I made a new investment… and it is AMAZING! It is called a Fuf but it is really a giant bean bag filled with memory foam. It is my new favorite love 🙂

packaged fufThis is what it looked like I took it out of the package.



expanded fufThis is what it looked like after I fluffed it up a bit.



Fuf largeThis is what it looked like when I came home from work today (less than a day after I brought it home).

It is supposed to expand for up to 1 week. WOW! If it gets much bigger I’m not sure what I am going to do with it. It is already 6 ft long!

This bag was created by a company called Comfort Research. Check them out if you are interested. They not only make Fufs but they also make smaller bean bags, Big Joe Collection Chairs, and Video Game Chairs (which are pretty cool). I want one of each 🙂




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