DIY Bad-Day Wine Glasses

text on bad day wine glasses

I love these DIY bad day wine glasses! I know too many people who are dependent on their wine when they have a bad day (you know who you are, ehh hmmm), and these are perfect for them!! The above picture has been enhanced so that you can see the writing on the wine glass. It was really difficult to get a good picture. It looks so much better in person…



Materials for bad day wine glasses

Things You Will Need:
Wine glasses
Glass specific oil-based markers

*Yes, that is it!




DIY Wine glasses



Step 1 (and the only step!):
Write on the wine glass. You would think this would go without being said, but start at the top and work your way down. My blonde self started at the bottom and had to wait for the marker to dry before moving on.
Let the glasses sit for a few days and then you are good to go! When you have a bad day or a don’t-ask kind of day you can break out your DIY bad-day wine glass and fill it up!
Hint: The dollar store sells wine glasses…

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