Leonid Afremov- Oil Painter

So, there’s this artist… Leonid Afremov. He is AMAZING. He paints only with oil and a palette knife and creates something new every day of his life. His work is original and phenomenal at the same time. The colors are brilliant and uplifting and I can’t get enough.


Leonid according to Deviant Art:

“I’m a professional artist. i paint with palette knife with oil on canvas. Art is my life and I paint every single day. it makes me happy to see people enjoying my art. God gave me a gift of being able to paint good and I thank him for that everyday buy painting and having my art affordable to buy. I was born in city of Vitebsk in 1955. Amazingly enough I was born in the same town as Marc Chagall, the famous artist who also founded the Vitebsk Art School along with Malevich & Kandinsky. I graduated from Vitebsk Art School in 1978 and is one of the elite members.

I tried different techniques during my career, but I especially fell in love with painting with oil and pallette-knife. Every artwork is the result of long painting process; every canvas is born during the creative search; every painting is full of my inner world. Each of my paintings brings different moods, colors and emotions. I love to express the beauty, harmony and spirit of this world in my paintings. My heart is completely open to art. Thus, I enjoy creating inspired and beautiful paintings from the bottom of my soul. Each of my artworks reflects my feelings, sensitivity, passion, and the music from my soul. True art is alive and inspired by humanity. I believe that art helps us to be free from aggression and depression.

Currently my art is being collected all over the world. There are many pleased collectors in the USA, Israel, Italy, France, England, Spain, Norway, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Presently it is just enough to type my name in an internet search engine to discover the value and magnificence of my Art.”















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43 thoughts on “Leonid Afremov- Oil Painter

  1. I HAVE PURCHASED THREE OF HIS PAINTINGS FOR WEDDING PRESENTS FOR MY NIECES AND NEPHEWS….highly COLLECTIBLE FOR OUR GENERATION . Megan, you are very good too—in fact your tree of dots (reflecting this artists’ style) is wonderful.
    I too paint everyday, but I labor over the same painting for weeks on end. I don’t think I will ever be called a “prolific” artist.

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  5. You know, I have seen these paintings before as desktop wallpaper, but now I can peg a name to the artist! I’ve always thought the use of vibrant and complementary colors was great!

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  7. see the painting with the arched bridge and the wide range of colours with the houses in the background ….what is the name of the painting?

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