water
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • paint palette
  • 5 pieces of wood
  • sealant (optional)
  • black Sharpie (highly recommended)
  • lots of paper towels (highly recommended)

Paint colors: brown, dark brown, black, white, orange. Pink if you want rosey cheeks.


Glue wood together

Step 1: glue 3 pieces of wood together

Lay down some newspaper and glue together 3 of the 5 pieces of wood.

Let it dry.

Tip: the glue can get messy, but if you get Elmer’s wood glue, it’s water-based, so you can use a damp paper towel or rag to wipe it off the top and the bottom after it dries.

Depending on your surface area, you might want to put some heavy objects on top of the wood to help keep the pieces even while they dry.


painted wood pieces

Step 2: paint the loose wood pieces

Grab the two wood pieces you put off to the side. Paint one dark brown and one black.

Let it dry.


snowman crafts

Step 3: paint the snowman

Now that the wood is adhered together and the glue is cleaned up, paint the bottom 2/3 white and the top 1/3 black. You will probably need a few coats of each.

Don’t worry about getting those lines totally even. It will be covered up soon.

Let it dry.


snowman painted on wood

Step 4: finish the snowman’s hat

Glue the black piece of wood across the black and white paint line. Tilt the wood to give it some character. This will be the snowman’s hat.

Let it dry.


scarecrow painted on wood

Step 5: make the scarecrow

Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other side using the brown and dark brown.

Then glue the brown wood piece across the front.

Let it dry.


scarecrow fall decor

Step 6: give the snowman and scarecrow faces

If you’re brave, paint on the faces. My first attempt was with paint. It kind of worked, but I ended up using a Sharpie to clean up the edges. You could also use Sharpie for the whole thing, excluding the nose. Either way works.

Let it dry.

When the faces and finished and dry, spray a coat or two of sealant over each side to ensure longevity.



Set your new reversible holiday decor out and enjoy!

I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave your feedback in the comments below.

Happy crafting!


The Craft Challenge

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DIY Snowman Magnet

DIY Snowman Magnet

Everyone likes a DIY project that’s cheap and easy. I don’t think it gets any easier than this. This cute DIY snowman magnet took no more than 5 minutes to make (excluding drying time) and costed less than $1. How’s that for do-it-yourself Christmas decor?

Materials for DIY Snowman Magnet

Things You Will Need
Glass pebble
Diamond glaze
Construction paper

All of these materials can be bought at the Dollar Store.

trace glass globe

Step 1
Trace your glass pebble on the construction paper and cut it out.

Snowman magnet in progress

Step 2
Flip the cut out piece over and draw two round dots on it with your pen. These are going to be the snowman’s buttons.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have all three pieces of the snowman.

Adhere magnet to glass globe

Step 3
Put a drop of glue on the back of the glass pebble and lay the circle of construction paper (face down) on top of the glue.

Let that dry and repeat with the magnet.

Let it dry for an hour or two.

DIY Snowman Magnet

When everything is dry, go ahead and stick it to your fridge.

This is such a good project to do with kids. They’ll love to draw the snowman’s face, for sure! Make a few of them. You could even draw a scene on some paper and put your new snowman magnets on top of it.

DIY snowman magnet on winter scene

Happy crafting!

DIY Gift Bag from Scrapbook Paper

DIY Paper gift bags

So many friends and family members are getting married or having birthdays and I keep trying to think of new ways to decorate their gift bags and boxes. Of course, it’s easier to go to the store and buy a gift bag, but I’d rather make one myself. I gave a gift recently that was tall and skinny and was trying to think if the best way to present it. I decided to make my own bag out of scrapbook paper. The black and white bag in the picture above is the one I chose. The brown one is cute, but the design didn’t suit her as well.

You don’t need much to make it and it takes about 2 minutes to complete.

diy gift bag materials

Things You Will Need
Hole puncher
Scrapbook paper

paper gift bag directions

Step 1
Find the center of your paper and fold both ends into that center point.
Tape both ends together.

fold over paper

Step 2
Fold the bottom of the paper up about two inches.

folded bottom of paper bag

Step 3
Open the folded part up and fold down the sides like in the image above.

Taped bottom

Step 4
Fold the top and bottom to the center and tape them together.

Top of gift bag

gift bag with bow

Step 5
Fold the top of the paper down about an inch.
Punch a hole on each side of the paper and tie a ribbon through for some extra flare! You can always tie a gift tag in the ribbon as well.

DIY Paper gift bags

The thicker the paper you choose, the more durable the gift bag will be. So if you’re giving a gift that is a bit heavier or needs extra support, go with a card stock paper rather than your typical scrapbook paper.

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s DIY project!

Happy crafting (and gift giving)!

DIY Holiday Card

Holiday CardIt is amazing what scrapbook paper can do for you, in terms of design. This is one of the easiest Christmas cards that I’ve ever made. Some people don’t like the overt holiday cards with red and green decorations all over them, and I  have to agree. I like this one because it reminds me of the holidays but it isn’t an in-your-face design.

Holiday card materialsThings You Will Need:
Exacto knife
Scrapbook paper

Folded CardStep 1:
Choose your scrapbook paper and fold it to the size of your desired holiday card.

DIY Holiday Card


Step 2:
This step is optional, but I think it adds a bit more to the inside of the card. Cut out two pieces of scrapbook paper, about the size of the inside of one side of the card. So, these will line the top and bottom of the right side of the card.

Tape or glue them into place.

Holiday Card


Step 3:
If you have a calligraphy pen, you can use it for your message on the front and inside of the card. If you don’t have one, you can use a regular pen.

DIY Christmas CardNow you have a cute, customized Christmas/Holiday card to give out to family or friends!

Happy crafting!





A Holiday Question For My Readers


For the past two years I have posted DIY gifts every Monday throughout December because people really seem to like to make gifts on their own if possible. But, now, I’m noticing that people also really enjoy making holiday decorations, rather than buying them, if possible. So, I need your help here. If you could answer the poll below, it would be a big help. I do this for you guys, so it makes sense that I ask you what you want to see! If there is anything in particular that you want to learn how to make, leave me a comment and I will do my best to make it happen!

Thanks everyone!!

DIY Holiday Centerpiece

DIY Holiday CenterpieceThe holidays are coming up. That means snow, holiday music, and of course decorating. If you’ve been following Make Something Mondays for a while, you know that I am not a huge fan of holiday decorating. But, there is one piece of advice that I’ve been given over the years that has really helped my blog. “If you can’t beat them, join them.” I don’t like decorating, but I like crafting. So, if I use the holidays to inspire my crafts, then I seem to enjoy them more. And my audience seems to enjoy them. That makes me happy. So, here we go!

DIY holiday centerpiece materialsThing You Will Need:
Clear bowl
White sand
Pine needles
Colorful ornament balls

*optional (not pictured)

Glitter snowStep 1:
Pour the white sand into the bowl. If you chose to use glitter you can pour that in now as well. Shake it up or stir in the glitter.

Winter CenterpieceStep 2:
Start adding in your decorative elements. I added the ornament balls first, then some cinnamon-scented pinecones, then pine needles.

I added a second layer of silver glitter over the holiday decorations  for more of a winter effect.

DIY Holiday CenterpieceCheck that out! $8 and 10 mins later and you have a lovely winter-inspired holiday centerpiece. This craft would’ve costed $6 if I wouldn’t have used the pinecones that I bought for my DIY Fall-Inspired Wreath. If you live in an area like I do, the pine trees are prevalent, so you will be able to find what you need out in nature. Take advantage of that!

Happy crafting!