DIY Dressed-Up Flip Flops


I love flip flops. I wear them all the time. I will wear them until it snows and my feet are too cold for me to walk. So, it is only natural that I would try to dress up my flip flops at some point. I have done something like this once before as a Make Something Mondays but I like this version better. By the way, ignore the dried glue on my sandal straps… I had attempted some crafty thing with them a few months ago and it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to so the glue is still there. This worked out better and makes them look pretty!


Things You Will Need:
Hot-melt glue and gun
Flip flops (Old Navy in my case)

*Note: use a ribbon that has a simple and consistent pattern.



Step 1:

Glue your ribbon to the underside of one of your straps near the foot of the flip flop.



Step 2:

Begin wrapping the ribbon up the strap. Make sure you glue it every few times it wraps around the bottom to keep it secure.



Step 3:

When you get to the front of the sandal where the right and left straps meet you want to be very conscious of your placement. Add some hot-melt glue and wrap as close as possible to the dividing line between the two straps.



Step 4:

When you are as close as possible to the dividing line, pull the ribbon under the strap you have no wrapped yet. Twist it so the bottom of the ribbon is facing upwards and begin wrapping again. Make sure the first wrap around of the unused strap is as close to the divider as possible. Continue wrapping (and gluing) until you get to the end of the strap.



Step 5:

When you reach the end of the strap, add some hot-melt glue and cut the excess ribbon off. Make sure you cut the ribbon so that it is facing the bottom of the strap. This way it is less likely to come undone.



Voila! A cute new (cheap) pair of flip flops! I love them <3


10 thoughts on “DIY Dressed-Up Flip Flops

  1. Hi! These are super cute and I love that you have instructions. I am looking to make flip flops like this for a wedding, and want to know how much ribbon to buy. How much did you use for each one? Thanks!

    • I am really not sure how much I used. I just bought the full container of ribbon at a craft store and continued to wrap until I finished. It wasn’t much per flip flop though. Maybe 1.5′-2′ each, if I had to estimate.

      I actually still have these flip flops and wear them pretty regularly. They have lasted a long time!

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