DIY Duck Tape Lanyard

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diy duck tape lanyard
Do you ever lose your keys?

I do at least twice/wk. And it’s the only thing, most of the time.

I needed something to make my keys stand out more. Maybe a lanyard? Yeah that sounded good. Do stores even sell those anymore? I wasn’t about to shop for a lanyard I probably wouldn’t like. You guessed it… I made my own.

Materials are super cheap and it took about 5 minutes to craft the lanyard. It’s surprisingly easy, too, considering the stickiness of the Duck Tape.

You should definitely make one! Follow the steps below.

make your own lanyard materials

Lanyard Materials

  • Scissors
  • Duck Tape
  • Keys

Step 1: size the Duck Tape

Stretch out your tape and cut down to the size you want.

I chose a smaller lanyard, but you pick what will work best for you.

folded duck tape
soon-to-be lanyard

Step 2: fold it

Lay the tape on a flat surface, face up. Fold one half into the center.

Then, fold the other half inward. Make sure you overlap the edges a little bit to keep from leaving the sticky side exposed.

Cut the ends to even them out if you want.
diy lanyard

Step 3: loop it

Hold the two ends between your fingers so that the Duck Tape forms a loop.

Match up your ends and fold them over (like in the image above) to form a smaller loop.
diy lanyard from duck tape

Step 4: fasten it

Adhere the smaller loop to the rest of the lanyard with another piece of Duck Tape.


key lanyard made with duck tape
That’s it!

Attach your keys and you’re done.


make your own lanyard
I love it 👍

Let me know what you think and don’t forget to check out Emily’s and Erika’s crafts too. Their projects will be posted sometime today.

Happy crafting.

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