DIY Oui Jar Planters

oui jar planter craft

Oui is my favorite brand of yogurt, not just for the yogurt but for the reusable jars. I like making succulent planters out of them. A little spray paint goes a long way in transforming them from clear glass to rustic planters.

The textured spray paint, like stone, is the best for these. It has a natural earthy feel that brings the outdoors in.

You could also use these for home decor, centerpieces or gifts for holidays and birthdays. I was at a wedding that used them as candleholders in the centerpieces and they were lovely.

Oui Jar Planter Supplies

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Step 1: spray paint your oui jars

Take the cardboard and oui jars outside or to a well ventilated area.

Place the jars on the cardboard and spray paint them.

Let it dry.

Add another coat if you feel the first isn’t even. I sprayed two coats.

Note: when this spray paint dries, it’s more of a greenish color than a gray.

Step 2: glue jute to the top of the jar

Starting just under the lip of the jar, add a dab of hot glue and press the jute against it for a few seconds until it dries.

Repeat the process every few inches until you reach the top. I got about 3 rows of jute.

When the top of the jar is covered, cut the jute at an angle and glue it into place. The angle keeps the end from being too noticeable and creates a more seamless transition.

Pop some cute little plant babies in there and you’re done!

I was propagating some herbs (thyme and mint) in mine for a while. Now I think I’ll move to succulents because they’re tiny.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! What would you plant in your upcycled oui jars? Leave your feedback in the comments.

Happy crafting!

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