DIY Ombre Tote Bag

Ombre tote bag via Make Something Mondays

This week’s Make Something Mondays project is a DIY ombre tote bag. Everyone seems to be so excited about the ombre style that I wanted to see what the hype is about. The whole way through this DIY, I kept thinking it is only okay. When I finished it though, it looked beautiful! I’m a big fan. Maybe just because the tote bag is pink? I’m not sure. I hope you guys enjoy this one!

Materials for making your DIY ombre tote bag

Things You Will Need:
Tote bag
Paint brush
Fabric glue
Fabric paint
Masking Tape (not pictured above)

*If you are interested in making your own tote bag there are a ton of patterns on Pinterest. I bought mine at Pat Catan’s but you could find one at any hobby shop.
*I highly recommend Martha Stewart muti-purpose paints. I’ve never had a bad experience with these and you can use them for almost anything.

lay out your masking tape

Step 1:

Lay out your masking tape. Make sure it is pressed down tightly against the fabric.

step 1 to your ombre tote bag

Step 2:

Paint panels 1 and 3 to make the process move quickly. Let it dry for one hour before removing the tape.

*As you can see, I didn’t think this through and painted panels 1 and 4, so it took me an extra hour to do this. I’m trying to save you some time 😀

step 2 to your ombre tote bag

Step 3:

Remove the tape for panels 1 and 3 and lay out the tape for panels 2 and 4. Paint panels 2 and 4. Let dry for one hour.

fabric glue for your ombre tote

Step 4:

Using your fabric glue, adhere to scarf to the sides of the tote bag. You could sew this if you wanted to but I am going to be lazy and use fabric glue. It works just as well.

DIY ombre tote bag

There, you have yourself a cute ombre tote bag! I plan on using mine for a beach vacation that I am overly excited for!

Ombre tote bag via Make Something Mondays

Happy crafting!

10 thoughts on “DIY Ombre Tote Bag

  1. Adore this! I think it’s ombre in general… when you put the colors like that in separate bars it reminds me of a paint chip color strip! And I think if you like pink, having so many different pinks together all at once makes this bag a real eye-catcher! Good job 🙂

  2. That is so pretty and girly …. a bit too pink for me personal and the bag is too small too … but I really like the whole idea .. and of course it can be made in all different colors.
    Very creative.

    • Oh yeah, you could make it in any color you can find. This bag is pretty big (for me anyway). I’ve seen bigger ones at some craft stores. You could probably find one that is perfect for you!

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