DIY Promotional Bottle Cap Magnets

DIY Bottle Cap Magnets

I apologize for the late posting! My glue didn’t dry as fast as I thought it would so I wasn’t able to post pictures before I left for work. Then, when I got home, my memory card decided to break 🙁 So, I took pictures of the magnets with my phone and have none from the actual process. But I still have the step-by-step-tutorial below. I tried to be as descriptive as possible and added links to the supplies.

I’ve wanted to make bottle cap magnets for a long time, but I always forget to keep my bottle caps. Today, when I was at the craft store, I found caps and got really excited. It just so happens that my boyfriend is starting a brewery that will be opening later this year and I thought these would be perfect for them to give away at beerfests.

Things You Will Need:

Super Glue

Bottle caps
Dimensional Magic glue

1″ Hole punch or scissors
Photos/scrapbook paper/personal design

Step 1

Glue your magnet to the back of your bottle cap with the Super Glue.

Step 2

Cut out your design into a circle that will fit inside of your bottle cap.

Step 3

Glue your design into the bottle cap with the design face up.

Let it dry.

Step 4

Squeeze in a layer of the 3D glaze.

Let it dry.

noble stein magnet

bottle cap Noble Stein magnet

When you’re finished you will have some lovely personalized bottle cap magnets! Perfect for your own photography, business promotion or just to add a little style to your fridge. They would make a nice gift, too!

Let me know what you think!

Happy crafting! I’m off to buy a new memory card.

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