DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

These hanging mason jar lanterns might be my favorite candle craft so far. It’s such a simple design and is easy to put together.

If you dig back through my decor projects, you’ll find quite a few relating to candles and/or mason jars. You could say I have a minor obsession. Obviously, if I can combine the two, that makes the experience so much better.

I chose to use LED candles, but you could use real ones if you wanted. Just make sure you pick a votive or tealight so the flame doesn’t come out of the jar. Since we’re using wood for the base, that would be bad news.

How might you want to use these hanging lanterns? Here are a few ideas:

  • indoor decor for community spaces or entryways
  • lighting for power outages
  • set the mood for weddings or other events
  • As nightlights (LED version only)

If you want to learn how to make a hanging lantern, just grab the supply list and follow the steps below!

mason jar lantern craft supplies

Hanging lantern craft supplies

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stained wood pieces

Step 1: stain the wood

Choose your favorite stain color (I used espresso) and stain your wood piece(s). Above, you’ll see a before and after.

Follow the instructions on your can to apply and clean up the stain. You’ll want to let this sit for a while to dry.

iron hook for hanging lantern

Step 2: drill the hook to the wood

Now that your stain has dried, go ahead a drill the hook to your wood base. If you wood is on the thinner side, make sure you go slow so it doesn’t splinter.

Step 3: add the frame hanger strips

Adhere the frame strips to the back of your wood piece and press firmly. Then, hang it in your preferred location. I chose the hallway.

mason jar lantern

Turn on (or light) your candle, place it in the mason jar and hang it up.

How stinkin cute is that?! I can’t get over the beauty you can find in simplicity. It makes me want to cover my walls in mason jar lanterns. I won’t, I promise… but the urge is definitely there.

I’d love to get your thoughts! Do you like these lanterns? Would you make your own? Have you already? Comment below.

Happy crafting!

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