Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Is it almost Father’s Day already? I feel like that just happened.

I’m sure there are many of you who feel the same way. Did you get Dad something yet? Of course not. Because you had a million things to do this week and now it’s Friday night. You could go to the mall and buy him something he doesn’t really want that he probably won’t use… or you could make something yourself. Something he will appreciate more because it’s from the heart.

Dad’s like that kind of stuff. They like to make things and work with their hands. I know I’m stereotyping, but my dad is very much like that. He would appreciate anything, but probably something more personal. Honestly, I’d be surprised if he remember Father’s Day was coming up. (No offense, Dad, but it took you about a week to notice I chopped 8 inches off my hair.) Anyway, I digress.

You know you want to get him something he’ll use, but you waited until the last minute, so you think you have to go buy something. False. You can make any of these gifts pretty quickly. Give them a try and let me know how it goes.

These are all DIYs from my blog over the years, so I know they’re going to work out. No mishaps, no surprises. Click each image for the tutorial!

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them 🙂

Gifts He Will Actually Use

Manly beard oil

I know that not all men have beards. But this is a great gift for the ones who do. My boyfriend will vouch for it. He loves this stuff.

DIY manly beard oil

Device Charging Station

Does your dad have a ton of devices? Make this for him so that he can charge everything in one place. There won’t be cords everywhere either. This is a good one for the neat freaks, too.

phone charging station

Sketchbook Pen Holder

Maybe he’s an artist. If so, he might enjoy a handmade pen holder that fits nicely around his sketchbook. The hardest part about this craft is going to be getting his sketchbook away long enough to measure it without him noticing.

DIY sketchbook pencil holder

Dad’s Stache Jar

I made this for my dad last year for Father’s Day. He wouldn’t tell me if he needed anything so I bought gift cards to his favorite stores (or most useful stores) and decorated a jar for him. I think he enjoyed it.

Father's Day Dad's Stache Jar

Peppermint Flavored Lip Balm

I know it might seem ridiculous to buy a man lip balm, but some of them are addicts, seriously. If your dad is one of them, he might enjoy this one. I made this stuff a year ago and I won’t EVER go back to Chapstick, or any other store-bought version of it. This stuff is awesome and costs about $.08 a tube. You can’t beat that.

DIY peppermint lip balm


Some things are meant for entertainment purposes only.

Shadow Box Memories

If you know of a specific memory your dad cherishes, make a shadow box as a reminder for him. Maybe it was a baseball game or night at the movies. Get some small objects that are reminiscent of that memory and put them in the shadow box. He will love it!

DIY Shadow Box Memories

Redneck Wine/Beer Glasses

If you dad likes his alcohol, make him some fancy glasses to drink it out of. You pour beer out of the bottle anyway, right? These are super easy to make and won’t cost you more than $5. Two mason jars, two candlestick holders and some super glue (waterproof). He might laugh at you, but he will use them.

DIY Redneck Wine Glasses

Candy-Infused Vodka

Back to that alcohol… Did you know that you can infuse vodka with any kind of candy and it will taste awesome? Try it. It does’t have to be candy canes like I did in this one. It could be Lemonheads, Root Beer Barrels or whatever he likes.

DIY candy cane vodka

Maybe He Likes Food More

If he likes food more than things, he might like a few of these.

Butterfinger Rice Krispies

These are the BEST Rice Krispies treats I have ever had. I can’t remember who gave me the recipes, but I made too many of them one day. So, I took the leftovers to work and they were devoured in a few minutes. I got great feedback!

Butterfinger Rice Krispies treats

Cinnamon Loaf French Toast

Is he a breakfast eater? This french toast is awesome. I used to make it all the time (then I got too lazy to make breakfast).

DIY Cinnamon Loaf French Toast

Candied Pecans

I made these for my dad last year for Christmas and he finished them pretty quickly. Then, he asked me to make more. They’re yummy, I promise.

Candied pecans

The Gift Is Only Half The Battle

Don’t forget the gift box/bag! You might not have one of those sitting around, but you might have some scrapbook paper.

Box From Scrapbook Paper

DIY paper gift box

Gift Bags From Scrapbook Paper

DIY Paper gift bags

Gift Card Holder From Scrapbook Paper

If you got him a gift card, don’t forget about the neat holders you can make with scrapbook paper! It only takes a few minutes to put it together.

DIY Gift Card Holder

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  1. Love the “Dad’s Stache” container. Pinning that one! I am also making some shadowboxes for my husband but instead of memories, I am filling them with imagery from some of his favorite video games. 🙂

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