DIY Decorated Onesies


I have some friends who are having a baby boy pretty soon so I wanted to make them something cute. So I thought I’d share it with you guys also. They are relatively inexpensive and pretty darn cute if you ask me. You can use colored onesies if you want to but I prefer the white with the patches. You can get the designs at any craft store. I wouldn’t attempt Walmart or any store like that. You will probably only find flags and glitter dragons.




Things You Will Need:
Ironing baord
Iron-on patches


*********Before we start the process you will have to wash your onesies. Do NOT use fabric softener or this won’t work. Also set your iron to the cotton setting.

Note: These will have to be flipped inside out to wash.


Step 1:

Place the patch onto you Onesie. Make sure it is straight and exactly where you want it.



Step 2:

Place a light piece of fabric over top of the onesie (for protection). Run your iron over the area with the patch for about 15-20 seconds. Most of the packaging will tell you 30 seconds but that makes me nervous. 15–20 seconds worked fine for me.



Step 3:

Pull on your patch to test it. Make sure it isn’t going anywhere.



Step 4:

Flip it inside out and lay it with the side the patch is attached to facing up.



Step 5:

You guessed it… Place the material over top and iron again for another 15–20 seconds.



Flip your onesie again and you’re done. So cute! You can make so many cute ones. I just made a few basic onesies but I’m sure I will be making more. Maybe more of my friends will have babies…





Awwww! Happy ironing!



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  1. This is soo cute! I have a babyshower coming up and I am going to make a diaper motorcycle (very cute as well). Will post some pics when it is finished, but I love this onesies and will definitely make it for a future babyshower!

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