Creative Packaging Design

I found some more fun packaging designs via DailyDawdle!! I hope you enjoy them.

Creative Vodka Packaging

Creative fruit-flavored vodka packaging. I think this would be irritating to take it out of the packaging but I like the idea of it peeling like fruit.

Paint brush design package

I don’t think I need to say anything about the mustache packaging for the paint brushes!

Watch packaging: engineered for water

I can’t tell if the watches are actually submerged in water or if it is just supposed to look like water. I would be more likely to buy something like this if it was actually in water though.

Coke cup design

Coke cup packaging. Inventive!

creative cheese shredder

Now this one is crafty! A cheese grater that peels like a pencil. awesome noodle packaging bread packaging Fit Buns packaging

This one is my favorite: Fit Bun packaging is designed to look like abs. Ha!

creative packaging design

I’m not 100% sure what this is supposed to be but it amused me so I shared it. Any ideas?

8 thoughts on “Creative Packaging Design

  1. I would love if the Parmesan cheese could come as a pen *smile – and I like the brush package. But the watch package was the best of the lot – what a fantastic advert. About the peel on the bottle – think people will only peel the cork free and then leave the rest, I would. Brilliant images.

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