DIY 5 Minute Marker Board

I’ve seen all of these tutorials about using fabric to stretch over canvas to decorate your house. I kind of like the idea but I wanted to go a bit further. I needed a marker board and it is definitely more fun to make it myself. So, I got my supplies together and made one! It took about 5 minutes to make and it was under $7.

Things you will need:


Hot Melt Glue Gun (my preference) or Adhesive Spray

Fabric or scrapbook paper.


Dry Erase Markers


Step 1:

Measure and cut your fabric or scrapbook paper to size of your frame.


Step 2:

Fold your edges over so you don’t see the fraying of the material.


Step 3:

Replaced the stock photo in the frame with your material. You might want to iron your fabric first so that there aren’t any wrinkles..

Hot melt glue your fabric to the back of the frame.


There you have it, a customized marker board. Erase with a paper towel or tissue.

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