DIY Beaded Charm Necklace

DIY beaded necklace

I’ve had the materials to make this necklace for weeks now and was finally able to fit it into my DIY schedule. Yay!

It’s sooo easy to make and costs less than $5 (unless you want a really fancy chain.) It also took about 15 minutes to put together, so the next time you need a necklace when going out and you don’t like any of the ones you have, consider making this one.

diy charm necklace

Things You Will Need

Chain (1)
Beads (9)
Jump rings (11)

bead charm

Step 1

Connect 3 jump rings together and attach 3 beads. You can use 1 bead per jump ring or mix it up, depending on the look you prefer.

Continue to add jump rings and beads until you run out.

beaded charm

When you’re done you should have something like the above photo. It makes a pretty cute charm.

DIY beaded necklace

Step 2

Add a chain.

hanging fashion necklace

Let me know what you think!!

At the end of the month, the Craft Challenge post is going to be a DIY jewelry challenge. If you want to see something specific let me know, because I have no ideas yet.

Happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “DIY Beaded Charm Necklace

  1. I’ve similar kinds of necklaces and they always get the most compliments. I like getting the big tub of glass beads at the craft store and putting scads of necklaces. It mainly costs time because materials cost so little. I love going by jewelry racks and seeing how much I’ve saved by the DIY method. You’ve inspired me to make another one!

    • That’s great to hear! I appreciate you sharing. It’s always nice to know that I’ve inspired someone. I do the same thing. Most of the jewelry I own is DIYed. Why buy something when I can make it myself and spend less? I can customize it, too. It’s a no brainer 😄 I’d love to see your new necklace when you finish it!

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