DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Unfortunately, I think we can all agree that Christmas 2020 will be different. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t be with family or friends in some form or another. I’ve prepared some Christmas gift ideas to help you show your love and support! If you can’t share it in person, you can always mail it and unbox in a video chat.

Keep in mind that small businesses are suffering right now, so buying small or local is always helpful and very much appreciated. Etsy is a great place to look if you can’t find what you’re looking for nearby.

If you want to make your own gifts, I have some ideas listed toward the bottom! There’s a tutorial for each DIY project to make life easier.


Gifts to Buy

Leather Wallets by SoGoodSoWood on Etsy

The simplicity of these beautiful distressed leather wallets is what makes them so appealing! They come in 6 colors and you can choose the layout and interior of the wallet as well. Don’t forget personalization! If wallets aren’t up your alley, take a look around the shop. They specialize in leather goods so you’ll find a variety of gift ideas like purses, dog collars, flasks, and much more.

Pink & Navy Blue Triptych Wall Art by SEMELART

Why don’t people ever gift art for Christmas? If you know someone’s style well enough, it’s a fantastic idea! These modern pink and blue wall art designs are printable so you can frame them yourself and wrap them up. It’s a nice budget-friendly idea ($13.95) that will keep their room bright and inviting for years to come.

Netflix Binge Watching Blanket from JZCreatives

I bought this blanket for a friend for Christmas this year and I couldn’t stop touching it! I ended up buying another one. It’s so soft and lightweight making it a nice option for hot or cold weather Netflix blinging.


Your loved ones might not be traveling much right now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love a tumbler that keeps their hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. This one is great because it’s a sustainable option that can be used over and over. It’s super cute too with that bamboo lid!



Grow Positive Thoughts Tshirt from SNHDesignByUs

Who doesn’t need some positivity right now? This adorable shirt reminds us all to have a positive mind. It’s made with a cotton and polyester blend (aka super soft) and comes in a bunch of colors.


Sock Gnome Holiday Decor by Locust Street Market

These little gnomes are the most adorable things ever made from socks. I’m in love! My friend owns this Etsy shop and I’ve bought two of these from her already this season. I know they are made well and look just as adorable as in the pictures. (Keep an eye out for a craft I’ll be making later this month with one of her gnome ornaments.) They would make great gifts too! I plan to keep mine out year-round… don’t judge.


DIY Ideas

DIY Headphone Organizer

Clothespin headphone organizer

Serious question: How many people do you know who don’t use headphones? I can’t think of too many. So make a DIY headphone organizer to help them transport their headphones without getting knots in the wires.


DIY Glass Orb Keychain

DIY customized keychains

Want something a little more visually exciting? Make your recipient a  DIY keychain. Choose your favorite scrapbook paper and get to work. You could even use a monogram to make it a bit more personal. 


DIY Orange Cream Lip Balm


Tis the season for chapped lips. Most people are going to appreciate any opportunity to add some moisture. Follow the steps in this tutorial to make your own orange cream lip balm. The best part, you can make many tubes at once so you can give these to multiple people. Tutorials are also available for grapefruit and peppermint lip balm.


DIY Beard Balm

diy manly beard balm

Know a man with a beard? Of course, you do! I bet the skin underneath is pretty itchy in this cold weather. Be a doll and make him some homemade beard balm. It’s made with moisturizing ingredients that are sure to soothe that skin. By the way, I made this a few years ago and am happy to say it is husband approved.


DIY Beard Oil

DIY manly beard oil

While you’re at it, make some beard oil for him too. No one ever complained about smelling good and moisturizing, right? This one is also husband approved. (He would definitely tell me if he didn’t like it.)


DIY Photo Coasters

wedding gift photo coasters

These are the best. Find some memorable photos and make these adorable coasters to gift. Whoever you give them to will love them. You could even substitute festive scrapbook paper for the photos!


DIY Wooden Ring Box

diy ring box

I made this ring box for a friend last Christmas and she loved it! You can get the supplies (including the box) at any craft store and put the whole thing together in a few hours. Set up Netflix, grab a drink and make a night of it.


DIY Cookie Jar

diy cookie mason jar gift

Don’t have time to make cookies for everyone? Layer the ingredients into a large jar and tie on directions with a bow. There you have it. A real cookie jar.


DIY Succulent Planters

diy triangle planter

These succulent planters are the perfect affordable gift because they’re bright and happy. We all need some greenery anyway. Paint some snowflakes for the holidays or match their room colors!


DIY Gift Card Envelope

DIY Gift Card Holder

If you really, really don’t have time to buy something or make something, you’re a procrastinator and should be ashamed of yourself. Just kidding! Buy a gift card and spice it up with scrapbook paper. It offers a homemade element that people will enjoy. You can get the printables at the post in the link above.

Oh, and print out the holiday gift tags below so you don’t have to buy them.

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags


I hope that you found something you’d love to give in this list! At the very least, I hope it gave you some ideas for Christmas gifts. What are you giving this year? Leave your feedback in the comments!

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  1. Cool 😉 I use a check-book I made years ago out of an old cowboy boot stitched with waxed sinew an raw hide. And use a money-clip. Non of my friends in Tennessee have money, ID. or visa ❗️ Thanks for the idea though 🎅

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