Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2013

Mother’s Day is going to be here in a little less than two weeks. Time has been flying!

Have you thought about what you are going to get for her? I’ve been  thinking of some ideas and I’m  think I’ve found some fun gifts. I always turn to Etsy for this kind of thing. It is the perfect store to find unique gifts with a personal touch. Even if I don’t find something I want to buy, I usually find some inspiration.

Mom, don’t go getting excited. I know better than to post what I am getting for you before Mother’s Day. You will just have to wait it out 😉

Click the images for a link to each product.

I hope you enjoy these. Let me know if you have any good ideas!

still life flower wall art

still life flower wall art $20

Personalized Heart Engraved Wood Cutting Board $45

Personalized Heart Engraved Wood Cutting Board $45

Three Ring Necklace

Endless love necklace $24.90

"Home is where your mom is" mug $15

“Home is where your mom is” mug $15

Personalized Mother's Day Quote  $18

Personalized Mother’s Day Quote $18

Pinterest Recipe Favorites $5

Pinterest Recipe Favorites $5

Some Make Something Mondays DIY Ideas

DIY Citrus Body Scrub

DIY Citrus Body Scrub

missing socks

DIY Missing Sock Station

wedding gift photo coasters

DIY Photo Coasters

DIY Magnets

DIY Magnets

12 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2013

  1. I was already thinking of making my momma a homemade beauty product, but wow! The cutting board and the quote art piece are a must. I love that everything listed is so affordable. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Endless Love necklace and DIY magnets sound fun. Thanx for sharing with us and wish ur mom happy budday on my side:)

  3. Love .. all the gifts here for what they are – but they should be given the whole year around. I’m not a fan of mothers day or fathers … there is people out there with no mothers and people not able to get children – not fair … and for me we should be thankful for our parents everyday .. not treat them once a year … we should give them a gift and tell them how much we love them on a stormy wet Monday too. I know I’m a miserable old fart *smile But it’s all for commercial gains.

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