Leonid Afremov Paintings

I have posted Leonid Afremov’s paintings before but I have to do it again. His work is so amazing.

Leonid is a professional artist. He paints only with a palette knife and oil paints. I can’t get over how amazing the work is. Leonid was born in Vitebsk in 1955. He paints every day and posts work in many places. I like to look at his work on Deviant Art but it is all over the internet. You will find hundreds of search results for him.

Check out his work:
Deviant Art

the_melody_of_the_night_by_leonidafremov-d5i9kig lighthouse___leonid_afremov___piece_sold_by_leonidafremov-d5c2uxx paris_flight__leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d57diqj rainy_encounter___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d57dhlw amsterdam___the_release_of_happi___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d54at8w venice___grand_canal___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d54aszn naples___vesuvius___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d54arzd italy___liguria___leonid_afremov_by_leonidafremov-d54arul


16 thoughts on “Leonid Afremov Paintings

  1. Your blog is as beautiful as it is inspirational! It has made me want to do MORE hands on activities in my free time. I can’t wait to show some home made goods the we’ve made here in my home!

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