DIY Candy Holder From A Toilet Paper Roll

DIY candy holderOhh the things you can do with toilet paper rolls. There are so many crafts and I am going to add another one to the bunch. These candy holders are super easy to make and only take about 15 mins (if that). Can’t complain about the price either.


candy holder materialThings You Will Need:
Exato knife
Mod Podge
Toilet paper rolls
Scrapbook paper


scrabook paper and TP rollsStep 1:
Measure  your toilet paper roll and cut your scrapbook paper to that size. Make sure it is long enough the paper’s edges to overlap once wrapped around the roll.


glue on scrapbook paperStep 2:
Brush the Mod Podge to the back of the paper and roll it around the toilet paper roll.


candy holderStep 3:
Put another coat of paint around the roll after the paper is glued on. It will give it a shiny coating.

Let it dry.


candy holder DIY candy holder

Step 4:
Fold in the edges of the toilet paper roll to look the images above.


DIY candy holderThrow some candy into the roll and tie a cute bow to the outside. That is adorable! It would be a fun craft for kids to do as well. You could even give it back to them for Valentine’s Day!


Happy crafting!!!


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